Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mandarin is Hard, Isn't it?

The Koreans might have celebrated National Korean Language day recently considering the fact that some of the shows that I watched all had games and topics revolving around the language. To people like us who rely on sub-titles to get through the shows, we were more than a little baffled.

Coincidentally, my son is trying to learn Mandarin, out of the blue. You know, I had so many #facepalm moments that my face is blue black. Both went to Chinese language kindergarten for years. One of them went to a Chinese school for a year until we both collapse in sheer frustration (because my mandarin is passable only when I am buying vegetables in the wet market). I sent them to private home tuition for Mandarin. Both attended special (extra payment, OK?) Mandarin classes in school. They know nothing beyond 1 - 10 in Mandarin after all of that and then when I give up, suddenly Mandarin language is appealing.


Most people my generation speak at least 3 languages and understand at least 2 different Chinese dialects, right? How can I use this in-brain auto-translate method to teach my son Mandarin is beyond me.

Anyway, it was said that Korean is the most logical language in the world. Per chance, I saved something that justified the difficulty in learning Mandarin.

Chinese is hard.

Kudos to this poet who came up with something with just the word 'shi'. My kid said if he said 'shi' enough times, he could be possibly be forming a proper sentence. LOL.

I don't know. I just don't.

Happy Wednesday night,
About to doze off,

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Semicolon - My Story Isn't Over Yet

Some hide it, some shut up about it and some choose to say something about it and is shunned back into silence. This is what sexual assault does to people and some people survive, others don't. And no one is so alone in this world that they have no one to turn to. Tara Stiles also opened up about her experience with sexual assault which spiraled into an eating disorder and social isolation. Things can happen that way. Some go into depression and it is a very real thing.

When I was an entertainer, being 'assaulted' by drunk people was quite the common thing. Even the guys got groped whenever we were required to mingle with the customers. So, we would laugh over it and say nothing else. But why is it OK, when I think about it later? Because if I said it bothered me and the other girls and guys said nothing, it would make me the bad apple, wouldn't it? So, I kept quite and became a little extra vigilant just to keep everyone liked.

I come from a family of people who deal with mental disorder and depression, hence, when I saw the semicolon movement, I was moved enough to nearlyyyyyyyyyyyyy get one myself! Me? Tattoo?! Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha

Just like how the semicolon indicates that a sentence is not over yet, the semicolon movement was started in support of mental health awareness. It signifies that despite having gone through very tough times, the story is not over. YOUR story is not over yet. It can change.

Here's a bunch of pictures of really brave people who got their tattoos and I have to admit, some of them are really pretty and creative!

Source : Google Images

So, when I was scrolling through my Instagram one day, I saw Ashley Jewelry selling semicolon bracelets and I couldn't resist supporting it. So, I got this online and it arrived today. 

Pretty, isn't it?

p.s. No, this is not an ad, I don't do ads and if I do, I will tell you in a huge ass way

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Unique Butter Chicken with a Western Twist

We know our usual butter chicken (Chinese-style) and we love it. There's nothing like the butter and curry leaves combination that makes you salivate but when I looked at the list of ingredients in this recipe, I went like...wha...tomato paste, cream, almonds and cilantro? Well....never thought about that!

Well, if you are feeling a little adventurous or have some time on your hands, you might want to try your hand in recreating this Butter Chicken recipe featured in New York Times.

Happy Sunday,

Monday, September 26, 2016

60 Seconds to Melt your Stress Away

Admit it, we all get worked up about things. It could be that fella who took your parking spot, the woman who won't stop complaining about you or maybe it's just the bank that keeps calling you about a new loan they want you to take advantage of. pppfftt...I know.

Anyway, we all have moments we wish would just go away and disappear. I found this neat little tool on the internet and it is so simple, you will smile in the end. Promise.

Feel stressed? Take a 60 second break right now.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Picking Up The Pieces of an Old 27 Year Old Self

My life stopped at the age of 26...when I had my first child and I am not saying this in a negative way. It stopped revolving around me, my passion, my interest, my friends, my original family, my life. It started revolving around those tiny people in diapers and I mapped my life around them. Nothing else mattered.

It has been a long time since my decisions are based on myself.

And I have come to a phase in my life whereby I am handed back the reign, one string at the time, to let go of that revolving Universe.

OK, fine. Enough drama. My kids are growing up.

