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Saturday Weekend Roundup: December 7th, 2019

Image credit: Nong Vang on Unsplash
Image credit: Nong Vang on Unsplash

It's a Saturday again and the weekend is always my favorite days of the week. Any guesses why? 👵😜

So, what I am doing here today is I am going to share some of the stuff that I've discovered and saved over the week that I either found to be profound, enlightening, personal, or funny. So, here it goes!

Don't you like it that I always make an effort to keep things short and simple? #pleasesayyoudo

1. Post-trauma: It's not a disorder, it's a response

All of us respond to the things around us differently. Some see a spider and become afraid of them for the rest of our lives. Others get intrigued and figure out a way to capture them and keep them in jars as pets. It's all different from us.

Video: @lewishowes

"People walk around thinking that our condition as our identity. Instead, it's just that we've been through some shit and we apply it to our environment. We are stuck in something but the key is to becoming more flexible. We're stuck sometimes could mean we're dead about something. The nervous system makes us think that we're dead about our finances, dead about our personality, or dead about our love life".

2. You're Going to be Humbled. You've Got to be Humbled

The biggest amount of fear I felt was, without question, was when I was on my last mission to Ramadi and the feeling that you have, especially when you're in a leadership position is you're afraid something is going to happen to one of your guys. One of your guys is gonna get wounded or killed.

There's also the feeling that there's really nothing you can do to control that so you're beyond what you've already done which is what you've trained hard, you prepared hard, you've planned to the best of your ability, you've mitigated as much risk as you can. On top of all those things, you're at war. There's a chance that there's a bullet with your name on it.

The truth is that bullets don't have your name on it. Bullets say 'To Whom it may Concern' and I think if it's your day, it's your day - with Jocko Willink

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3. Yeah, I've done that

Things can be pretty shitty out there although not everything's negative. But the thing about me is that I am curious about things. If I see potential in something, I rarely hesitate to dip my toe into it and one of the things that has driven me since I was a young teenager was being on stage and wowing the crowd. There's a sense of power in that...and there's also the sense of powerlessness. Because let's face it, you can't control one person you're talking to face-to-face, much less in front of tens of thousands of people with very high expectations from you.

I've been through that and I have checked it off as 'been there, done that and now I know what to do'.

The first time performing in front of tens of thousands of people in a major concert in Sunway Lagoon. Picture courtesy of one of the band members who dug through his archive of pictures to find this. 

4. Something women can do and men can't

I found various versions of this video circulating through the internet and it was hilarious and befuddling at the same time! I'm sure you've seen it somehow on Facebook or Twitter but here's one to enjoy again.

Please don't break your neck trying to do it like the last guy! 😂

5. Countries in a Whatsapp Group

This is an oldie but a goodie. A cliche but wth, I saved it in my Facebook account just for a good giggle when I am stressed. Here's what happens (it's a spoof, alright?) when countries are in a Whatsapp group in a summit.

Anyway, Christmas and the end-of-the-year hols is coming up right around the corner and I hope you're all getting your shopping done and planning to spend some time with your 'annoying' family members and friends.

Regardless of your background, there's something ultimately joyful and celebratory about the Christmas season. It's when everyone's just happy about everything!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


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