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Update: Dating, Water, and Mulan

Here's an Update on my part!

What I found profound

As we grow up, we start to detach from the very core, the real self that we were born as, that forms an intrinsic part of our personalities. We start adapting to the various social norms, often uprooting not just our lives and families, but also our belief system. I guess this is where mid-life crisis comes at us a the the speed of the Shanghai Maglev. 

I found building a brand new relationship with myself, alone, settled by discontent. Finding our purpose require us to sit down and reflect. If this is what you're going through, this article on Being Alone might be of interest to you. 

Mulan Live-Action Disney Remake

I've been waiting for Mulan to hit the big screens since they announced the casting of an all-Asian cast! I also heard that they would be pivoting from the conventional Disney or Pixar remakes and it will be kind of kick-ass in a very Asian way. 

The movie in itself is great - it's panaramic, keeps true to many Asian/Chinese traditional values, has an all-Asian cast, and is quite spectacular visually. What I have a problem with is....what on earth happened to the script!?!?!

Many loopholes they are - Yoda voice

Water Woes

I am not the only one to say or feel this but something needs to be done about the water woes in Selangor. This has been happening too often and although Selangor is a satellite city, there are more people living here (but work in Kuala Lumpur) than people know. 

Pollute one river and 1.2 million people suffer the consequences. 

I'll give them credit for underpromising and overdelivering because they gave us the worst case scenario of 'at least 4 days of water disruption' but they actually got some parts of it running even as we slept and worried about not being able to shower or brush our teeth the next morning. 

In this Opinion Piece, the writers called the actions of the toxic-dumping not just irresponsible, but also a crime against both humanity and the environment. And they're absolutely on the nose about this!

DareBee - The True Fitness Warriors of the Internet

I chanced upon the website from an article I was nonchalantly reading on my phone. What I found was a gem. They have everything from fitness routines to recipes, video instructions to downloaded ebooks and cards...for free!

They work like Wikipedia, by offering their stuff for free but in order to keep the programs up and running, they rely on donations. So, I donated a minuscule amount to them (if only I was richer) and resolve to download some of the programs there. In fact, there is a list of healthy, vegan recipes online too!

So, go check it out or donate if you can! Not everyone can afford or have access to a gym or personal trainer. 

Detriments of Digital Dating Apps

I don't get dating apps in the first place but apparently, amidst the political turmoil in the United States, some apps are allowing its users to outrightly display their political disposition and who they voted/will vote for in their profiles. 

"Hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter, overt political preferences, and profile pictures featuring political swag like MAGA hats have become more prevalent — thanks to a combination of coronavirus isolation, nationwide protests against racism and police, and an upcoming election." - DigitalTrends, Black Lives Matter and MAGA hats: Activism and politics are flooding dating apps

That's just far out...

Why would people talk about politics (or religion or other sensitive topics) during their first date? Or in a marriage, in fact. In a marriage or romantic partnership, it is simply better to agree to disagree. Politics and religion, after all, is a very personal thing and should not stand in between a union of this type. 

I can understand why you would want to know your potential partner's stance on social justice, climate change, or gun control because it may affect the running of the household and peace at home, but politics should simply be kept out of it.

Well, that's all from me today. I'll keep you guys updated as much as I can throughout. 

I sincerely hope you're all keeping safe, doing the right thing, and keeping in touch with all the people who matter to you during this gawd-awful 2020. 



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