I have spent the last few days bring thrown into a world of unknown parenting. They went into a deep, dark jungle and riverside (near Hulu Langat, that's all I know. I asked for GPS location, actually but was ignored so, I spent the entire night breathing into a plastic bag till around 2.45am in the morning, not kidding) where there's no electricity without me. They went to malls without me. They went to a pool party without me. I am trying to loosen my iron grip and stop thinking that I control everything. I am not in control of any effing thing right now except for the food and drinks that they eat. Even then, that's questionable. lol

I know I have an iron grip, it's a good and bad thing but as I said earlier, my life stopped at the age of 26 and that's been a long time since I have been in complete control of almost every situation involving these people. It's not easy to let go. I tell myself people send their kids to boarding schools and military for, crissakes, Marsha, get it together!!!!!

I try. I need caffeine and medication. And some wine. lol

So, if your kid is still being potty trained or is really small right now and you think you have his or her life mapped out, you are in for a ride, my friend.

Me? I have to start thinking the thoughts that I had when I was 26 so that I can start picking up the pieces from where I left off at 27.

Heavily medicated mom,

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Why Didn't #Nomakeup Trend Much Earlier

It could be my years of having to put on makeup on stage, it could be my rebellious streak, it could be that I am sick of conformity. But I have stopped wearing (too much) make-up for years and I have no idea why Alicia Keys' move to go #nomakeup is such a thing these days.

Until this mother made a comparison between what's on a Girls Magazine and a Guys Magazine popped up in my timeline. She put the magazines together, side by side, and asked the Editors, do you see what is wrong and what are we teaching girls these days?! If you don't want to read the link, basically, the Girls Magazine headlines are stuff like 'how to have the hair that you can only dream of', 'Fall fashion you'll love', 'My first kiss', 'Wake up pretty', etc. On the Guys' Magazine, it says just one thing (that I can see) and it's 'EXPLORE YOUR FUTURE'.

There's a big, huge ass difference, isn't there?

While the trend of going make-up-free is growing, I don't understand why it wasn't growing before this. Or am I too early for this world? If you love working with make-up, I am completely fine with that because I have seen some awesome transformations on Youtube and really, kudos to those artists because it is an art and it takes talent and loads of practice to do that.

What I am talking about is how we imprison ourselves when we become slaves to make-up. My mom would often tell me in her befuddled tone that I should AT LEAST put on some lipstick because I look haggard. Maybe I do but in my mind, I am going 'and I don't give a rat's ass what people think I look like because I am comfortable with this right now'. My mom is a fashionista, actually, and if she was given another chance to choose a career for herself, I suspect she would be either an interior decorator or a fashion designer, she just loves stuff like that.

Sorry, mom. Not me. Lol. #disappointment

Yes, I have potholes on my face because I had chicken pox at the age of 32 and it was BADDDDDDDDDDDD!

Yes, I have wrinkles because....well...what can I say? lol

Yes, I have uneven skin tone because....hello? DNA much?

Yes, I have bags under my eyes because last night's sleep was pppffftttthhhhh...

Yes, my skin is oily because I was sweating when I was cooking in the kitchen a moment ago.

I feel like if I have to hide all that, I am putting unnecessary pressure on myself for the benefit of people who don't know me and people who are probably going to go home not knowing any more about me than before.

So why?

If they think I am haggard or lazy, fine. Good for you. Bye. Have a good life. Someone who loves me will see everything that I have on me and love me just fine and that's all the pressure I need. Sometimes I have eyeliner on, sometimes I have some blusher on, sometimes I use loose powder but the point is that I don't feel any less me when I go out without.

While I do not encourage people to go make-up free to official events and red carpets (Alicia Keys' got the balls to do this, I have to say this), my point is yourself, potholes, wrinkles, pimples and all. If you feel like wearing make-up, wear it. If you don't feel like wearing make-up, don't wear it. Don't let others dictate how you feel about yourself.

For people who are going to fight back with how 'first impression counts', I am going to counter with these. How about a firm handshake? A confident stance? A brilliant smile? An alert outlook? How about an intelligent conversation? Positive body language?

Your husband's going to leave you when he sees you like this? Damn, what a man.

Your colleagues will think that you are not capable of leading a team? Show 'em, girl!!! Take back your personal power!

