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Women Blamed For Encouraging Rape

Once again, women are blamed for being raped, molested or taken advantage of. Sigh.... I am not alone in this. This guy here thinks like this and then there's this other guy here who thinks like this. This time it comes in the form of blaming the school uniform. What a load bull farking shite! Heylow.......!!!!!! When are they going to get it into their thick effing skull that women don't ask for rape and it's got nothing to do (maybe a little bit lah...let's be fair....but I'm talking about something along the lines of a bikini here) with the clothes they are wearing. I am sure most would agreee that the thin materials used for the school baju jurung and also the skin white top is a little bit....erm, revealing. But that's not their fault. Then deal with the balrdie material lah! But the issue is not that. The issue for me is that these people continue to put the blame on women and the clothes they wear - and continue to say that it's women's fault, or it's their clothes fault. It's not men's fault at all. Urgh!!!! Rape happens when men cannot control their rod, END OF STORY. The government should deal with this instead of pointing the finger at the school uniform. We've been wearing this for an eternity....and the crime rate many decades back did not reflect this so-called 'problem'. I suspect the people behind this statement is mentally ill lah. Although it's universal law that men have problems keeping their pants up, I am not blaming men either. It's a fact of life. If I can accept this fact, then why can't the blardie people do the same. That men rape because of their sexual urges and have nothing to do with the clothes women wear??? The root of the problem is that some men are deprived or have the wrong perception about sex and women and little girls. The problem is the perception and not the clothes! I want to just give the imbeciles a big slap across their faces and get real....look at the big picture, heylow!!! And, for your information, sending a woman to do the deed isn't going fool anyone, you know. The woman who said it is just another one of your puppets who is willing to take the rotten tomatoes people are going to throw. Maybe they've done her some 'favors' that's why she's willing to do the dirty job for them. Bottom line, it's still the moronic baffoons behind some imbelic party in Malaysia that is living in a land where dinosaurs still roam. There's nothing wrong with the school uniform. Ask the manufacturers to use thicker cloth lah, solve the problem if it was a problem to begin with.


Anonymous said…
...and the sohai even went as far as to say that wearing clothes of a different color can save a woman's ass. Wow! classic case of stupidity, man
Anonymous said…
Does she know that in Africa, little girls gyrate when they dance? Does this woman know that women in the western countries, women go around wearing no bras, sometimes (like Britney Spears) go to public events wearing no undy?

And rape don't happen to them....

Sorry to say this but it's all in the head. Which is another way of saying some Malaysians just screwed up up there, you know. The wrong switch kena tekan, that's why.

White blouse, rape....gosh, what next?
Anonymous said…
i just commented in Patrick's blog, saying that Munirah Bahari got a Batik factory lahh... so u see ahh.. so u see ahh... she want to take that order to redesign the country's school girl uniforms lorr.. u dont know meh... u dont know meh... then ahh.. she can oso build a mansion like that apa-nama Deros guy. am i making any sense ? just my two cents thinking.

Yellow Rose of Texas
Jamie said…
the stooopid bitch who made that comment need some goooood bitchslappin....niamah!!!!
Marsha Maung said…
yellow rose of texas, PUA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! NO WONDER LAH!!!!

Jamie, Please please us all a favor and do it for us all! I BLARDIE know that you can karate chop her to pieces. Darn stupid SH think with the H. (sorry so vulgar but it gets to me, you know. no brains wonder this one) If she become someone prominent in the country, I swear I will go live with the tarantulas....

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