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Women : A Weighty Concern?

You don't have to listen to other people bash you about your weight...or compliment you. Your weight has nothing to do with friends who are body-shaming you behind your back (or in your face, which is preferred, thank you very much). I wonder if they are your friends, to begin with.

As we get older, things happen to our bodies and sometimes, our weight fluctuates. Some people place the blame squarely on 'midlife crisis' and go through drastic transformations to deal with it. There is no shame in that. The same way people suddenly purchase a yacht out of the blue, or quit their jobs, or sign up for a barista course, there's no shame in either gaining or losing weight during the said period of crisis.

Actually, there's no shame in gaining or losing weight.

Just to be sure that we're on the same page, fighting obesity is a real thing. Malaysians are the most obese people in the region, thanks to Nasi Lemak and Char Kuey Teow. ;-P But on a serious note, obesity lea…
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Book : The Lucky One (Nicholas Sparks)

Much to the surprise of many, I am a homebody. Despite my party days and tumultuous early adult life, much of which involved partying, alcohol and throngs of people, at the heart of me is a bookworm.

Although I watch my fair share of dramas and movies, nothing beats a good book in my hands. With coffee, tea or wine.

The Lucky One is a story I've watched before I read the book. Something seemed suspiciously shallow about the movie and despite seeing that it only has about 20% on Rotten Tomatoes with reviews like...
[Hicks] hits the beats - lonely woman, hunky stranger - without bothering to develop even the slightest depth - Elizabeth Weitzman A pretty to look at but emotionally void film that does no favours for its otherwise lovely lead actors - Kristal Cooper ...I decided to get the book when I saw it in BookXpress.

I feel in love with the poised romanticism showcased by Sparks in The Notebook (I mean, this is a girl's painful yet satisfyingly romantic fantasy, isn't it?)…

Motherhood : Mommy Meltdown

I was more than a little is there so much left to do when I have tried my best to do as much as I can? The list continues to grow and, you know those times when you feel like you're sinking despite knowing all the strokes there were to swimming? It was a little bit like that.

I ordered dinner from UberEATS because I was absolutely sick of washing up in the kitchen, the laundry pile never goes down, I've just put up the latest round, the kids just popped the buttons on their school pants (one after another) and I am no skilled seamstress, there's work to be done, the carpet is falling apart I need to get a new one, I need to vacuum the floor, mop it and dust the shelves a little....the list goes on.

I needed a big, fat drink.

As I sat down in my air-conditioned room, FINALLY, with a basket of fresh laundry to be folded, a very cautious Kid 2 opened the door to my room and peeked inside. Probably to sniff out the atmosphere to see if mom is ready to kill anyone…

Musings: There's No Beating Time to the Punch

It's cliche and said a whole lot, but sometimes, I wonder if we are really aware of the real deep impact it has on our everyday lives.
Time flies, and it waits for no one.  Yet, for those who are hurt, who are waiting, who feel helpless, who are trying to get by every day trudging through muddy piles of emotional messes, time stands still.

Time has a mind of its own. It is its own entity. It is the speed skater when we are young and having fun, and a sloth when we're in pain. Nobody tells you about enduring the pain of waiting for something to happen or a negative to change.

When someone you love is in pain, someone you love has been mindlessly taken away from you, when you've just been dumped by your so-you-thought soul mate. It crawls when you're healing physically and emotionally.

There's no magic spell to cast to urge Time to do it your way. The saccharine sweetness of life is often short and every single test of the bitter, long and arduous.

Flipping the script…

Update : Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

The time of the red, yellow, orange and hot pink is's Chinese New Year again and it's my kids' favorite time of the year. There really isn't a need to explain why the kids love this time of the year, huh? #lol

For the grownups, not so much. XD

We, however, look forward to the opportunities to meet up with relatives to celebrate, eat and lou sang or lou hei.

It's a raw fish 'salad' of sorts that is tossed around by everyone with a pair of chopsticks. The practice is supposed to usher in prosperity, vigor, and abundance in health and wealth. Although the highlight of this dish is the raw fish, I am not a raw fish kinda gal, so, I would skirt around the raw fish and just eat the fragrant, sweet vegetables.

Much like Christmas trees and lights during Christmas and year-end celebrations, Chinese New Year means that our streets are lined with rows and rows of pretty, red lanterns, giving almost every street a 'Chinatown' feel.

What I notice abo…

Social Media : The Gram Game of the Generation Z

It's true...if I looked at a teenager's Instagram account, (a.k.a my kids' and nieces'), they're way out of my league. It's like a whole new different world that I am completely new to.

There are no boundaries, no censorship, they say and post whatever the hell they want and feel like, it's almost always funny or emotional and it's a train wreck during their off days. Sometimes they are a little extra (check the definition here which basically means OTT) and yet, they don't really care.

I told my son a few times that his meme-filled Instagram account (a sudden overnight shift from his anime-drawing-filled one) is giving me nightmares. But he doesn't change it, my comment left no mark whatsoever and he continued on with a laugh as if to say, oh, really. don't you like it? there's the unfollow button right there, mom.
If there’s anything I miss about being a teenager, it’s this extra, unrestrained emotion. Teenagers don’t hold back when i…

Eats : Gangnam Oppa BBQ

I've, of course, seen this place many times before because...well, the name is so tacky it's hard to miss. But because it was tacky, I didn't even give it a chance. I want authentic, not commercialized things made for the Malaysian taste buds.

Located in Uptown near Starling Mall (or where our childhood road-long mamak used to be), Gangnam Oppa BBQ looked comfy and chic from both the inside and outside.

In fact, I've eaten Korean BBQ many times over in Uptown, but at the restaurant BEHIND this row. It looked far simpler and more authentic from the way I saw it. But I bought a food deal from Fave (formerly Groupon) app and RM55 for 2 person's worth of BBQ sounds like a good deal! All I need to do is to order something extra for me. My boys can devour all the protein they want from the BBQ portion. I have to agree that Asians are such cheapskates. LOL

The downside - the inside of the restaurant was already full so, we ended up sitting outside without the air-conditio…