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Stop! Thief!!

Sigh...what an eventful weekend...both good and bad. On Saturday, we set off for Melaka for a quick weekend getaway with my in-laws and all that. In-laws have a 3-storey shoplot in a strategic place in Melaka and they turned it into a small motel aimed at tourists looking for cheap sleeps, lately. After much work, the motel is finally ready and they decided to launch it 6th July. Before it launches, when everything is still new and stuff, we packed our stuff and kids and headed over to 'enjoy' the 'facilities' and provide feedback for improvements....and launch it with small ceremony-lah. My parents went along for the ride and 'free stay'. Allow me to do a little bit or ad-work for them here ah.... hee hee..
M Motel is a cheap place to stay when you're in Melaka. Very strategic, near Mahkota Parade and only a couple of minutes walk from quaint restaurants and other outlets. Add: G3, Plaza Mahkota, Jln PM15, 75000 Melaka Tel: 06-2825019 Small but elegantly designed rooms with full facilities like hot water and television set. Nice lobby area, airy, near beach and Holiday Inn (and jetty). Very safe and secure with CCTV ALL OVER THE PLACE.
***end of advertisement***
:-) DRAMA begins So, we arrive at the place all gung-ho and waiting to see the place lor. My kids were prepped on it and for some reason, kids love hotels (motel, hotel...they don't care much). As we rounded the corner looking for the motel, we pulled to a stop as we noticed at my in-laws were all squatting and surrounding 'someone' just right outside the motel. Panic-lah. Just as I opened the door, my husband roll down the window, my mother-in-law shouted, "Snatch thief! Take tai-yi to the hospital". I tell you, I didn't know how to respond except to sit there looking like a panic-striken statute with mouth open. They were trying to get my aunt in-law to sit up, her hair was ruffled and her face cringing in pain. Turns out, we were only about 2 minutes late. If we had arrived 2 minutes earlier, we could have prevented it from happening since it would have been a bigger group. Or we would have been able to give chase to the motorcycle or at least note down the number plate. But no. We were 2 minutes too late. "Mom, what happened? Why is tai-yi ma sitting on the floor?", asked one of my kids (cannot remember which one). His voice woke me up from my trance and my husband also woke up and started to open the door to get down. I open the other side and got my kids down. I didn't see any blood or anything but I didn't want to scare the kids so I cleverly maneuvered them 'away' from the scene while stealing glances to see if she was OK. She was crying in pain. Oh....lawrd. I ushered the kids in, asked kakak to take care of them while I got out. Allan, husband's friend manning the motel, rushed in with his face flushed, "We're taking her to the hospital". I nod like a dumb blonde. My husband then took the his aunt and a few other relatives along with him to the hospital. Over the next few hours as we checked in and loitered around aimlessly waiting for results of tests. We were also calling the victim's kids to get her information and medical history (she takes high-blood pressure medication and we don't want to simply give her medicine) down from KL. Turns out: She suffered a concussion with a SUPER HUGE bump on her head. A little bleeding but no crack or anything lah. She lost her memory for a while, cannnot remember where she was and what Melaka is. Before 12 hours was over, she remembers liao. Can even remember the color of the handbag she carried and that she bought it in HK. Phew! But the bad news is that she broke her collar bone. When the snatch thief snatched her bag, he kicked her to the ground. Caught by surprise, she landed full force on her shoulder and head...hence the concussion and broken collar bone. She will be needing an operation and her kids will ferry her back to KL for the be done either yesterday or today, depending on the availability of doctor. OVERALL ANXIOUS BUT FUN It was a great time for me and parents to catch up because here in PJ, all of us are busy with our own things that we don't really have the time to sit down and catch up. On the way back, I decided to follow my parents back and as my father drove, we had some time to share jokes and chat a bit. That was nice. Fuck the snatch thief I wish I can, man! An old lady also wanna injure. I believe in Karma and I trust that laws of Karma will give back to that person whatever he had given to my aunt-in-law. We have no evidence, no witness, no nothing. Even if we go to the police, all we can say is that 'someone snatched the handbag'...the end. Nothing. No number plate, cannot recognize the fler, dont even know what hit us because the others had their backs turned retrieving their bags from the car. So, that's that-lah. But I hope the laws of justice will take its course naturally. I take comfort in knowing that. Don't carry handbag With the current condition of our economy, I strongly urge all women to stop using handbags, esp sling-up handbags. Just put everything into your pocket (like I do) or just use a waist-pouch. I have a friend who would spent RM1,900 on a, I say, keep the RM1,900 and yourself safe. Until the crime rate goes down, we should all just stuff everything into our pants or carry a BIG purse that can fit all the important stuff. But it's your choice. Handbag or life. Take your pick.


Mumsgather said…
Thats just awful! I hope she's alright now. I try to carry a pouch whenever I can too, especially when going around with two young kids. Doesn't matter that it makes me look like a shopkeeper waiting to take orders from customers. :)
Marsha Maung said…
I know, I know!!! Really no stylo-mylo when we wear a pouch, rite? That's why I'd rather stuff everything into my pockets. I look like Mr. T on steroids but never mind, don't care. better to be safe than look slim. after this incident, I swear I'll never look at another biker the same again. I see one motorbike and feel like spitting at them! Ptooi!!!

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