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Yoga : A Day to Bend and Challenge Yourself Not to Break

It's not just about the body, it's about the mind, the balance, the overall health and steadiness of the breath. Sometimes, through the 'comings and goings' of life, you'll find the 'come what may'.
There was once a running enthusiast who chastised or belittled me for only doing yoga and asked me 'Aiyo, you're only doing yoga. Why would you need a sports bra? Not like you're doing anything serious'. I was trying to catch Tara Stiles when she was in Malaysia and, along the way, get a sports bra or something comfortable to wear whenever I attempt something

Hence, began my love-hate relationship with people who run and like to make fun of people who do something else. Although I try not to generalize people who choose to run or do kick-boxing or judo or karate or climb mountains, I try to avoid conflict with runners. And the thing is that I have nothing against running, and it's sad that this person (and a few others) spoiled the broth for the entire village.

I am not writing this to diss anyone but I sometimes want to challenge that one person to try something like his...just because. The day he can do this will be the day I will bury the hatchet and buy the hundreds of different shoes he has in his running shoe collection. (He's a little on comment. lol. What a waste of words)

The intention of the post was actually to commemorate a day of Yoga.
Yoga practitioners took a relaxing break to bend, twist and pose on Wednesday for the annual international event celebrating the practice, especially in the country where it began. AP News
I am fully aware of the fact that people look at yoga either as a:-
  1. lame excuse for exercise
  2. exercise for babies and kids
  3. exercise for the lazy
  4. kink for flexi-wannabes
  5. something for contortionists
  6. it's all ooohhhmmmmm....and sanskrit
  7. it's hoodoo, y'allllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!
  8. sect. a bloody sect...for in-sects (for fun, ya? lol)
  9. all they do is ask you to bend over and breathe (SUSPICIOUS AS HELL, PEOPLE! DON'T DROP THE SOAP!)
The truth is that there are a lot of benefits to enjoying a quick session of yoga but the unfortunate fact is that some people think of it as something you either do it to break your back or is so lame that is not worth your time. For instance, this restorative lame-ass poses you can do in your office to bust your stress level.

Regularly, there are Yoga people on the internet who try to come up with different ways you can do yoga to heal the body, restore it or balance it, it all depends so, it's not all voodoo and fengsui. (let me be clear, there's NO voodoo or fengsui in Yoga - it's a joke, please). The above is a sample from Yogatailor on Twiiter and Instagram and if you take a look at it, they're really great ways to stretch after a good run! Because....

Injuries Due to Running:

The muscles that are impacted the most while you’re running include:
  • Hamstrings and quadriceps
  • Hip flexors
  • Calf muscles
  • IT Band (not a muscle but becomes very tight and sore through running).
  • Hip and outer glutes
  • Feet and ankles
And here are 60 benefits (that you might already know about) about doing yoga. Mantras, chanting, donations and visiting of temples optional:-
  1. provides a sense of control
  2. promotes healthy weight
  3. regulates energy detoxifies the body
  4. improves muscle tone
  5. promotes healthy coping mechanism
  6. boosting confidence
  7. increases mental strength and toughness
Better yet, if you think yoga is a bit too sissified for you, UPGRADE to Pilates. Here are the benefits to Pilates.
Some research has also linked Pilates to better flexibilitytrunk stabilityinjury prevention and athletic performance. (Some former and current NFL players, including Antonio Brown and Martellus Bennett, are fans.) -
There must be a reason THIS mom finds awesome ways to practice yoga after having two kids, follow Summer Perez on Instagram. Moms like her awesome...

Credit :
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