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Joke : That One Follower

This is a short one for a Monday mood lifter.

Found this on Tumblr and LOL...what else can I say? It's Monday so...have a good one. You can do this! =)

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Competitive vs. Compassionate

Negative : Can't say that I've been having the best days of life since the start of 2017
Positive : I'm not dead yet. Do better!


In other news, I've bookmarked this article that I read some time back that made me want to kiss the writer. The survival of the fittest vs. The survival of the kindest. Like the writer, I've always believed that in order to be a good leader, you need to be with the people who are behind you, not against them. Otherwise, no one's going to be behind you for very long. Hence, I've mentally counted the reasons why the concept of the 'Survival of the fittest', in the real world or at work, has too many loopholes.

The way to the top of anywhere is always about reaching out and being compassionate of others. For example, you can't climb Mount Everest alone. You need a professional and if there are others who are weaker than you are, you reach out to help them. This way, everyone gets to the top of Mount Everest. You can&…

The New Internet Age is Here to Stay

If there's one thing everyone hates, including my 'otherwise quite calm second child', is slow internet. For some reason, we were experiencing too many bouts of such incidences a week ago. For me, the internet is largely used for work, social media, streaming of shows and stalking people on social media. So, if the internet gets slow, I stalk less people and read a book or the newspaper.

For modern folks, especially people my kids' age, there is no alternative to the internet. Well...hardly.

They talk on the internet.
They play games on the internet.
They watch on the internet.
They read on the internet.
They socialize on the internet.
They learn on the internet.
They get homework on the internet.
They get their assignments done on Google Drive, really!

The internet is everything to them. To many of us as well but, as mentioned, we older people have an alternative because we lived half our lives without the internet.

We still suffer, nonetheless, but much less. We turn…

Stand in the Light - Jordan Smith

Today, I just want to share something with you, it's Monday and I think we need to be reminded of the fact that sometimes, we just need to be who we are. The toughest critics on the planet are not your parents, not your sister or brother, not your best-friend and God forbid, let it not be your boss or colleagues.

The toughest critic in your life is YOU. The voice of doubt, that uncertainty and that crippling anxiety. If you've not experienced this, WOW, you're an amazing person and keep at it. But for the rest of us, we've probably felt this at least once (come on, admit it) in our lives. Even when the people around us cheer us on and tell us that we've got this, that bloody voice in our heads keeps yapping away.

You're gonna SUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!! You're going to trip and fall on your face. Look at them, they're smiling but inside, deep inside, they're praying to God that this will be the end of you. Trust me. Look at that smile, it's a smirk, I te…
It's Monday and everyone's a little down in the dumps, no matter how you hard you try to resist, if you've had a great weekend, the rearing of Monday's big, ugly, unwelcome head is bound to get to a nerve or two. Don't deny it although I know coffee is taking a little bit of the edge off. =)

Anyway, been cleaning out a whole lot of stuff in the house. When you've been living on your own for more than 10 years and you have kids, it is a given that you might have collected more formerly-'I need this!!!' stuff over the years than you care to admit. I tend to be quite a hogger too, I mean, who knows when you might need that extra iron and broken water filter, right??!!

A Twitter friend also reminded me about not taking brochures because they are handed out for free. I have this habit too. Who knows???!! You might find a big deal or bargain or 8 years down the road, you might find those organic-chicken-only-will-leave-you-immortal tips life-saving? Those dar…

Being Highly Sensitive is an Ability, Not a Flaw

Being sensitive is a flaw...that's what I have always thought about myself as I was growing up. After all, that's what been fed to me every time something got to me. And things easily got to me...hey, I was a teenager and a growing adult.

Yet, people applaud when I sing, act or write.

My question is this - how do you think people are able to perform well on stage, whether they sing, dance, act or speak? It is when they open themselves up to whatever it is out there, whether praise or attack, be vulnerable and showcase what's in their heart.

That, my friends, is also sensitive.

Because of this part of us that we are able to connect with people easily. I feel whatever others feel the moment I meet their eyes and when they tell me something. I don't know what you call it but I absorb the fun, the excitement, the wildness, the unknown, the sadness, the fear and the bewilderment all the same way...with wide open acceptance. So, when people are not genuine, I know that too. …


It's one of those days where the Internet is the biggest f-r on earth. There's so much information that sometimes I feel like drowning. And that's why sometimes, I don't even log onto Facebook at all and within that one single day, the app notification for Facebook shows that I have missed from 4 'important' updates from my friends to... 448???!!!!

I don't need to know THAT many things, really. I've got Twitter to stress me out with all the world news already so, maybe I should just change my perspective a little, huh? 
Here, let's look at some puppies.

You're welcome.
Love, Marsha
p.s. If you're a guy reading this, I am NOT sorry. LOL Peace