Saturday, July 23, 2016

WWW is Flying!

It's Saturday, my favorite day of the week and I am not going to spoil it by talking about politics or the current state of affairs. It's a load of bollocks, that's all I can say. So, I am going to share something positive I saw on a friend's Facebook timeline instead.

The Internet is flying!

If this was possible, can you imagine the future of the Internet?

Happy Saturday! (and the rest of the weekend, of course)


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Boys that Don't Run Away

I am missing the days when my kids don't run away from me the very moment I have a camera (smartphone, especially) in my hands. Those days, as you can see, they even entertain me with funny faces. 

I have always tried to warn my friends who keep posting their children's pictures on Facebook that one day, maybe just boys, they don't want their pictures all over the Internet. They have less of a reaction when I am using my not-connected-to-the-internet snap-and-go camera, knowing that chances of it ending up on Facebook is far less as compared to when I am using my smartphone.

But cameras don't have filters, my sons. T.T e.g. like the picture above. No filter and look like shit. hahaha

I love taking pictures because it's a keepsake of memories like this that I will one day want to look back on. A reminder of how far I have come as a mother and our relationship.

I have assured them that whatever I capture that ends up on Facebook, I will not tag them. Especially taken with the tiny compact offline camera of mine.

So, selfie away and don't let other people judge you or call you narcissistic. It is not. It is a way to keep memories together, one picture at a time.

Snap away, folks,

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Gloomy, Wet Saturday's Update

You'll never know how difficult it is, the worrisome days that a parent encounters, until you become a parent. So, I found this pretty little shoe sitting on the wet road worth capturing. Some parent is probably going to spend a few hours looking around car, home and bags for this missing shoe, wondering where they could have possibly missed it.

Well, it is missing.

And they will have no freaking idea what went on. Been there, done that, not doing it again, good luck! lol

That's parenting. That's why we should not judge parents, no matter how many things you disagree with them. They feed organic? Fine. They feed formula milk? The stuff their kids with KFC? Hey, they're eating and that's great! Whatever floats your boat, we are trying not to eff up along the way.

But on a more somber note, whatever has taken over the world, bombing after bombing, murders after murders, it's just sad or maybe it's just us, this generation, that we are more in tune with what's in the news. Maybe these things happened just as normally in the 50s and 60s but our parents had the 'option' of focusing on what's in front of them and not EVERYWHERE around the world.

I don't know anymore but would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the people affected by all the senseless things happening to them for no apparent reason.

Hate does not solve hate. Only love will.

So, sprinkle and spread it everywhere you can.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Haters Gonna Hate - Old vs. New Internet, Same or Different?

Remember the time we used to blog in complete peace? How not every single person, dog, kid or guitar have an internet account? Remember Multiply, the site before Facebook? Oh my, how I long for those days.

Bloggers and writers are met with hate once in a while, the same way your words can heal or positively impact someone on the internet, it can also bring on the wrath of 'insulted' people...especially these days. Not to say that it didn't exist back then because it did.

I remember someone told me to 'stick to writing, your singing sucks and don't deny it because it is THE TRUTH' on Multiply when I tried to record my singing on sucky equipment (rewind 20 years before smartphone apps) and brazenly 'showcased' it to my 'friends' on the internet. I argued that it was not THE TRUTH because it was merely his OPINION (and he's entitled to it) not because I am the best singer in the entire Universe but I have been told that I don't croak. In fact, my voice's been used for stage projects where my body was rejected (My body was rejected because I auditioned for the role of Thumbelina with my 5'7" lanky body - why the heck did I even do it? Anyway, my voice was used instead and I took my 5'7" body back home to complain to my parents about how come I am not 5'3" - kidding) and I was accepted into bands. So, I argued.

And then there was a time when people liberally imposed their personal problems, after hunting me down, on comments sections with racially-laced, OMG, that really got me fuming mad...well, won't you?

Before this whole shipping phenomenon (no, it no longer just means sending something via courier because you bought something on the internet, folks - click on the Wiki link above to find out more and don't blame me if you end up shaking your head) became the norm and the source of fights and fanfics, I was also taught a lesson about liking couples together and misconstruing signals sent by actors, actresses and singers that we see in dramas. Online. Via the great ole Internet. Comments section burned....Oh

As long as you are producing something on the Internet, we must be ready for hate. If it was THAT bad back then, imagine what it can be like today! Heck, you don't have to imagine, just hit any single POSITIVE Youtube video and just go to the comments section - no matter how positive or funny the content is, there's going to be someone who is insulted.

Writer, Abheek Talukdar wrote something completely funny about being prepared to be misunderstood if you are going to be writing on the Internet but he wrote it using so, we can't access it (er....there are ways to read it) because Malaysia banned (stupid) due to it being a platform for political sabotage (lol, they banned the entire site because of one user - ahem, Sarawak Report, I am looking at you). I am linking it anyway, just in case you CAN access the site and is looking for something you can relate to as a writer or content provider on the WWW.

Free press, FTW. And if you've been writing or blogging as long as I have and continue to do so today, high five!

