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Sunday in Sunway Lagoon

I am really, really, REALLY black like charcoal today. As it is, when God painted the rest of the people pure white, he ran out of paint with me. Hence, I already have the naturally ‘tanned’ skin that many gwai-lows earn and spend endless number of hours under the sun for.

Today, I take it to a whole new level.

I am now a very deep and rich shade of chocolate bordering on black coffee without sugar.

All thanks to a day out in Sunway Lagoon with the kids. It was for one of my nieces’ birthday ‘celebration’ of sorts although her birthday whizzed past some 5 days ago, but we went ahead with the celebration, anyway. She outgrew Kids’ Sportz, so….no other feasible and reasonable alternative there unless we’re ready to cut off our fingers with amateurish ice-skating.

So, there we go.

You’ve got to hand it to the Sunway Lagoon people lah, huh? They really know how to piss people off with their incompetency and make foreigners growl at the level of imbecility they possess. Seriously. 

^^My kids sweating it out while queueing for a ticket^^

The line wasn’t moving at all…well, they were. The ants were walking faster. My poor brother-in-law was in the line, not a very long one, for 45 minutes waiting to get to the counter. It should have taken no more than 15 to 20 minutes….but nnnnoooooo, it’s twice as long.

^^The kid above obviously can't take the heat and the wait anymore ^^

Anyway, the place was jam-packed as one would expect of a tourist spot on a Sunday but it was fun. It’s been a long time that I took the kids swimming in a pool that isn’t the one in our condo wan. And it’s a nice change that the kids got to swim with the rest of the gang.

I am surprised at how confident they are in the water. As any parent would be, I was very cautious about where they were and what they did there. But they were absolutely confident and without a care in the world!

I came in a full swimsuit. The rest just came in their t-shirts and shorts. The others-others-others just hopped in in full gear. The murky water speaks for itself. Revolting.

^^The people who went in in the robes, hopped in in their robes^^

Anyway, the most important thing, like I said, the kids didn’t notice the excess chlorine in the water and how ‘misty’ it looked on the inside.

^^ Elder son couldn't resist showing off his dolphin diving antics^^

^^Jared ULtraman-ed me a lot in the water^^

^^As packed as it was, as murky as it was, as dirty as it was, as hot as it was, as frustrating as it was, it was still fun^^

Note for tourists and foreign visitors: Sunway Lagoon is a phenomenal water park in Malaysia, bustling with activity and things to do. You can literally see people from all walks of life here, really! But be ready for the long line. It can be a harrowing experience. I heard one gwai-low lament, "For the love of God, pray tell this incompetence or incompetence". But then when I saw the gwai-low inside, he was grinning from ear-to-ear. So, I guess the incompetence at the ticket counter didn't dampen his spirits.

Anyway, if you're heading over, you should try booking your tickets online to cut through the queue. 

No, this  is not an advert because I wish Sunway Lagoon had offered me a big fee so that I could have written nicer or taken better photos. :-)


Jamie said…
hahahaha...good to see that you do go out once in a while...

it's very nice to see little buggers enjoying themselves...and blardie nice to see them konking the minute they reach home...aaaaahhh what bliss!!!
Anonymous said…
black is beautiful, dahling...... :-)
blinka.Li said…
i havent not been there for more than 10 years i think..that went in with the robe part makes me dizzy and nausea.......
Anonymous said…
I've never been there, don't think I will now! I find it pretty disgusting that people jump in fully-clothed. Hey, a swimming pool is not a washing machine, okay?
Jamie said…
arab buggers are like should see what else they will do with their cloths on...bloody stooopid and smelly bunch of clods. Can you imagine neing in cramp quarters with them for like 7-8 hours ( on a plane )...aaaargggg ptuuui..can freaking die and go to heaven, hell and back wooooooo
Marsha Maung said…
jamie, surprised leh...that I actually go for short trips outside the compounds of my house. :-) LOL

darman, really? I'll remind myself.... :-),you bet, man. you should see how I usher the surprised kids away from them. not that I am racist or anything but much cloth....really, must it really be this way???

clair, there I was, in my skimpy swimsuit trying to tuck in the extra flesh on my butt under the suit...there they are hopping in completely clothed. also ten years or more never been there. I've forgotten how disgusting it can be.

jamie, don't tell me. I don't want to imagine. :-)

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