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Feels good to do nothing

Unlike other Fridays, I finally dared to take some time off a week day to do....nothing. No work, just messing around with the kids and then at night, dropped the kids off at in-laws, went walking around, steamboat, shopping for clothes for the kids and myself....hanging around with a friend and her teenage daughter....lepaking. I don't remember the last time I lepak-ed around, you know. Must have been during college days. Ever since I've started working, with the bank, I no longer know how to let go and hang loose. The world is consistently spinning in a web of responsibilities. Having to carry the weight of responsibility for two kids is difficult....especially so if you're doing it around the clock. Being a mother is like that mah....some more I work from home which means I get no time off. Sometimes I feel guilty for feeling like I want to run away and not bring the kids along. Sometimes I sigh to the kids, "I need a holiday" and they say, "Where are we going???" and I go...."Er....." How do I tell them that I need a holiday away from them? I don't hate them! I love them beyond words!!! I will die for them! But....aiyo, it's tiring mah, caring for them, worrying about them all the time, right? And somemore I have clients hanging off my ass. So, yesterday was good. Just lepaked and not worry about anything. Tried out clothes without worrying about the kids toppling racks of clothing or running into frustrated shopkeepers. I think I should do this more often. Hee hee hee.....


Jamie said…
i think its not that bad a thing to reward oneself with a personal holiday once in a year. lucky for me, my wifey understands that I need some time alone to goof off with my friends once in a while ( hence my Chiengmai trip )...bear in mind that goof off means relaxing here ok? and not as otherwise thought...
Anonymous said…
Marsha..dont mean to make you feel down...but your pilot friend...the one who commited suicided...well...he does not have anymore 'feels good to do nothing' days anymore.

Why am I saying this? Cos we often take our lives, Family, Kids, spouse, colleagues and friends for granted.

We're no better than your late pilot friend if we're in this situattion.
So folks...pls...appreciate your loved ones while you're still alive.

Killer guy

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