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Parenting: Childcare Time Bomb in Malaysia

We've got to be better than this. And the authorities have got to DO better than this.

The news I got this morning was not only horrifying but it marks a point whereby we need to sit down and collectively come up with something better for the future of humankind, not just kids and their parents. But as human beings.
The mother of the child uttered the bitter, vindictive words of “I will not remain calm until the perpetrator is brought before the court and justice is served”. To that, I say she's holding back an explosion of devastating emotions. I don't know if I would have been as polite.

If it's not by the hands of God or fate, a child should not see such an end, no matter how many angles you try to look at it from, and how we try to argue it. Stress? Anger? Frustration. Drugs? Bad childhood? Alcohol?


If it is the case of insanity, then this man, in the first place, should not have been left alone with any child. If I had it my way, no woman/child should be alone with a man like this. In Malaysia, there has yet to be a body or authority that governs the childcare, education and women's health sector efficiently.

And I know this is a tough corner to tackle because we are largely a traditional country, with women entering the workforce not too many decades ago. As the pendulum swings in the direction of embracing more women in political and economic spheres, we need to help 'take the load off of the shoulders of women'. Childcare.

The number of highlighted cases in recent years is f'ing scary.

Source: Julie Johnson on Unsplash

This is a searing topic for me because I have to do both...or rather, I have naively taken on both tasks of making money and caring for the kids. Unless you've done this yourself, you'll never know how heavy the burden is on a woman's shoulder. On one shoulder sits a world of home-related responsibilities, on the other financial prowess.

The effects of gender equality have never been so stark and shackling for women who are trying to balance between home and work. It's the sequel of a gender fight I'm not going to argue about.

In the case of the family who just lost their infant child to the heartless monster due to sexual and physical assault, the time has stopped for them. Life and their viewpoints of humanity will never be the same again.

The vetting system in other countries for babysitters and childcare centers are far more stringent in other countries. Training is required, registration is compulsory, checks are done. Here, we have NONE of that. Any kind of chicanery can be placed in newspapers, magazines, online portals or they can simply send the word out on social media offering “qualified and experienced babysitting services”.  Even informal educational institutions don't have many lines to toe. We have to make concerted efforts to discard this petard.

We can say that this is a problem that exists everywhere in the world and some of us are luckier than others. But when the same appalling problem occurs again and again and again, we have to sit down, pool resources, roll up our sleeves and set a more stringent plan of action into motion. We have to stop this from becoming "business as usual"...because it is NOT.

For the families who lost their children because they had no other choice but to send their precious kids to babysitters, there's nothing more they can do. Fate has dealt them a blow and they'll have to move on somehow.

But for the rest of us watching in open-mouthed horror, we have to step in and do something. It's time to step up the tempo. Count me in if there's something like this because moms and kids deserve so much more credit and help than the meagerness of what we are getting right now. I have no idea where to start and have not a single clue as to what the system is like right now (if there's one at all) in this country but we have to start.

There's no politeness in situations like this: I hope that monster gets what he deserves and MUCH, MUCH MORE.



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