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The Desolate Mall Scene

Image Credit: Sunyu Kim on Unsplash I saw a post on social media from a friend. It was a time lapse video of foot traffic in a local (relatively popular) mall in the midst of PJ. The sight was a sorry one.  In fact, this family would visit a mall every other day to get our daily essentials. After having dinner, we would pop by the supermarket to grab some stuff.  The after-dinner traffic is really solemn. We are almost always greeted with shuttered stores, closing convenience stores, and even the delis close early, patronized by small groups of peckish shoppers nibbling nonchalantly around barren stores.  I guess we're lucky that, if we went early enough, they were open at all. Even the workers were half-hearted, unconcerned and detached from the possibility of making a sale.  Hence, it is no wonder that people are hopping onto Lazada and Shopee to get things we usually impulse buy while walking past stores in malls.  Simple stuff like light bulbs, nails, extra spoons, or other non
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Loud and Quiet

I'll just let this post speak for itself. This is one of those reminders I keep to myself. That those who are loudest may not be the strongest because in silence, there's the power of composure, calm observance and intelligent strength.  Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak Hope you had a good weekend! Note: The number of new Covid-19 cases in the state of Selangor is still not easing off. 😫

Music: No Longer Mine - Roy Kim (YouTube Video)

There's something about music that I don't think I will not love. When asked what kind of music I like or the kind of songs I like performing, I can't point to one.  All I know is that I love jazz but I can't pull it off. LOL. 🤣 It's sad but true.  I was watching 'Familiar Wife' on Netflix and completely fell in love with this song. I've got a new song with lyrics I barely understand. The meaning behind the song is really meaningful. The song may be sad but the movie is not (oops...spoiler?)

Happy Birthday Again! Pic Memories

Happy Birthday, Ann! You may no longer be with us here on this planet but your birthday is always remembered by those of us your life has touched.  I said I would post a picture I have of you, be it in digital or printed format, every birthday but, honestly, I don't know it's a good idea. I might one day run our of pictures to post. And that's gonna suck. It would mean that not have you run out of days to live but I have run out of tangible memories of you to hold.  It also means I didn't do enough to collect or make those memories while you were still around to make them with me. Neverthelss, I will try to do as I promised because a promise is a promise.  Happy birthday, you crazy woman. Hope you're doing fantastic wherever you are right now, cousin. Till we meet again,

Wrong or Cold

Photo by  Helena Lopes  on  Unsplash I gave a man RM20 (USD4.80) yesterday during dinner and I still can't stop thinking about him. The look on his face, his hesitancy, his predicament, the look of loss.  At the back of my mind, I keep hearing people (and myself) calling me stupid, naive, innocent, and hopeless. It happens every time I try to do something right, something good. I can hear voices in my head telling me that it is the dumbest thing I've done yet.  It's not how much you give away and how stupid people think of me knowing that I gave money away, but it's how he said 'God bless you' at the end. It's the look of relief. It's the knowing of humanity exists, that human beings still have a side of them that is not riled up by uncertainty, fear, misjudgment, distrust, negativity.  Knowing that another human being understands and trusts you is one of the most powerful emotions on earth. I believe this is what we, as a species, will yearn for the mos

Keep Your Face Masks Clean and Properly Stored

Source:  Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels Notice : This Post contains affiliate links This is the world of Covid-19 we’re living in and the reminders for us to social distance, wear masks, and wash our hands as frequently as we can has become ad nauseam.  Apart from the constant nagging concern about the impact disposal face masks have on the environment now that every human on this planet is required to wear one (and keep a good, healthy supply of them), another crusade seems to be launching off - cloth face masks.  Friends (and relatives) are now messaging me in groups on promoting the use of reusable cloth masks and other alternatives. The problem is: How hygienic are they? How often can we wear them? How do we clean them? Where do we get them? Are they reliable? Do they work the way we need them to? If we buy them online, how do we know they fit? Are cloth face masks a solution to social distancing? How sturdy are these masks? Do cloth face masks work on children? Is it any better

Update: Dating, Water, and Mulan

Source: Pablo Gentile on Unsplash Here's an Update on my part! What I found profound As we grow up, we start to detach from the very core, the real self that we were born as, that forms an intrinsic part of our personalities. We start adapting to the various social norms, often uprooting not just our lives and families, but also our belief system. I guess this is where mid-life crisis comes at us a the the speed of the Shanghai Maglev.  I found building a brand new relationship with myself, alone, settled by discontent. Finding our purpose require us to sit down and reflect. If this is what you're going through, this article on Being Alone might be of interest to you.  Mulan Live-Action Disney Remake I've been waiting for Mulan to hit the big screens since they announced the casting of an all-Asian cast! I also heard that they would be pivoting from the conventional Disney or Pixar remakes and it will be kind of kick-ass in a very Asian way.  The movie in itself is great -

Update: Months After Covid 19 Lockdown, Life with Teenage Boys

While some of us struggle with the worldwide Covid 19 lockdown, trying to either find peace eternally cohabiting with housemates or family members, there is a small fraction of people in this world who actually have no problems with it.  They love being stuck at home because, apparently, everything's right here. Everything that makes them happy, secure, and deliriously entertained is right here. At home. And they don't have to go anywhere to find that state of happiness and comfort.  I've heard differently from other people, though. Especially parents and my parents.  Parents have to deal with both work and their kids at the same time, struggling to find the right balance and time to have that Zoom meeting. Elderly parents, like mine, are just itching to get out...anywhere. The silence, I guess, is louder and more frustrating when you're not only alone at home but when you're not allowed to go out, even if it's just to get a bottle of tomato sauce for your egg s

China's China: The Harsh Reality of It's Power

Image by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash I don't understand why the United States is trying its darnest to stunt its own growth or cast such a dark shadow over its world reputation as one of the world's biggest tech and economic leader. We all know China's never changed its stance - which is putting one foot in front of the other and keep competing with the world, not just the United States.  The rest of the world sees this and we're not likely to ditch China. That's a very harsh reality Trump as the POTUS must see and understand.  Yes, we adore the United States and we think it is a Super Power regardless of the political and economic turmoil it is going through. Politics will always be dirty and complicated. It's hard to understand and many (most) of us won't spare more than a couple of minutes a day to gloss over the headlines.  Targeting China is a bully move I never expected of the United States. Never. It has always been an all-embracing, progressive country

Update: College Kid Woes: Parent in Pickles

No matter what the phase is that I am going through in my life, I try my best to be as grateful and happy as I can be. Yeah, sure, I get bamboozled by bad news and stuff (who isn’t, anyway, these days) but there’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud.  So cliche but I can’t help it. It’s the secret sauce to surviving.  On top of that, both my boys are now enrolled (albeit in a funny kind of Coronavirus way) into college and the spending is mind-blowing.  I am not alone in this, of course.  The rest of the world is with me  on this one but it doesn’t make it any easier. At some point, if you’re like me, we might find ourselves wondering if it was better for our kids to actually take a what-you-call a short hiatus while waiting for that darn vaccine.  What rubs me the wrong way is that we are paying full fees for college but are presented fed at the trough with a buffet of Masterclass-style and Udemy kind of services. I can’t help but feel shortchanged, really. But going back to co