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Eats : Gangnam Oppa BBQ

I've, of course, seen this place many times before because...well, the name is so tacky it's hard to miss. But because it was tacky, I didn't even give it a chance. I want authentic, not commercialized things made for the Malaysian taste buds.

Located in Uptown near Starling Mall (or where our childhood road-long mamak used to be), Gangnam Oppa BBQ looked comfy and chic from both the inside and outside.

In fact, I've eaten Korean BBQ many times over in Uptown, but at the restaurant BEHIND this row. It looked far simpler and more authentic from the way I saw it. But I bought a food deal from Fave (formerly Groupon) app and RM55 for 2 person's worth of BBQ sounds like a good deal! All I need to do is to order something extra for me. My boys can devour all the protein they want from the BBQ portion. I have to agree that Asians are such cheapskates. LOL

Delicious marinaded Korean BBQ pork for 2 persons
The downside - the inside of the restaurant was already full so, we ended up sitting outside without the air-conditioning and also a little distance away from where they were barbecuing the meat for its patrons.

Side dishes for your conventional Korean BBQ meal
The owner is a Korean lady who oozes with charm, was helpful, full of hospitality and went out of her way to ask us if our food was OK. That's always a plus for me. If the food sucked, the restaurant or cafe can often make up for it by being a good host.

The deal came with either canned soft drinks, soju and other alcoholic drinks. Dayem why did I come with my kids??!!! LOL.

The Korea staple - Bibimbap
I've made bibimbap myself and have eaten it many times over in other restaurants but the bibimbap here fell a little short. Did I miss some sauce that we're supposed to pour into the rice? And also...where's the lettuce for my wrap? They did not provide any like other typical Korean BBQ restaurant. By the time I wanted to ask for some, the meat was almost gone...well...who needs lettuce anyway? lol

I should have taken a picture of the kimchi stew because it was fawesome! Every time I walked past the owner, I couldn't help giving her the 'thumbs up' while whispering 'kimchi jigae'. She just smiled and nodded shyly. My kimchi-loving 2nd son and I slurped up every drop of the stew.

I think RM55 for 2 person's worth of BBQ is worth the deal. If you convert this into USD, that would be $14 for 2 persons. And it comes with a stew, a new-to-me type of potato pancake (it looks like french fries stuck together - lol), meat and soju/beer/soft drinks/rice wine.

Worth trying!

GangNam Oppa BBQ
No 23, Jalan SS21/60
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03- 7335 5251

Now, let me continue scouring the Internet for more food deals. I'm on the roll. hahahaha


Note : Not sponsored, not an ad. I will clearly state so if it is. This is just my personal opinion of a place that I have been to. 


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