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Update: Apr 27. 2020

We've been in lockdown since...gosh, I don't know anymore. How long has it been? All I know is today is Monday because my messages and emails rudely woke me up and this only usually happens on a Monday when everyone's frantic to get things done.

We're hanging in there, in all honesty.

My older son is happy that his college assignments and tests are now conducted from the comfort of his tiny room.

My younger son has not been able to pop into the gym for his usual routine and is basically displaying signs of boredom that I wish I could help him with.

The good news is that:

His guitar skills is getting betterI think he's still sticking to learning Chinese (and maybe even Japanese) through online videos and classesHe's been helping me out during dinner timeMy boys and I have been more collaborative in keeping the home clean and making dinnerThey're absolute gems when it comes to doing the grocery runsI'm getting back into the groove of a regulated working h…

Update: Apr 20, 2020

It's been more than a month of lockdown here in Malaysia and I am still wondering how we are doing this.

When I look outside from the home balcony, there are more cars now than before during the day; it's eerily empty when the sun goes down. Like the tide, we have to do everything during the day or face complete shutdown at night.

So, a quick update once again before I have to dash off to get some things done.

What we've been doing so far during the lockdown in Malaysia is read, write, exercise as much as we can, paint, video conference or call each other, listen to music, answer emails and pitch projects, keep ourselves busy by cooking together, cleaning up, going shopping for necessities and food as quickly as we can, and dealing with the frustration of being in a situation where we are not permitted to go anywhere without being threatened with jail time.

I am quite a homebody so, there's little to complain about. And if the house is a mess, it's a nice, comforta…

Update: Apr 13, 2020

I've been through some really tough times these past few years. It's not a sad story because I think I came out of it alive and even more motivated.

Things I've learned.

I've realized that some people are just born shittyNot everyone's going to like me, no matter what I do. It's futile to try, so, I've stopped doing thatTime is really shortGoals is one thing, achievement is anotherShitty people are everywhere, you'll meet them. I did and the only fightback I have is to get up again and stand tallEveryone has a storyIf not now, when?If I don't try it, I'll never knowThere's a lesson in everything - good and bad alikeSlow and steady is better than fastI have the best family I can ever ask for, considering my personality - LOLI can't hang onto the past. I have a tendency to do thatChoosing to be home or work from home is one thing. Being forced to and threatened with prison time to not step out of your house is quite another storyIt's OK…