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Telling It Like It Shits

Currently writing a book (for someone else) that involves a lot of predicting. I can't say much because I am not supposed to. But this book tells you things about yourself, your personality, your life and tells you what's going to happen in the future and what you should do. If you're thinking 'feng shui', you're only 30% correct but on the right path. Anyway, as I am writing, I am finding it a little bit difficult to, tell the people the bad news. For example, if a person's got this type of 'life', then it means 'buried on the road'. I am like ACK! How am I supposed to write this nicely without scaring the reader to bits?? I there another easy way to say this? How about there will be minor mishaps but it's not minor. Or maybe don't drive fast but it could happen even if the person drives slow, right? Or maybe....maybe something like.....erm.... I dunno. You tell me!


Jamie said…
just write like your post title....telling it like it two ways about it cuz


off the path a bit 'ere ok? I am not one for "Books" on predictions and such...all pure bullshit to me..predictions are something like assumptions ( in a way )

I never assume, therefore I dun fucking believe in whatever anyone predicts...

Btw, ask the bugger who is so into predictions to go to this site and predict what will be next outcome:

link here:


I am posting as Blade in the 2nd site..

Let me know of his/her predictions cuz.


I sorta like know you are not into this prediction thingy as well..therefore, it must be hard like hell to write about things that you do not fully believe...I believe the phrase " cari makan susah woooo" applies here right? hahahahahahaha.

Note: hope the person that you are writing for is not a reader of your blog...sorry in advance if they are...just my personal opinion only and not of Marsha's
Marsha Maung said…
jamie, that's the thing with writing, cuz, you can't just plonk it there like it is. People will spit into the book lah. Have to fluff it up a little one I a bit pening there. ????

The good stuff NO PROBLEM-O, the bad stuff....aisay, man.

I will try to ask the MASTER (as opposed to BUGGER :-)) to predict that. But I think he needs the date and time of birth for that kinda thing, so.... :-)

You know me well....being the skeptical shit that I am. But somehow, he's predicted many many FAR TOO MANY THINGS right about me liao. So, it's gone on to convince me a little about the theory as nonsensical as it is. So, I am like learning and writing at the same, trying to debunk some of the truths, finding loopholes, and then trying to 'testdrive' with my Karen's, Damien's, Father, Mother, Husband, Maid...EVERYBODY lah punya birthdate.

Except for my kids. People say don't predict for young kids, it's not supposed to be that way wor. It drives the parents into paranoia if they know that their kids' got bad lives. so, not doing that.

but really lor, cuz. Cari makan these days REALLY susah lor....I have to agree with that lor. *big pout*
Jamie said…
FYI cuz, a lot of people told me that it is not good to have predictions of ones future because it CHANGES as and when you know what it is...something like the spacetime continium in "Back To The Future"

I just listen to what they have to say loh....BUT I am still the skeptical shithead that I am...waaaahahahahahahahaha
Marsha Maung said…
jamie, getting predictions doesn't change a to whatever I am writing about lah. Because certain people got certain life chart. If they know what their life chart is like, they can do something to 'soften the blow' or erm....'prepare for it' but not avoid it.

therefore, they cannot change their fate..... whatever I learnt.

but fook it all lah, rite? hee heee hee
Marsha Maung said…
i forgot to add....



party also die, no party also die. might as well party and die lah, rite??? :-)
Anonymous said…
I dont always believe in these things but i listen to them. I don't know. the people always just tell me like this....better becareful of investment. or better becareful of beautiful girls (ha. ha.)

maybe you should just write it like that?

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