Happy Saturday, people of the World,

Image Credit : iStockPhoto Facepalm picture

Monday, July 4, 2016

People are People So...

Reading the news and social media accounts (I try not to but I have friends that I sometimes check on and groups that I participate in online) has been a pain in the ass these few weeks. In fact, today, police confirmed that my school friend's night spot, MOVIDA, was bombed with a hand grenade by extremist groups. It was speculated before but only confirmed today.

We long for better news.

One of my friends correctly pointed out that whenever these groups bomb their own people, no one makes a hashtag. No one posts up the country's flag as their profile pictures. No monument and iconic landmark is meaningfully lit.

It sickens me to think that the reason could be as simple's nothing new.

We need to remember that the people affected by things like the Baghdad bombings are significant too. Even in Malaysia, which is a Muslim country, I don't think people are quite as caught off-guard despite the fact that Malaysia has been one of the most peaceful Muslim countries in the world. Not the most well-off or politically-stable one but relatively peaceful.

But we ARE caught off-guard. For decades, we have nothing but peace because:-

  1. The previous generation accepted their fate
  2. Non-Muslims are famously-known for their deep-rooted plans to get outta here
  3. Muslims and non-Muslims generally share a camaraderie with each other
  4. We have great food...the best, I would contend (Singapore and Indonesia, let's leave it at that. We will argue about this another day. lol)
It's just sad that the world is seeing so much violence today. People have pets at home, kids in school, bills to pay, food to prepare, a home to clean, relatives to love....just like everyone else all around the world...including those in Muslim countries who are fighting their own people.

At what level are we now, World?

Let's spare a thought or a prayer for those affected. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Videos - Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman

It's a Sunday, a lazy but HOT HOT HOT one (well, it's a SUNday) and plans to head out to the field for a walk is cancelled. I am sweating just lying or sitting down, I can't imagine a simple walk around the park. lol

So, after doing some work, I've decided to revisit some of my favorite Youtube videos and this one never gets old. Never.

Jimmy Fallon finding out that he effed up an opportunity to hook up with Nicole Kidman on his own LIVE late night show. It's awkward and embarrassing for the both of them but sure makes for a good laugh for the rest of us.

So, guys, if you've ever effed up with a popular girl crushing on're not alone. This video alone have raked up more than 35 million views and continues to be rewatched over and over again.

It's a long weekend for some you because of Hari Raya being around the corner and of course, for Americans, July 4th is approaching. So, have fun and be safe out there.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Country, oh, Not My Country

I have stopped (more or less) talking about Malaysian politics a long time ago partly because it is hopeless. I am sure I am not the only one with this sentiment. What I want is not chaos or a riot or whatever the Government thinks we are trying to create.

We want the power of choice. We want accountability.

But whatever. I want to

I was joking with a friend, saying that soon, instead of Indonesians sending their workers here for low skilled jobs, we might be doing the same in other countries very soon. Begging for a space, a job and then being told to 'go home'.

The term 'go home' is something we have been hearing since we were born so, it's not going to shock any non-Malay Malaysians. It is almost synonymous to 'Let's makan' (let's eat) to me. Other people in other countries might be taken aback and fight back but not us. We have never felt we belonged, anyway, and that explains why Malaysia has a brain drain problem, with skilled workers fleeing the country and more low-skilled workers coming into Malaysia. Sooner or later, this country will no longer be the Malaysia that I used to know, anyway.

I know it sucks to hear this but did you know that Time Magazine ranked Malaysia as the second most corrupt country in the world? There are 196 countries in the world (including Taiwan) and we are ranked 2nd. Way to go.

The whole Lim Guan Eng saga is another thing that non-Politician Malaysians cannot understand. Politicians, if you are reading this, please clarify when approached by friends, I think a lot of us don't understand.

And yet, we were all up in arms, ready to part with our RM10 to help Lim Guan Eng and his party replenish funds that was used up for a RM1 million bail set by the court. RM1 million!? That's, as of today, using, USD251,000 for bail.

Within less than 24 hours, RM1 million was successfully raised. I was more than surprised because I thought I had all the time in the world to contribute my RM10 to the funds so, I basically took my time. But in less than a day, the fund-raising was closed. Target achieved. Sorry, I took so long but hey, it was less than a day, OK?

The funds was so easily raised, the way I see it, was because of people who saw the injustice, not because they understood the situation or because they supported Lim Guan Eng. Because they were angry.

I saw this on Facebook the other day and thought the protesting monkey was so blardie cute! LOL

Have a splendid weekend, folks,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

World of Blurred Lines

The lines are so blurred in the world that we live in. The internet has changed things so much and culture have veered us into a path that we never knew could exist before. But maybe it is because we were not so often exposed to such diversities. Our world consists of getting on the bicycle or bus to get to school, playing with your friends after school and then going home for dinner with your family.

That was it.

But the world that my kids live in today is so different from my childhood days. I am sure my parents will say the same thing about their world and mine.

