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Celebs: Naughty by Nature

It took me long enough to write about it.

After all the #metoo moments, grand speeches, viral content, it took me THIS long to actually put my thoughts into words.

Like everyone else, I obviously have an opinion but it's kind of messed up.

These are the few questions that kept running through my head and I have yet to find answers for:
  1. Where's the line between flirting and being too aggressive?
  2. Where's the line between having some innocent fun with the opposite sex and soliciting or being promiscuous? 
  3. Is touching no longer permitted, regardless of gender, unless outright permission is sought?
  4. When will we ever shred the excuse of 'boys will be boys' into one million pieces?
  5. How do we educate our daughters, the women of the future, about their worth lies beyond their looks?
  6. How do we educate our sons that women are not sexual objects?
  7. Where's the line between privacy and personal protection?
  8. Will we ever just have fun for the sake of fun again without being subjected to possible violations and accusations?
Despite being a little bit (well....maybe quite a big, I am highly conscious of the fact that I, ironically, am raising two men. Men of the future and I am always highly aware of their takes on this topic.

Being men, they, obviously, have a slightly different opinion from mine; I listen and mentally weigh them very carefully.

I also take into consideration the good ole times of being able to flirt with the opposite sex and harmlessly walk away either feeling accomplished, proud, or embarrassed without having to content with the major repercussions of public humiliation that is sadly too common today.

It's one thing to be 'naughty' and 'reckless' when you're young but it's quite another to be mean and disrespectful. BOTH men and women should be allowed to naturally communicate in jest lightly with each other even if there's a sexually suggestive undertone.

That's called growing up or finding your footing.

Being mean is another story.

Although I don't encourage being promiscuous, if someone decides to live this kind of life, they should be able to do it without being judged. We are in no position to superimpose our own principles on others.

While I was sitting calmly on the fence about the whole #metoo movement while contemplating the best ways to we, on a personal level, should deal with this new phenomenon, two things exploded in the media and this draft was dragged out of its sedentary folder.

This is nothing new in real life but what really bothers me is the fact that they're obnoxiously bold about their actions, and their dignities and rights as a human being were subsequently thrashed. 

Jacqueline Wong is young, pretty, and some say talented. She's hot stuff that any man, when she throws herself at you, would find it more than a little hard to resist. She grew up in a society that is completely different from the more traditional and conservative Asian culture. Even if she is loose with her actions, she has to bite the bullet and learn the lesson. 

I might still be a fan of Andy Hui now despite his despicable actions, but I've ditched my adoration for Jung Joon Young after reading the contents of the group chats. 

While Andy Hui came clean almost immediately after he was caught, I doubt Jung and his friends' actions can ever be forgiven because they showed the world a very non-human, vile and unconscionable side of men.

If you have a human heart, you would never have toyed with the women's bodies the way they did. And even if they did it because the women were willing, they joked about raping women and considered them toys, awards, and accomplishments. 

This is no different, I am sure, from locker room talk and what happens in reality. Let's not be naive about this - it is happening everywhere even as you're reading this, whether you're in the Big Apple or in a small village in Africa. 

Some women do it because it's the only way to survive in a very rigid, patriarchal society and industry. It's hard to condone the act but it's not my life and I leave that decision to them and their loved ones. 

But for the guys in Jung's chatroom, none of them spoke up or felt a single tinge of pity for the women. In a world where physicality is your only weapon and protection, they've shown so little humanity that it is hard to imagine them ever coming back to the entertainment industry. 

They did it because they knew they could get away with it. They knew it was wrong but did it anyway because the victims were disarmed, desperate and helpless.

I would argue their actions to be no less than those preying on the helpless; hence, heartless. 

As humans, we are different from other animals on the planet because of our ability to be compassionate and kind. 

It's repulsive because they've shown the world what humans are capable of when they're nothing more than just beasts in human form. 

I asked a wise man, "Tell me sir, in which field could I make a great career?" He said with a smile, "Be a good human being. There is a huge opportunity in this area and very little competition


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