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Update: Post Chinese New Year

Technically, I didn't really get a 'break''s just the life of a freelancer, you know. But I DID get to catch up with family and friends, some of whom I only see once a year. This is something that I keep thinking about over and over again...we really SHOULD DO IT MORE OFTEN.

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#ChineseNewYear is here and it's a time to #gettogether with your #friends and #family for a #reunion. Here's wishing everyone a happy #cny2019 and may the year of the oink bring you lots of good health, wealth and #happiness. #gongxifacai, everyone! A post shared by Marsha Maung (@marshamaung) on Feb 4, 2019 at 5:47am PST
Although some shitty things happened, I am not going to think about it, anymore, if I can help it. It was a long time coming and I knew, somehow, one day it was going to happen. It smacks, of course, but I'd rather it not change my life. Some things, some people, and some situations are just the way they are. The faster we acce…

Music: We Are Gonna Be Alright (Video)

It's been a long time coming but, it's time to let go. We're walking away but we're gonna be alright. It's going to hurt a little while longer but we're stronger than we think we are.

Don't look back. That's not where you're going.
Be Alright - Dean Lewis

I look up from the ground
To see your sad and teary eyes
You look away from me
And I see there's something you're trying to hide
And I reach for your hand but it's cold
You pull away again
And I wonder what's on your mind
And then you say to me you made a dumb mistake
You start to tremble and your voice begins to break
You say the cigarettes on the counter weren't your friend's
They were my mate's
And I feel the colour draining from my face

And my friend said
"I know you love her, but it's over, mate
It doesn't matter, put the phone away
It's never easy to walk away, let her go
It'll be alright"

[Verse 2]
So I still look back at all the…