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HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS before you hit thirty

In terms of internet savviness, I think I am quite ‘there’ lah….a bit lah. Not a lot but a bit ‘there’, up there with some of some internet marketers out there but let’s face it, I’m not going to be swimming in cash yet unless I learn to do something extraordinary. REALLLLLYYYYY EXTRAORDINARY. But come to think of it, some of the biggest gazillionaires who made a whole lot of mullah from the Internet did not start out thinking it would make them millionaires. In fact, some of them did it for fun. Humor me, fun = lots of money. Let’s have lots of fun, then, instead of working our butts off for mediocre earnings, am I right? :-) That leaves me thinking…what can I do that is fun and can make me truckloads of money everyday? I want to hear the cash register going ka-ching, ka-ching every minute of the day and my sole responsibility is to have complete, unbashed fun. I took this list off somewhere, can’t remember where (trust me, I have all these things, ready to be blogged about, and I don’t know where they come from. If it’s from you, please don’t sue me. Just zip me an email and I will remove the content, rewrite it or give you your credit) BUT it’s blardie awesome! These people are under thirty-years-old of age and they’re millionaires. Some of them are hundred-millionaires. For example, do you effing believe it that Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, was only twenty-three when he made off with $700 million for the site he created for fun? Cripes. I want to have my toes rubbed and get paid $700 millions, please? OK, so, that’s not possible. I don’t know who Andrew Gower is and I’ve never used Runescape (and I thought I was internet savvy. Hah!) didn’t lose out by much because he made 650 million 2 years shy of his 30th birthday! And of course, there’s Mozilla Firefox people. I don’t know how they make the money because Firefox is for free, so….I guess it didn’t matter much to Blake Ross and David Hyatt who went skittering off with glee with a 120 million cheque for Mozilla. They were both 23 years-old. I am a little surprised that Chad Hurley got only 85 million (like, ONLY 85 million, like, it’s so only 85 dollars…) for Youtube. Where in the world are the women in this equation, man! I don’t know and never used the following sites before but Angelo Sotira made 75 million for Deviant Art when he was only 26 years old and PopCap Games was sold for 60 million by John Vechey. Jack Nickell sold Threadless for 50 million when he was 28 years old; and Sean Belnick said bye-bye to Biz Chair for 42 million before he was out of puberty. And THEN I am also a little surprised with the value of wordpress because Alexander Levin ONLY (once again, ONLY) 50 million for it. I think he’s got too feminine a name for someone who came up with Digg but Kevin Rose got paid a handsome 31 million the moment he hit 30…not a minute too early, not a minute too late. Engadget’s cool but Ryan Block probably got some real head-slapping to do at home when he checked out how much the Facebook fella got paid because he pocketed 20 million for Engadget. But then again, it’s only a blog type website….but it’s a MIGHTY popular blog amongst youngsters and gadget freaks. Stat Counter which has been around for almost an eternity was sold by Aodhan Cullen for 18 million when he was 24 years old and Tom Fulp sold Newsgrounds for 15 million at the age of 29. I don’t know what Voltage is but it sounds electrifying so Rishi Kacker (whataname) and Matt Pauker (oso whataname) split the 12 million between them when they were merely 24 years old. Plenty of fish….ha ha ha…adequately, is not a famous dating site….well, not as far as I know but I like the name. Markus, the main whale behind it all, Frind sold the site for 10 million 1 year before he hit the big 3-0. AHA! Here comes my little lady! The one and only, I believe (so far) is Catherine and David Cook (darn….there’s a man in there) sold My Year Book for 10 million at the ripe old age of….get this….17 and 19 years sold! I can’t imagine how their parents are kissing the feet of their kids. The rest I don’t know except for Domain Tools which was sold for (a meager) 5 million by Jay Westerdal at the age of 29 years old. Ah well….I guess he sold it when the big timers weren’t so generous with their cheque books. If you want to know, Fredrik Neiji sold The Pirate Bay for 10 million when he was 28 years old, David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos ran off into the sunset with 8 cool millions for GotvMail when they were only 24. Jermaine Griggs parted with Hear and Play for 5 million at the age of 23. After reading this doesn’t it make you want to just….go out there and do something so that you can have fun and make that kind of money too. I’d settle for $3 million but first….let me go figure out what I can do first. Anyone want to pay me $3 million to work their website for you? (Echo. Echo) Yeah….guess not.


Jamie said…
I might pay u 3 mill...if I have 300 billion inthe bank BUT alas..I am also one in the trillions that wants to be a KNNzillionaire remais a BIG BUTT..err BUT.

Personally, I am contented just by having a roof over my head, enough to feed my family, enough to go on vacations once in a while, enough to give my family some luxury, enough for food and enough leftover for some savings...

I have been to lots of countries in the course of my work and have seen too many things that sorta grips at your heart to make me think twice about my "poverty"

Things that I have seen have brought tears to my eyes, more so because I know that I am in no position to help those in need..

Therefore, it is with pride when I say that I am considered to be the very "many" few lucky buggers out there that are living their life in "poverty".

With that said, let it be known that I dare not ask for more from God Almighty except for good health and longevity for my family, parents, sibling, relatives and those who know me..

Marsha Maung said…
u sure or not???? LOL. but whatever you've said is true. we should be thankful for whatever we have and be contented.

but the thing is WOULD BE REALLY NICE to have a extra 'zillions' to share with the rest of the world. I promise, if given gazzillions, I will share with the poor. My promise....

any takers yet?

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