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Update : Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

The time of the red, yellow, orange and hot pink is's Chinese New Year again and it's my kids' favorite time of the year. There really isn't a need to explain why the kids love this time of the year, huh? #lol

For the grownups, not so much. XD

We, however, look forward to the opportunities to meet up with relatives to celebrate, eat and lou sang or lou hei.

Lou Sang Time - Chinese New Year
It's a raw fish 'salad' of sorts that is tossed around by everyone with a pair of chopsticks. The practice is supposed to usher in prosperity, vigor, and abundance in health and wealth. Although the highlight of this dish is the raw fish, I am not a raw fish kinda gal, so, I would skirt around the raw fish and just eat the fragrant, sweet vegetables.

Chinese New Year Lanterns adorn our streets
Credit :
Much like Christmas trees and lights during Christmas and year-end celebrations, Chinese New Year means that our streets are lined with rows and rows of pretty, red lanterns, giving almost every street a 'Chinatown' feel.

What I notice about celebrating Chinese New Year are the slight changes we experience as we age. Gathering family and friends together has become more important than ever. Our perspective about it has also changed. When I was younger, it also meant it was time to get loads of new bright red, hot pink and hard-to-miss yellow clothing...a chance to show off the figure that you've worked out for all year long, waiting for the barrage of compliments from relatives you've not seen for ages.

These days, it's more about our kids (naturally). About how they've grown, how they've changed and what they've achieved throughout the year.

We also focus more on health instead of wealth. As we grow older, the limited time we have on this planet becomes more apparent. We've heard more health-related bad news than before and we've also attended more funerals than we care to admit. I dare say that more people would choose health over wealth if asked to pick one.

Yeah, while the young ones are busy counting their angpows and 'make of the day', we are grateful that we're still around for another gathering. That we've made it through another year and we no longer take time for granted.

Honestly speaking, as a young adult, I've always taken time for granted. A bit of a rebel without a cause and sometimes-Shedevil (I prefer to call myself happy go lucky but I think some people might raise issue with that - LOL), I have become more contented with what I have in front of me and have a more down-to-earth approach to parenting, work and, generally, life.

Who would've thought.

Anyway, here's hoping that you get to celebrate this Chinese New Year with your family and/or friends too. Time is precious and we don't know what's ahead of us on our life journey. Here's hoping that there are many, many pleasant surprises around the corner for you and your family!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, people of the world,
May the year of the dog be a barking good one!


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