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It’s not 365, it’s 182.5 from Hotlink. Advertise properly next time, OK?

I find the war of prices between Air Asia and MAS pretty funny – one lower the price, the other lowers even more. One says no need to pay money to fly wan…the other say the other one is bullshitting. Fooling the consumers into believing that they’re really getting free seats to some of the hottest destinations in Asia…it’s all there. This is an ongoing affair….if you’re a local, you would have been watching this way of war in the newspapers. If you’re an advertising or marketing company in Malaysia watching this war, you would be chuckling away at the breakfast table. If you’re THE advertising companies hired by these goons, then you’d be guffawing your way to your next holiday destination because of the sheer number of full-page ads these companies are asking you to come up with. They probably have spies in each others’ companies, come to think of it. Anyway, our Malaysian airlines and Air Asia aren’t the only local companies going for the blatantly-lying bag of tricks. Maxis and DIGI have been at it for umpteen years! Ever since DIGI got their own big gwai-low boss in, I would have to hand it over to DIGI for having some of the craziest yet funniest, most memorable and note-worthy ads. Love the duck ads they just put out. There…the one they have this duck noodles seller connecting and bonding with this cute duck and decided to switch to selling prawn mee because he thinks prawns don’t have feelings wan leh….damn funny lah! Maxis pales in comparison. They can try – but their advertising company isn’t very good. Tying up with people and getting Rudy and JJ to mention ‘Hotlink’ a thousand times over isn’t going to cut it. I should know. You know that 365 package thing that Maxis has been screaming about this month? It’s actually a 182.5 package! Recently, heard that ad from DIGI telling us not to fall for hidden conditions, well, I got curious. I got my son a Hotlink and converted it into the 365 package hoping that they mean 365 days of air time when they say 365. After hearing the ‘terms and conditions’ ad from DIGI, I decided to call Maxis people to clarify the terms lah. Clear the air, you know. As it turns out, DIGI is right. You see, Maxis Hotlink says you get 365 days of airtime. But when you call the customer service people up and ask, “So! What are the conditions, mate?” they will tell you this. Miss, you have to reload your top-up at least RM30 within the six months, otherwise, your 365 package is cancelled”. HUH? That means, this is not 365 days package lah! This means that if I don’t top up at least RM30 in six months (which is easy to achieve but I don’t have to like the fact that they hid it from us and call it the 365 package), I get only 182.5 days of UNLIMITED air time?? And I already paid RM33 in advance for the 365 package….sigh, talk about being a SH. WTF, right? p.s. This ad….I mean, blog, is not sponsored by DIGI. I, now, have a personal vendetta against Maxis Hotlink people because they lied to me and I fell for it and….I am stuck with it for the rest of the 182.5 days…or was it 365?

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