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Kdrama : One More Happy Ending (2016)

I started watching this because I was tired and disappointed with The King Loves. What the hell kinda show was that? Misleading title, sad king, unrequited love, stupid best-friend and undecided leading woman stringing two men together. It appears to me that the writers wrote out the story just to cause angst amongst its viewers for the sake of drama. I mistakenly assumed Im Si Wan chose a good script as his last before enlisting in the army.

What...the hell.... XD

I gave up on, I actually half-watched it know, wasted hours and everything. I predicted the ending and yeah...blergh....mucked around to the final episode and watched it out of the corner of my eyes while doing laundry. Whatever. That was when I closed the tab and thought, 'I need a little bit of screwball comedy'.

One More Happy Ending, was supposed to be more relatable to people like me...and funnier.
The story started off with background work on an 80's Kpop girl group which was, perhaps,…
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Books : The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

Mitch Albom is a magician when it comes to story-telling. The stories are haunting, memorable, digs deep into the recesses of your heart, and makes you feel like you have a very personal relationship with the characters, especially the protagonists or narrators of the story. In this instance, it's the latter.

Magic Strings is written in the voice of a non-person - musical talent - and various other personalities who have encountered the protagonists. It details the life of a man who had an inborn talent for guitar-playing, something that Albom has a passion for too, as detailed in the book and his biography.
“Talent is a piece of God’s shadow, and under that shadow, human stories intersect.” And through the voice of talent, he tells the tale of a lowly orphan boy born with nothing to his name and family registry. He had nothing but talent and the desire to play music, especially the guitar.

Through the most savage of situations and into the most extreme of impoverished states, Fran…

2018 : From My Heart to Yours

I don't want to make new resolutions because I believe that every day, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we should already be working on small little resolutions that will lead us on a joyful journey. One that makes us happy, healthy and prosperous (if possible).

Everyday is a work in progress. 2017, I dare say, has been one of the most heart-breaking and emotionally-painful ones for me. I don't say everything out loud or post everything on the Internet for all to see, but it has been a year where I learned that not everyone is an angel although we are all striving to be. The same can be said for me as well.

And we have to come face-to-face with facts...with reality. There are no other ways around it. Getting my head out of the rainbow-colored clouds of hopeful optimism has to be one of the hardest things that I have done this year.

As we stood there on our balcony, at the stroke of midnight, my kids and I watched as the flurry of fireworks went off in the dista…

Musings : KISS - Keeping Life Sweet and Simple

Most girls and women are vulnerable when it comes to new bags, shoes, clothes, jackets, make-up and the panacea of anti-aging solutions that line cosmetic counters in shopping malls. Me, I am a little different. I only go ape in a digital mall. My kids are known to, literally, physically drag me away with their palms over my eyes as I salivate over point-and-shoot cameras, computer accessories, Bluetooth speakers, earphones, smartphones, and laptops.

One would think that I have a big paycheck or an expensive taste for things. No, I don't. The good thing about me is that I am typically a very Asian person with very cheap taste in things. If it's not a bargain, I won't go for it. Typically, my tipping point is always 'It's going to save your life!' as in it is going to make my life so much easier and cooler than EVER before.

The things I often end up with, however, rarely change my life, per se. All they did were go through a short week of over-use and then degra…

Cooking : Moroccan Chicken Drumsticks

There's a good reason why I've been cooking at home more these days - it saves money! A simple dinner at McDonald's costs about RM50 for 3 persons (after which, the cost will be in reference to a portion for 3 people) while a little bit of an indulgence in a simple Korean dinner costs RM87.20. Yes, I've been counting.

While it IS a luxury to eat out once in a while because it drives me insane to cook two or three meals a day...there's only so much cleaning I am willing to do! #lol

There are economy rice options and also a quick trip to a hawker center or mamak (which also saves a lot of money) but how many times a week can we eat roti canai and nasi pataya? Although it is sometimes a hassle but cooking at home lets us control what we put into our mouths and also save costs.

For example, all in all, this simple-to-make Moroccan-style chicken drumstick costs RM27 (including rice, potatoes, and sauces). From now on, I think I will try to give an estimate of the total …

The Yin and Yang of Winter Solstice

Winter solstice to most of us means making and eating 'tong yuen' or also known as Dongzhi Festival, the traditional Chinese way of marking the shortest day albeit the longest night of the year. There are a lot of scientific and meteorological explanations for this and you can refer to Wikipedia for the world's interpretations for this. It ranges from time for some animal species to mate to major astronomical events.

But to the kids, it means rolling those colorful dough balls and eating them with a ginger, pandan, sugary concoction.
Worldwide, interpretation of the event has varied across cultures, but many have held a recognition of rebirth, involving holidays, festivals, gatherings, rituals or other celebrations around that time - Wikipedia The origins of this festival can be traced back to the yin and yang philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos The kids are no longer little...they're nearing adult age, with some stretching their wings across in another reg…

Cooking : Healthy Minced BBQ Beef Salad

It's amazing what time we end up eating lunch these days if I don't make it at home, really. By the time the lazyheads get their asses out of bed, into the shower and ready to trudge into the world, the vast universe of restaurants already have closed kitchens.

We end up eating either fast-foods or the expensive options (where the kitchens don't have breaks). So, these days, I end up cooking lunch instead of dinner.

DID YOU KNOW cooking 2 meals a day can wreck havoc in your life?! Yes, it can.

But this is something really simple and delicious that you can literally make in less than 45 minutes especially if you're using ready-minced beef, chicken or pork from the grocery store. All you need to cut are a few basic things like garlic, onion and the salad. And if you toss it into the electronic cooker or, for me, the multi-purpose rice cooker, everything's done in a blink of an eye.

With ketchup, chili sauce and BBQ sauce, you can't really go wrong with this, anyw…