Monday, March 20, 2017

The New Internet Age is Here to Stay

If there's one thing everyone hates, including my 'otherwise quite calm second child', is slow internet. For some reason, we were experiencing too many bouts of such incidences a week ago. For me, the internet is largely used for work, social media, streaming of shows and stalking people on social media. So, if the internet gets slow, I stalk less people and read a book or the newspaper.

For modern folks, especially people my kids' age, there is no alternative to the internet. Well...hardly.

They talk on the internet.
They play games on the internet.
They watch on the internet.
They read on the internet.
They socialize on the internet.
They learn on the internet.
They get homework on the internet.
They get their assignments done on Google Drive, really!

The internet is everything to them. To many of us as well but, as mentioned, we older people have an alternative because we lived half our lives without the internet.

We still suffer, nonetheless, but much less. We turn to something else like a magazine (remember, Readers' Digest and the physical form of National Geographic? Man, I could read them over and over again - especially the word guessing games and joke contributions by readers) or a book (remember Mills and Boons? Ahem. Do they still exist?)

There was a time when traditional print people were worried that electronic versions of themselves would spell the word oblivion for them. eBooks would replace books, magazines will be a historical fact, newspapers will became a thing of the past. And yet, they are still here today. Imagine that. In fact, books are even more treasured now than before! It's like they survived a coup or something of that sort.

Frankly speaking, there's nothing like the sweet, pungent smell of a new book. There's nothing more beautiful that they sight of a well-stocked library. Well, maybe the bookstore.

Here's hoping for a better week of internet access.

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