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Update: A Second Look into College Life

I was visiting a college on Tuesday and although it is swankier than what I was used to, still, it made me want to become a student again.

It wasn't peak hour when I was there, so, there were not many excited students milling in and out of the classrooms, lounge areas, labs, the library or cafeteria. 

I saw small groups of students going up and down the almost-brand-new building in the elevator. That was it. 

I've always loved learning and being in college although I spent most of my college-day hours outside of class doing anything but studying. In my case, if I wasn't on the Law floor, my classmates can find me at the auditorium dancing and singing my life away. #LOL

Image credit: Students studying in a college with laptop by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

What I love about college life is that there's a very otherworldly young, hopeful, ambitious vibe. The moment I stepped foot into its premise, I swiftly left the jaded life of being a responsible adult behind me and came face-to-face with a pleiotropic future full of potential, hope and dreams.

Anything was possible, it yelled at me. Be brave, brace yourself, step forward, embrace, catch, go!

It had a forcefield around it that beckoned. 'Here's the infinite number of possible outcomes for the next phase of your life. Feel free to choose any,' it whispered. 

And I loved it!

Authenticity is real human magic

I kept the voice in my head to myself but felt like shoving my son aside so that I can enroll myself! Lol. over again! No deadlines, no meetings, no grueling questions, no bills, no hawk-watching the clock. 

Then it struck me. 

Maybe one day, when I am old and have some extra time (and money), who knows, I might go back to studying. Sure, I'd be the old hag who had shamelessly come back to college life for a second life adventure but I'd also be privy to the young, excited, random chatter in the cloakroom. Mostly about boys and the latest fashion trends, I guess (of which I have no interest in). 

If I manage to make them forget my actual age, fitting in might not be a problem. This is my hope. 

Learning is for anyone and it's never too late to learn as long as the heart is willing.

It's Thursday over here and almost the weekend again. There'll be some major changes over here...AGAIN.

Ah well...change. One of the certainties of life.

Lots of love,


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