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NO!!!! YOU don't be stupid!!!

Don’t be stupid, Chong tells women If there's ever 'the' most machonistic article, this one has got to be it! Early in the morning, I choked on my coffee and went ballistic, hardly able to believe a single word that I was reading on page 2 or 3 of our local daily! Eddie Chua, the writer, go EFF OFF!!! MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong should EFF OFF TOO! Not that I am condoning women being so vulnerable to submitting to their loved one's (or one-night-standers) demands for a little 'recorded' adventure under (or above) the sheets. I don't....not after the Edison Chen fiasco but not a single word in that article was aimed at the men who uploaded the stuff! Not a single word...not a single remark about how disgraceful and unethical the act of these men. Instead, once again, the fingers are all pointed at the women. How STUPID they are to have it done to themselves!!! $#W^#&!Q$@&^#^*&*($@%^&!@%$%^$&*@^#^!%@^&%!&$^*(&$@(&^@&#%&^%@^!%#^%$*@&^$*&^!#^%!$#~&% I AM NOT DONE!!! I am not saying that these women are 'smart' to have themselves recorded in compromising positions, but isn't there anything to be said about the men's actions? About how the law is going to trace them down, capture them, seize their property, cut off their miserable ... Read Morepenises, set fire to their cars, throw them off Penang bridge or something to that effect?? So, the law is like this lah. You kena film, you punya pasal. You are STUPID. But for those who took the videos and uploaded them, there's only a shrug?? Or is it 'Terror lah, you. How you manage to convince her/them/the group? I oso wanna try." Is that it??? I feel like swearing in all kinds of languages. only in Malaysia, ONLY IN MALAYSIA that every time something bad happens to women, we are at fault...again, again, again AND AGAIN. In Edison Chen's case, he got punished along with the girls he filmed. Serves him & them right. Chua Soi Lek leh? oh, where was I? Chua Soi Lek....sigh....people forgive him and his episode liao (altho I am not against him and the fella unlucky kena frame) and now he big shot dude liao. Oh....I see. The men should be caught, tied up and shot! There, Eddie Chua, put that in your article and I will shut the EFF up! That's all I am asking for.... To read the article, it's here. Don’t be stupid, Chong tells women


Anonymous said…
"Stupid" is a politically incorrect term, a better word would be "naive", but it should also not be a generalization. I'm not condoning Michael Chong, he has a valid point, but he shouldn't have been too disrespectful towards women.

This woman for instance, took off her clothes in the webcam, and then didn't think that her "other half" can capture the images and videos.

It's either naiveness or sheer desolation that drove her to that.
Marsha Maung said…
gallivanter, point taken. but it's not only the language and choice of word that borders on humiliating and outrageous. But it's in the fact that NOTHING WAS MENTIONED about the POSSIBLE ACTION to be taken against these men and advising them against doing such things AT LEAST!!!

The girls are naive, yeah, sure, we all know that they should be punished for their own actions. But isn't it punishment enough as it is?????

The men??? THAT's my point. They should share the blame and humiliation as well....I am not saying the girls should get away scot-free, you know, but the guys should be PUNISHED TOO and at least MENTIONED!!!!
Anonymous said…

I was boiling up when I read the article this morning too

I agree with you totally M. It's not the choice of word or the tone of the whole article, it's the way the MEN in these kind of cases always walk away scot-free, or at the most with a small slap on the wrist.

Potong! Potong! Kasi Potong Semua!!!
Marsha Maung said…
another mom, preciously!!! POTONG!!!

^&#$@%^, I mean, the women gets it front, left, right, center and back. The men (makes me sssssoooooo mad) just sniggering away there....and it's as if...REALLY, I've come to believe, that Malaysian law actually promotes these kind of things and protects the men from lawsuits that could potentially arise from such incidents.

This is a case of the law protecting the perpetrator more than the victim.

And the media...we all know the media plays a huge role in our society. No mention how deplorable the act was and how the govt will look into tracing this kind of BASTARDS down.

Instead, mention everything about the humiliation of the girls instead.

It's one of the most biasedly moronic articles I've ever read thus far. Ignores the pain of the women completely and taunting them instead.
Anonymous said…
women are not stupid. vulnerable, perhaps, but not stupid. and men - they take advantage of the women to the max and then get away with it ... perhaps if the men get a taste of their own medicine ... hmmm ...
Marsha Maung said…
angie ng, which is my point too. I mean, these buggers WILL take advantage of women who are vulnerable (not stupid) and they should be warned. don't you think?
Anonymous said…
perhaps the names and photos of the men who prey on vulnerable women should be made public so that others will not become their victims ...

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