I remember an altercation that occurred with my kids quite a few years back, maybe 5 or 6 years ago when Youtube was a thing but not the norm. Believe me, if you took a look at a normal teenager's life today, Youtube is a huge thing for them, especially if they are into gaming. I argued (and will continue to argue) that Youtube cannot be the norm, you need an organization to govern and monitor it, otherwise, it will be out of control. Not everybody can be a celebrity just because they have a camera, Wifi and a Youtube account. Then everybody is a celebrity.

In my world, this cannot happen. There will be chaos. My kids wanted to be Youtubers back then and I said it was impossible. That those crazy screaming kids who are uttering complete nonsense and creating unnecessary drama with foul language and caustic actions cannot be celebrities. One good example, PewDiePie and gosh, how I loathe this person (till this very day). He is a Swedish self-proclaimed comedian who makes enough money off his internet account to put you and I to shame today.

And yet, these internet celebrities DO make money off their Youtube, Facebook and Instagram accounts and companies DO sponsor them and they DO get invitations to red carpets.

Its funny, though, despite how much I despise PewDiePie, I still follow him on Twitter as well as other young internet people like Ryan Higa also known as NigaHiga and Lilly Singh who is also known as Superwoman on various social media sites...just to follow what is happening on the internet today. It's a strange world. LOL. In fact, I also follow Dominic Sandoval @ dtrix and of all people Skrillex too. I mean, like.... what am I doing with my life?

The fact is that the world has changed so much and to people my age, it is a freak show...but to the people of today, it's the norm. I think there will come a time when we have to accept the fact that the young people of today will change the world even further and we have to just deal with it. The norm is no longer the same norm.

Here are some things that have caused the blurring of lines between the norm that I knew and the norm of today.
  • we have youtubers vs. Hollywood/Bollywood/Kdrama/TVB celebrities
  • we have blogs, websites vs. real magazines
  • we have e-books vs. books
  • we have online games vs. board and real life games
  • we have assumed personalities vs. real personality social media accounts
  • we have Facebook vs face to face
  • we have Instagram vs. photographers
  • we have blogs vs. diaries
  • music streaming sites vs. radios
  • we have Facebook short films vs. documentaries and movies
  • phone call vs. Skype call
  • feminine looking men, and male-looking women (read: kpop and jpop and fashion, in general)
  • we have transgenders and bis
What have I missed? I guess it is the same feeling my grandparents and parents felt when I told them that I could make money without leaving the house. lol

Feeling old,

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bitching - Cutting Queue is Cutting Queue

If there's one thing that I really hate, apart from traffic jams, is queue cutting. I hate queue cutting whether in a jam, at the store, at the restaurant or in the mall. I think it's just rude. So, whenever I have to line up at the traffic lights and someone 'conveniently' tries to wiggle their way into the line, I don't often give way.

Call me a B or whatever, I don't care. Line up like everyone else. Unless I am in one of my Zen modes which isn't often when I am behind the wheel.

So, today, I was in 7-11 and there was this foreign man (I shall not mention the nationality because my son happens to opine that racial profiling should be stopped...and it's not China Chinese) decides to not to say this? Let me draw a stupid picture. LOL

OK, the said A-hole is furthest to the left and I was using Counter A and this man used Counter B, crossing over and cutting the queue for Counter B. I kept quiet in the beginning because the cashier entertained him and the others were not any making noise. 

Until he had to cross my path to pay Counter B. Still kept quiet but had royal dirty looks to throw at him. 

When he was leaving, I just muttered 'so rude' to MY cashier but I guess he was waiting for me to say something because he turned around and threateningly asked me 'What did you just say?' and at first I said 'Nothing. I was talking to him' but he kept asking me 'No, what did you just say? Say it again' so, I said it again lah.

His excuse was this is a counter, everyone uses this counter to pay! Huh? You don't see two cashiers kah? You don't see the people lining up kah? What the... then he says to mind my own business because he wasn't talking to me so, I answer that he was right, I was talking to the cashier to begin with. LOL.

Anyway, cutting queue is not the way to go, OK? And if you do, and I can't stop you from doing it, I can have and will share my personal opinion with whoever I want. You can be bigger than me, tougher than me, but cutting queue is cutting queue.

Using Cantonese slang...damn no manners.

Bitch Mode On,

p.s. Happy Holidays tomorrow, Malaysians. Let's go clog the malls! LOL

Monday, June 20, 2016

Here's One for the Single Parents Out there - Hope You had a Fab Father's Day!

No one knows how hard this is, being both mom and dad at the same time. While some argue that we, women, are the emotionally stronger gender, it doesn't become and isn't easy. Sometimes, there are things that are nearly impossible for us mothers to replicate. 

Like hormones, being a man, being competitive about anything and everything, brotherhood, being a role model (because duh...I can't teach a man how to be a man in the real world because I can't be a man, LOL). It's different, really. 

I will be lying if I said everything is smooth-sailing and I am the best mother AND father in the world and my kids don't need a male figure in their's not true. Let's not kid ourselves. Dads are important too so, I keep their dad in their lives. 

But as far as the everyday workings in life is concerned, I have tried my very best to be both mom and dad. To make all the decisions and be responsible for everything under the sun is f-g taxing.

However...even with that said, I am still here and I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

So, if you are a single parent, mom OR dad,
Here, have a beer,