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Who fark who, who lie who, who photo who

Do you see it? There's shit flying all over the place, man. Malaysia is covered with human droppings all over the place and it's all coming from the Parliament building. Walau-eh! These people, I tell you, like drama, man. You sodomizer. You effed a dead blown-up woman. You tell lies. You take photos. You write letter. You snoozed on the job. Aiyo....tsk tsk tsk. I thought I was stressed out. I cannot imagine what the eedeots are doing and feeling in there. They are probably like CSI or some X-File thing, right? Digging left right and center to find a loophole or a photo, fabricate a story and then publish. The press is the stupid SH lah, in this case. But they have no choice. Here's the thing...why don't they just hire some farker to plant a bomb in the enemy's home and be done with. All this sheet flinging isn't doing the country any good lah, rite? We would rather they get it over and done with and then concentrate on how to make the nation a better (and less expensive) one to live in. Not only that, there are many other issues apart from who is farking who, blowing up who, lying about who and they're ALL more important than saving the ozone, reducing crime rate, helping citizens survive the economy slump, bringing the gas price down, preserving peace in the country. Erm, something is really, really wrong lah. Summore, you know US govt-lah, they will try to step in to save the country wan. They will, I repeat WILL try to step in if things get out of hand. Then our dearly beloved PM ask them to butt out. I tell you what! If the farkers don't know how to do the job well enough, I think I welcome US intervention lah. Bush or no Bush, nemer main, don't care. Come in and stop the blardie ruckus...those squabbling eediots are getting on my nerves.


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Space Sweeper the Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster hits Netflix 2021 Image Source: KoreaTimes Let me come clean. The first thing I thought when I saw Song Joong Ki leading the lineup for this movie was ' Is this OK?'  ' Hhhmmm.....what about, you know...his personal life', and as a fan of his previous personal work, I had the same doubt I had when he was casted in 'Descendants of the Sun'.  Sorry, Joong Ki. 😳 But the concept of a sci-fi movie in the Korean film platter was enticing. The trailer didn't look half bad either. When it comes to space movies, Hollywood has always been the Big Guy. We expect Hollywood to deliver the big guns and explosions while Kdrama land is all mush, love, arm grabs, ice-cold kiss scenes, love triangles, and of late, time traveling.  So, sci-fi? Interesting. Honestly, I went in with an empty mind which is not necessarily an open one. Ditched the reviews, writeups, Youtube reactions and everything else and hit the 'watch' butto

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