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Kdrama : One More Happy Ending (2016)

I started watching this because I was tired and disappointed with The King Loves. What the hell kinda show was that? Misleading title, sad king, unrequited love, stupid best-friend and undecided leading woman stringing two men together. It appears to me that the writers wrote out the story just to cause angst amongst its viewers for the sake of drama. I mistakenly assumed Im Si Wan chose a good script as his last before enlisting in the army.

What...the hell.... XD

I gave up on, I actually half-watched it know, wasted hours and everything. I predicted the ending and yeah...blergh....mucked around to the final episode and watched it out of the corner of my eyes while doing laundry. Whatever. That was when I closed the tab and thought, 'I need a little bit of screwball comedy'.

One More Happy Ending, was supposed to be more relatable to people like me...and funnier.
One More Happy Ending
Credit : Google Search
The story started off with background work on an 80's Kpop girl group which was, perhaps, a one-hit-wonder. The drama fast-forwards to current day after the band is a long-forgotten fairy tale. 

All of the girls remained good friends except for one (who came in as a bit of a cameo at the start of the show) and they are now a group of close friends consisting of a divorced woman looking for love, a married woman in a rocky relationship with her husband, an unmarried woman DESPERATELY trying to be loved and an unmarried woman who is not at all keen to be in love AT ALL. It covered the base. #lol Except if you're #soblessed and #happilymarried with #wonderfulchildren who never cries. But of course. 

One More Happy Ending is basically a good show for people (read : mostly women) in their mid-thirties and forties, married or unmarried because, chances are, you would have experience one or more of the following:-
  1. Been cheated on (married or dating, either way)
  2. Made a fool in public at least once in your lifetime
  3. Felt invincible because you thought you were beautiful
  4. Broke up with someone
  5. Desperately wanted to find a man who fit your dream picture
  6. Fell in love with someone who didn't think you would fall in love with
  7. Had doubts about getting married
  8. Had your relationship/marriage hit the rocks for no apparent reason
  9. Been ill, seriously or otherwise
  10. Had kids and dealt with their insecurities because of YOUR life situations
  11. Felt afraid to fall in love again
  12. Dove head-first, leg-first, nose-first, whichever it was it doesn't matter, into a relationship
  13. Fell in love with someone completely off-your-radar, hot and unexpectedly young (Cougar alert, your friends will tell you)
  14. Gotten drunk, done something stupid and wish that there was a rewind and redo button on life setting
  15. Had a friend or friends who rooted for you at your worst and stuck with you because of a situation
  16. Had a step son/daughter to impress or deal with
  17. Gone on blind dates, or speed-dating, that sucked so bad that you just drank your way through it because you paid for it
  18. Gave someone you broke up with a second chance
  19. Have dealt with an a##h##e or b##c#
  20. Left school hating a person, only to bump into him/her later in life and to date, casually or seriously
If you've experienced any of the above 20 situations, you'll find someone to root for in this show. It's a light-hearted series except for a brief, but necessary appearances of people and situations that were written in to irk the viewers. Not irked. Expected it. That's what dramas do, after all.

The second male lead was supposed to be this oh-so-irresistible heaven-sent male that seems to get every women's heart aflutter... lololololololOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLololololollololol

He was absolutely resistible to me, so I was rolling my eyes so badly.

Underneath all the positivity that we try to project in love or otherwise has another side, a vulnerable side that we try to protect. At the end of the day, when a new relationship tries to dock in our harbor, the vulnerabilities surface and so will our natural defenses. This is what the main story is about - a new beginning that seems awfully too good to be true.

I like Yoo In Na so, why was her role so darn small and secondary? And her hair! OMG... #lol I guess she chose the role because it helped her break out of her 'damsel in distress' or 'pretty boss lady' mould.

Overall, a rather enjoyable show to watch to de-stress.


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