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Let The Mat Rempits Race Their Brains Out

I don’t know about you but the people I fear the most whenever I am driving are not the ones behind big momma vehicles, trucks and such. They’re loud and intimidating even from afar but they’re not the worst. The people I fear the most are the fearless Mat Rempits (Irresponsible motorcyclists who race each other in the wee hours of the morning) or the daylight versions. Seemingly, these people just don’t know what ‘death’ is. And I hate it when they scare the bejeezus out of us normal drivers trying to arrive at our destination in one piece. They’d zoom out of hidden corners at 90KMPH or maybe zip past the red light before the other lights turn green. Or they rev it up at the last nanosecond of the yellow light. Malaysia is well-known for this – for the stress-inducing traffic jams and early morning eardrum busting sounds of engines roaring past. Every time I see them and I wonder what they’re thinking….or are they even thinking at all? That they are invincible? That other people will avoid them no matter what? That accidents don’t happen? That they imagine themselves to be made of steel? The impact of being flung off their bikes in itself will cause them a lot of bodily damage and the helmet can only do so much under the crushing weight of a car. And yet, they don’t care??? The government have been trying to tackle this problem with increased fines, lengthy jail time, and what not but I think what should be done is to encourage them to race elsewhere. Racing is more than just a habit with them….it’s the thrill, I think. The government must give them the chance to fulfill their thrill of riding at a dangerous speed without endangering others. Give them a bloody race track and let them race there….ENCOURAGE them to race there for blardie free of charge. Racing on their stupid machines elsewhere remains illegal. Get the b*****ds off the roads and make the roads safe for other drivers. Long, long time ago, I heard this from a friend’s mother. She’s like 40+ years-old and kind of very kan-cheong (anxious) kind of person when she drive. One time, she was driving as carefully as she can on the road when a Mat Rempit swerved out of a corner causing her to land in the ditch. She sprained her hands and neck but she was OK. Whilst she was physically OK, she was a little bit traumatized by it and didn’t drive for the next eight (or so) months! It inconvenienced herself and her family members because she used to fetch her grandchildren and kid to and from school and tuition classes. Jail time and fines don’t scare these bas***ds because it adds to the thrill. The excitement. Like a habitual burglar, sometimes breaking and entering is connected to the ‘fear’ of being caught. They race each other because they enjoy the adrenaline rush. Give these idiots racing classes, give them license to race on track instead. punishment, in my eyes, may worsen things instead. Gawd, I blardie hate those senseless idiots. Sorry if you’re one of them. I meant all the other Mat Rempits, not you. :-)


Jamie said…
bugger cuz, u talking about me? i am selling my Suzy liao ma...and I am too old to rempit...armpit maybe but rempit? naaaah
Marsha Maung said…
cuz, not talking about you lah! unless you terrorize aunties behind the wheel lah. hee hee hee....the ones I am talking about are the ones on kapcais holding hands or performing tricks in highways wan leh. the ones who swing out together thinking their fathers own the roads wan leh??

yours is suzuki....far far can see and hear liao.

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