Your relatives are going to think you are letting yourself go? Yeah? How's that going to change my life? lol

No man's going to like you or date you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Yes, not everyone looks like Alicia Keys and it takes courage and a little bit of getting used to and dignity to hold your head up high when people say that you should visit the doctor cause you look pale and sick and when you do, you will feel the freedom to choose and not to be enslaved by people's comments and thoughts.

The freedom to say I don't care.


Credit : Colored Beauty by iStock

Friday, September 2, 2016

You Won't Regret Not Having Kids

I found my friend posting on Facebook and thought it was hilarious. Hilarious in a way that it-is-so-true-that-it-hurts-and-yet-I-know-where-you-are-coming-from-because-I have-been-there-I-shouldn't-find-it-funny kind of hilarious.

Motherhood is a major thing. MAJOR THING. THIS MAJOR!

You don't get to say 'I quit' in the middle of it all (people who do should grow a conscience or invest in contraceptive, please). When your kid does what the kid in the picture does, you will be judged. You have to find it in yourself to keep your dignity, breathe in, breathe out, breathe some more until the redness in your face, neck and ears go somewhat away.

But it's true. Parenting is not for everyone. And it's not a compulsory thing to do so, I think it's alright to have a kid cat or two and be OK with it.

When I was younger, I've always wondered why it was that this couple I knew from a long time ago never had kids. I thought they had problems but then it was one day revealed to me (through their conversation, not my question - how dare I ask this question!) that they never wanted kids. Not even adopted ones! And why.

They loved to travel and explore the world. And that's what they are doing now, exploring the world, buying a home in a mountain where there are bears in Salt Lake City without having to worry about wild animals eating their children up when they trek along nearby parks and trails. Never having to worry about homework or soiled diapers, milk powders, potty training, kids watching porn, raising a monster citizen and tuition.

They simply do not want kids. At first, some people may view that as 'selfish' but I think it's called 'having a direction in life'.

It's their direction and they deserve to grow in THAT direction if they wished to.

It's great that parents gets all the free hugs, kisses and eternal love (if you're lucky enough) from their kids but sometimes, that's not what people want in their lives. And that's OK. You won't regret it if you're sure of it.


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Lazy Merdeka Day Update

Today is Malaysia's Independence Day and....not even feeling a thing except that the malls are very packed. Even smaller scale neighborhood malls are packed to the brim. And it wasn't even lunch time, it was kinda Tunch (tea-lunch) time and yet it was still packed.

It's a holiday, shall go to mall. That's a Malaysian culture, really.

Anyway, it's been some time Facebook introduced the 'like', 'haha', 'sad', 'wow' and 'angry' buttons and I have made an effort to use those instead of the conventional 'thumbs up' just because it is there and I want to see what difference it would make to the post and the things that Facebook decides to show me on its own accord.

Nothing much has changed, actually. Still seeing the same thing from the same people until I have to go to the 'Most Recent' feed instead of the normal 'News Feed'. So, I think this needs to be done. New buttons. Here are some which I think are fantastic suggestions. LOL

Kidding (sometimes not kidding but still kidding and half not kidding).

Happy Merdeka Day, people of the Universe...I mean, Malaysia!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

WWW is Flying!

It's Saturday, my favorite day of the week and I am not going to spoil it by talking about politics or the current state of affairs. It's a load of bollocks, that's all I can say. So, I am going to share something positive I saw on a friend's Facebook timeline instead.

The Internet is flying!

If this was possible, can you imagine the future of the Internet?

Happy Saturday! (and the rest of the weekend, of course)


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Boys that Don't Run Away

I am missing the days when my kids don't run away from me the very moment I have a camera (smartphone, especially) in my hands. Those days, as you can see, they even entertain me with funny faces. 

I have always tried to warn my friends who keep posting their children's pictures on Facebook that one day, maybe just boys, they don't want their pictures all over the Internet. They have less of a reaction when I am using my not-connected-to-the-internet snap-and-go camera, knowing that chances of it ending up on Facebook is far less as compared to when I am using my smartphone.

But cameras don't have filters, my sons. T.T e.g. like the picture above. No filter and look like shit. hahaha

I love taking pictures because it's a keepsake of memories like this that I will one day want to look back on. A reminder of how far I have come as a mother and our relationship.

I have assured them that whatever I capture that ends up on Facebook, I will not tag them. Especially taken with the tiny compact offline camera of mine.

So, selfie away and don't let other people judge you or call you narcissistic. It is not. It is a way to keep memories together, one picture at a time.

Snap away, folks,