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Women Who Don't Want To Sign Up For Motherhood

When it comes to babies, everyone's expected to go 'awwwwww.....' so cute. Or with pets, I am sure people face the same type of expectation. If the expected response is not forthcoming, you are perceived as 'cold' or 'heartless' or 'inhumane'. How can people not awwwwwwww at kids and pets? They are cute as buttons, right? CUTER than buttons, by the way.

There is this perception that women are born to naturally have maternal instinct and want to have babies. I think this is so far from the truth that I caught myself laughing. Sure, if you tell people you don't want to have kids, they will say something along the lines of 'selfish', 'full of yourself' or just 'alien'. Everyone wants to have kids. Or once you have kids of your own, your whole world will change and your maternal instincts will emerge and consume you and make you not recognize yourself.

Well, the latter is kind of true. But not everyone wants to have their life change and their maternal instincts emerge and consume them. LOL.

When I was younger, there was a colleague of mine who hated children so much that she said that she would deskin little babies and deep fry them. I am not lying. I was so shell shocked that I remember it to this very day. She has a kid of her own now and it IS LIKE ALLLLLL OVER FACEBOOK and stuff.

Guess her world changed and her maternal instincts emerged and it consumed her. See? It could happen like that. LOL

I think everyone's a little different at different phases of their lives. I had my kids when I was 26 and everything after that point in my life revolved around keeping us alive and happy. And clothed and healthy and fed and going to school and not being beaten up by other kids and have money and not watch too much YouTube and having good friends and being disciplined and a wholeeeeeeeee bunch of other stuff.

People rarely have kids at 26 these days. More than 46. I was 20 years too early, frankly because my kids have outgrown me in height and growing mustaches while most of my friends are learning up on potty training. Sorry, friends. I have forgotten about potty training and I no longer want to recall them.

I am done. Outta there. Listen, if you worked yourself into a frenzy trying to get out of a dark maze, would you want to get back in there and reminisce about how dark and creepy it was in there? Exactly. LOL. Not that parenting was creepy but....there is no manual for that shit. It's scary that you are in charge of those cute-as-buttons lifelines and there are no f-g instructions.

The point is that parenting isn't a kind of deal that everyone SHOULD or HAVE TO sign up for. It is something we do because we want to have a family. It consumes your everything so, it is quite understandable that it isn't exactly the kind of life package people want to have on their bucket list.

Some people have kids and do a crappy job at it (like leave their kids in a car in the middle of a parking lot while they shop in the supermarket {fumbducks}and forget that they have kids with them...I don't even want to get there) that they SHOULD NOT have kids at all.

There are two more things that I want to say and I can log off.

  1. You don't have kids to keep the guy. This is not a TVB or SBS or KBS or ATV drama. You can't change a bad personality with your womb. Or what comes out from it. 
  2. Parenting isn't an experiment that you can abandon once you think 'ahhhh....this formula is not working'. It is not a science experiment. 
And that's it. It is raining here right now and what a nice change from the stuffy weather recently. I will leave you here with the video that prompted me to write this. 


p.s. I was a little miffed at a friend who loosely commented that I lived like a 'hermit' after having my kids like I didn't have to take care of my kids all the time, without help and needing to work at the same time after I said that I went off shopping with a friend the whole day. That....came from a very inexperienced human being. Good luck to his future children.

p.p.s I am, not saying that being a parent is a bad thing because my kids have enriched my life in so many ways that I don't have words to describe it. They have filled every single void in my life by just being here with/for me.

p.p.p.s Women should not be coerced or forced to WANT to have kids. Your womb, your life, your call.

p.p.p.p.s How come I said I had 2 more things to say before ending the post and I continue to have this many p.s's?


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