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You Slap Me, I Slap You!!!

Ok, after watching the little clip on youtube, reading the comments and then doing some thinking while drinking my Jasmine Green tea…hhhmmmm….my imagination got the better of me. Is it OK to just slap someone because you’re pissed off at that person? No, right? Is it OK to slap someone even if you’re recording a reality TV show? Not unless it’s written into the script and the man was expecting it, right? Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re not supposed to use violence against another person. True, true. But men are supposed to…I dunno…never slap a woman wan, rite? It takes more strength to hold back a slap than to deliver one. Hence, a man should never slap a woman, right? For once, I am struggling in a fog of wordlessness trying to find the right words to say this so that I don’t sound sexist. Erm….er… In reality, if a woman delivered the first slap, perhaps…PERHAPS it’s in all fairness and equality that she gets the same slap back. But let’s take into account that men are generally stronger than women. In order to be fair, the man must hold back some of his strength so that he hits the woman using the same strength, right? Huh? In reality, when one is angry, one cannot really control one’s strength, so, which brings us back to the fact that men probably shouldn’t slap a woman. Even if she delivered the first slap first? But that doesn’t sound quite fair, does it? In my personal opinion, even if a woman slaps a man first, this is what should happen. Woman: You’re a stupid MF *slaps* Anger flashes across the face of the man. His face clouds over and he widens his eyes with threat. Man: That was uncalled for. I don’t want to do anything I will regret, so I am going to go have beer with Andy at the pub, don’t wait for me. I probably need a lot…A LOT of time to think about what you just did. Woman: Slap me lah! Slap me, slap me, slap!!! The woman pulls the man shirt sleeves. He raises his hands into the air but manages to stop himself just in time. The woman stares dumb-founded at his raised hands. Man: I said….I am going out. Don’t wait up for me. But what if the people in the picture are people acting things out in a reality show…how? Woman: Why don’t you just fuck off? Man: You go Woman: (slap) Man licks the insides of his cheeks. He's mad-ass angry now but he controls his anger. His fists clenches and his jaw muscle twicthes. A deep intake of breath later, he says.... Man: You just stepped over the line. Before I slam your effing head against the fooking wall over there, I quit this stupid darn farking show. The ‘slapped’ walks off the show and into the sunset to his waiting horse called Kaboosh. *playing Marlboro song*


Anonymous said…
Well if a woman hits a man as hard as she can, then guess what? A man should be able to hit her as hard as he can.

I'm so sick of the whole penis vs vaginas debate. And you know what, that's EXACTLY what it comes down to. If you have a vagina, you can get away with slapping someone with a penis and not get slapped back.

Well, last time I checked, I'm not fighting with my genitalia. I'm fighting with me hands. You've got two hands, I've got two hands. We're equal.

And no, I am not stronger than a woman....another misconception that most have. I have no muscles on these arms.

But I can tell you one thing. If a woman lays a hand on me, this fag will lay on her. She wants to act like a bitch to me, well, she ain't seen bitch until she sees this queen pissed off!
Marsha Maung said…
Oooooo.......anger, anger! :-) i don't wanna be bitching around with you, Anon. I shall slap selectively. :-)

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