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Tip for Working at Home: The One-Cup-Only Life Principle

You know how you start off with one cup of coffee in the morning. But then something happens mid-way, you’re distracted, and the cup of formerly-hot cup of coffee gets left on the table only to be discovered hours later colder than Canada.
The hours that follow, you’ve also made yourself a hot cup of chocolate when a guest whisks you away and the cup joins the formerly-hot cup of coffee on the table.

At the end of the day, you might end up with five cups of half-full, empty, stained, or full cups left unceremoniously on the table. What’s this got to with working from home, writing or doing anything official?

What if we all stuck to the one-cup rule for one day? Don’t make another cup of anything until you’re done with what you’ve made before? What if when you feel like drinking something warm, you down the earlier cup-of-something and THEN fix the new cup-of-something-new?
What I am trying to suggest is for us stick to our guns...even when we feel like we're losing ourselves in the s…
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Cooking: Curry-Not-Curry Chicken Breast Stew With Potatoes

The rain outside is just insane right now. One moment I was walking to the car basked in a little bit of sunshine, another moment I could hardly see the road ahead of me when I was driving. 😓The wonders of being in a tropical country.

But we are a pretty lucky bunch. No hurricanes, no tornadoes, no earthquakes, no volcanoes, no winter, no heat wave (close...we come close - LOL) and no other natural disasters. Mother Earth loves us.

It's been some time since I've posted about things coming out of my kitchen. Bear in mind, I am a work/stay-at-home mother of 2 ravenous boys. I make it a point to cook at home as much as I can but I've got to tip my hat off to people who post cooking videos.

I tried that, I honestly did. Do you know how hard it is without proper equipment and lighting?! Gosh, it doubles or triples the usual cooking time because you're thinking of all the things to do and say or showcase in the video or whatever it is you're trying to post.

I gave up. A…

Internet: Social Justice Warriors

We're not even shy about it anymore - to post a negative comment, to jump to conclusions, to judge a stranger, to negate a report based on our personal views and interests, or to shame someone simply because we can.

There were a few times that I almost made the human mistake of being slightly more human than usual, i.e. leaving my TEENAGE BOYS in the car while running in to pay for petrol, double-parking with my kids still in the car, or pissing someone off in a restaurant. It's stuff we used to get away with before the internet happened not that they're right, but it's not always wrong and some are easily corrected and forgiven.

I stop mid-sentence, turn to my friends and boys and whisper, "Gosh, I better stop. What if this ends up on Facebook or something". Why does every action I take in real life have to feel like I have a knife to my neck?

Recently, an article was published in a local daily about how cutting out carbs from one's diet could result in …

Living Memories

Moments come, moments go, people enter and exit your life, some are meant to stay.

And that's why pictures are very precious to me. If you know me at all, ever since I discovered the wonders of point-and-shoot cameras (and can afford one), I've never really left home without it. Almost obsessed.

First came the hailstorm of phones with a camera but without Instagram

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I love my phone but sometimes miss the simplicity of phones like these A post shared by Marsha Maung (@marshamaung) on May 11, 2012 at 9:07am PDT

And then Instagram opened up the floodgates of opportunities to Android users after cementing its popularity amongst Apple users. Its gravitational pull was undeniable. My first foray into Instagram was? The air-conditioning remote control that was sitting beside me when I downloaded the app. Ah well.