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Update : Road Run-Ins

I am and have always been a very careful driver. Apart from the occasional internal road rage that rarely makes it past the insides of the car that I am driving or riding in, I am a pretty good, careful driver who looks left, looks right, use my signals, parks properly and on the occasions that I have to double-park, I print out (using my PRINTER IN BOLD) my phone number and name (in case, this person wants to curse me and post it on Facebook, please go ahead) and display my contact so that the said offended person can call and give me a few toss of good words.

But that's why I don't understand why within these two months, I've had two run-ins. Early last month, this distraught and obviously-hassled mom of two boys put a scratch on the left side of my passenger door (I suspect she turned out in a hurry because she was afraid that I was going to snatch her much-awaited parking spot). She was so distraught that she argued that 'I am a single mother, I don't have a husband, do you?'. Er....coincidentally, I don't have one either but she was so hassled that she was unwinding my Zen. I like my Zen intact on the weekends. And besides, since when did marital status had anything to do with driving into another car?

Anyhow, there was no resolution unless we drove to the police station, so, I backed off and told her to just eff it all. It was almost 3pm, her kids were hungry (they were already waiting to order their 'lunch' in the restaurant, waiting for their mom), my kids were hungry and we're both probably so late sending our kids out for lunch for pretty much the same reason, one way or the other.

Then this morning, as I was turning into a one way street, slowly as there was a blind spot because one stupid van/truck was blocking the view (parked haphazardly, welcome to Malaysia), a bike coming from the opposite direction came dashing out of nowhere and crashed into the front my car, shattering my number plate into smitterins and he fell off the bike.

He's the typical daredevil Malaysian rempit kind, driving against traffic, bloodshot eyes, swinging his take-away morning teh tarik on the bike handle and not wearing a helmet. As I saw him tumbling off the bike, all I could think of was please don't die. To get into trouble with the law because of these shitholes was the last thing I deserved. I only rush yellow lights on special occasions. If they wanted to live such dangerous lives, let them die on their own accord without causing harm or trouble to others, I've always argued. Please let it not be me. 

God or The Gods or The Universe listened, of course, and he didn't die. In fact, as others came to the scene, they started to tell him that he was driving against traffic on a one-way-street (I did too but he was too indignant to listen to me). While a man told me that I had to get him to pay me for damages to the car, I shook my head. Since he didn't die, I'll just go light an extra joss stick. #lol

Besides, I have to rush home to complete some chores, throw some random chicken and spice and some things into the cooker for dinner and maybe (now that I am so damn tired) I might even nap this sheetz off. And THEN go replace the shattered number plate. And people wonder why moms are so tired. People wonder why moms who have all the time in the world don't make an effort to slap on some foundation and make-up. And people wonder why some moms don't have time to party with their friends. People also accused me to hiding under the rock after having kids. PPtthhppphh....that's why some moms have very few fucks left to give (moms, read it. You might even giggle). We've reached a level of DGAF that very few people can achieve. #lol

Sometimes, you might be the most careful driver in the world, shit still happens.

p.s. Regarding the above picture, no, I don't need a babysitter, thanks. hahaha
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