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2018 Birthday Reflections

What a birthday means to me is now like a benchmark or a notch. Something you proudly mark against a timeline of goals.

It's no longer about a flawless, graceful sunrise to greet you in the morning, a compendium of activities and a luminary of "important" people streaming in and out of your everyday life showering you with expensive gifts and glowing compliments, or a night buoyed by champagne, caviar, and limousine rides.

You'll soon (I think it's around the age of 35 - lol) stop counting the number of years you've lived; when a friend asks you, 'So, how old are you?', you actually scratch your head, pull out your smartphone's calculator and start punching in "2018- XXXX =" Oh shit. 😅😅😅😂😂😂

I think it's more important to fill your day with the simple recognition that you've come so far past life's obstacle courses, mazes, and mirrored walls, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

That's why it's become ki…
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What's Important To You

Sometimes, it's easy to lose sight of what's truly important in our lives, especially in this day and age of social media. 
All you need to do is to log onto Facebook to feel like your life is crap 😂😂😂. In fact, you don't even have to go very far. Just step outside of your house, look at the posh cars sitting in your neighbors' homes and you're ready to beat yourself up over the head. 
I think that's the most futile exercise on the planet. Everyone's got their own wars to go through and as long as we continue to compare our lives to that of others, we're not going to be right here to celebrate whatever wins we have! . 

I spent a large part of my life yearning for what others have and what they think of me. Spending time appreciating my own little wins is so much more important than ever.

A simple thing like being alive should not lose its meaning. I guess perspective about life, what our daily struggles entail, what we can do for and to the world we…

Awesome Insta Ad: Corny But It Worked

Instagram ads are quite hard to pin down. You either make it or you don't because unlike Facebook where you have more space to write and elaborate, on Instagram, you have to make it really short, catchy and engaging all within either a picture or a short video.

People have very little patience, even less so than other social media outlets, when they're scrolling through Instagram.

I am sure you must have seen the sudden explosion of ads on Instagram launched by Prudential lately. Admittedly, I clicked. Just because I was curious about who the heck would advertise a piece of wood based on superstition?!

I clicked because I was curious. Like....for real???!!

It's hard out here for a social media maven. . We know it's not easy to keep writing the posts and tweets day in and day out, so we've gathered our best #socialmedia writing advice in one place. Check out our Story or swipe right or scroll for a few tips. . . .#socialmediaday #smday #amwriting #amposting #cleanwrit…

Update: A Dent on the Car, in the Heart and the Freaking Wallet

We all have good days and we have bad ones. The past few days have been a balance of the two, more of the latter than usual.

I always try to start the day with it being a good day (not always successful, mind you) and most times, I have a pleasant day where I see everything through rose-tinted glasses. Where life is a smorgasbord of possibilities, fuzzy whimsical snowflake magic, and rainbow-colored skies.

Other days, not so much.

While on the way to drop the kids off at their center, I was butt-kissed. In other words, through no fault of mine, someone slammed into the back of my car. Nothing serious happened, thank goodness and I was very relieved that damage to the car appears minimal. A veryyyyyyy slight dent and I think we can handle that kind of dent.

The woman even had to chase me down on the road to ask me if there was anything wrong with my car because it sounded loud when she slammed into me. To cut a long story short, I thought I was hit by another car from the front and alm…

Short : Want to Have Super Thick Skin?

I hardly wax political these days - too many things to talk about and since I am not a politician and may not have sound knowledge to put things into proper perspective, I've generally steered clear of any personal commentaries.

I've, of course, enjoyed the jokes on the internet. I thrive off of people who don't care, and people who have researchers doing know...research work.

This one, however, I find really funny because it is probably true.

You'll never find another politician (well, maybe a few others currently flooding the news feed these days) with thicker skin than Malaysia's ex-Prime Minister. He's got skin as thick as cow hide. Maybe more.

And that's it! I'm off to a really late lunch that nearly qualifies as dinner. We're hungry like a pack of wolves, no restaurant is open for us and I feel guilty as hell.

Running off into the wind now,
XOXO & Ta,

If you find any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, do me a favor…

Update : Taking Anchor on for a Test-Drive

I'm still tinkering around with Anchor but since I consider myself to be quite a quick learner, I think I'll stop making as many mess-ups from now onward. #lol

This was a podcast test-drive but I uploaded it anyway because...well, it's a simple reading of a meaningful article. Something I think will help people 'Leap into the Unknown' even when every fiber of their being is saying 'WTF ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING DEMENTED MIND?!'

Well, anyway, here's my embarrassing test-drive.

I promise you it will get better.

However, I DO think I like doing this. A simple reading, no fanfare, topics that touches everyone, short and sweet and just thoughts that you might also want to ponder over while you're waiting in line for your Starbucks.

Lots of love and the weekend is coming! On top of that, it's my sister's birthday and we're going out for a simple dinner with all the kiddos and all that.

He is usually quite careful with his glasses but he brok…

Boys, The Bully's a Best-Friend (Video)

I don't know how to say it because most women won't understand. In fact, I've only come to face this male phenomenon as my kids started getting old enough to insult each other with 'I froggin' hate you', 'you're such a boinger' or equivalent replacement words.

They do it because...well...duh, I'm there.

But it's essentially true, this video. Boys/men are just mean to each other because...that's the way they love.

Women just don't get it. In fact, a friend once commented, 'Gosh, Marsh. I can't stand your boys, they are sooooo TOXIC'.

In reality, they're far less toxic than many friends I know in real life. Some people give you compliments in your face and then spew poison behind your back. When it comes to things like these, men, you have my vote.

Men are the best best-friends.

Don't get me wrong, I don't condone the language and I most certainly do not agree with 'beating each other up' but have you …