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A Werewolf Boy (2012 Movie)

Sometimes, I wonder why I do this to myself. I do. OK fine. Eye candy. LOL

I didn't intend to write anything about the films and series that I happen to watch but the reason why I have decided to put my thoughts into words is because:-

  • Song Joong Ki's eyes. jekkrhjsdafhkawrhlkisfiopewhlkznf. FYI, he doesn't have a script. Throughout the movie, he says nothing. He may have no lines but when he does speak, it kills your heart. 
  • I want to kill the writer. The ENDING. Don't leave me hanging there, dude. I want a clear answer and don't freejing leave it to my fojing imagi-frekking-nation!
  • This movie is going to last with me like another movie which I will mention a little later.
  • It's one of the closest thing to a horror movie anyone's going to catch me watching. I am just your average RomCom lady. FYI, moths scare me. So there.
  • It screwed my idea about 'love' and what it means
The other movie that left a deep impression with me is quite similar but different and it's a 2004 film called 3 Iron. 3 Iron has an 87% rating on RottenTomatoes and and A Werewolf Boy receives 100% on the same site.

I will let the poster of 3 Iron tell you the story. The wife may be hugging her husband but she is really kissing another man behind his back. Looking at it, one might think it is a story about adultery but it is not because the husband can't see the man behind his back. Gosh. I know. I lost you, right? LOL

And ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you....the cutest, prettiest (don't you just hate it when men look prettier without makeup than you do?), puppy-dog-eyed werewolf. Ever. 

Robert Pattinson, kindly step aside with all your sparkles and stuff.

It's a love story that is not even a love story because it is more of a pet story. I don't think you can find a more docile werewolf in this world. Hang on, wait. Werewolf in this world. Right. Sorry. 

But as docile as he is, he is an animal on the inside and the animal within is triggered only when his loyalty to his 'owner' Suni is challenged. 

Basically, two people found something in one another that filled a void in their lives. Suni, her depressing outlook about life and loneliness. Chul-Soo, his fragile state of affairs, lets just put it that way. LOL. I knew it was going to be a sad story because it is easy to come to a quick deduction that werewolves and humans don't make babies. But sigh....why CAN'T they make babies?! It's FICTION. Go the Twilight direction, at some point I found myself thinking and wishing. 

Werewolf Chul-soo learns humanly ways from his owner, how to brush his teeth, write, table manners and how to reward others for a job well done. Human Suni teaches her new pet how to 'wait' (stay or stop) and when to 'go ahead' too and whenever he does, she rewards him with a pat on the head.

A few scenes were so cleverly played out that I had to stop for Kleenex breaks. It broke my heart into one million pieces and I didn't even have time to put my broken heart back together before Song Joong Ki's puppy-dog eyes are staring at me again.

If anyone dares to put metal locks around Song Joong Ki's neck and chain him to a bed again (filming or not) is going to face the wrath of his fans. I felt like jumping into the movie to remove the metal clads myself because he was sitting there with his sad face and metal locks around his NECK. >:(((((((((((

As with 3 Iron where both the leading characters have absolutely no lines, Song Joong Ki have very few lines too. But with those eyes and his actions, he made viewers feel scared, laugh (so many cute~~ moments there that I had to pause a few times and hit the replay button), and cry. 

Park Bo Young did a credible job as the depressed lady and pet-trainer/owner/master except for a few scenes which I felt was a bit of a stretch/exaggeration but at the right time, right moment, she did well.  

The story is a love story of sort but I am not really convinced about this because to me, Werewolf Chul-Soo is loyal to the person he has decided to make the center of his Universe. Human Suni struggles to keep him by her side because he is a

People were so quick to draw a comparison between this show and Twilight (I subconsciously did as well) but this show has 0.000000017895478362% likeness with the American version. Think of pitbull pet. Or an Alsatian with an ability to look at you with the eyes of a toy poodle and patience and obedience of 47 Maltese dogs.

One would expect the girl to be completely helpless and dependent on what the Werewolf would do for her but no. In this case, Suni had complete power. She is not a helpless maiden although she is sick. This story defies the conventional direction a movie like this would take. Think Edward Scissorhand.

Chul-soo's extraordinary strength is his weakness. Suni's challenge is to teach him not to resort to violence and to ignore his killer instinct even when her life is being threatened or when he gets angry. He manages to obey each and every one of her commands except for one. And it took its toll on the bond that they built and shared. Ideally, if Suni were to remain together with Chul-soo in the end, they had to be able to survive independently and should be able to protect each other when the time calls for it.

In this couple-dynamics, Suni has to try very hard to get Chul-soo to find other ways to communicate. Chul-soo should also, considering the fact that Suni is sickly, be able to know what to do when the time calls for it. There are scenes showing us that that may not be completely possible. In a way, Werewolf is almost completely reliant on Suni for survival while Chul-soo's only way of protecting her is his physical strength.

What tears my heart into a million pieces is that despite that one time he listened to his instinct, he obeyed the one single careless command that she tossed him. She made the mistake of undermining his loyalty and obedience.

STOP READING HERE SPOILER ALERT. If you intend to watch the film after reading all of that up there and you hate spoilers, I suggest you stop reading right here and go watch it. This is a blog post and I intend to rant so...hahaha....if you don't care or don't intend to watch, please proceed if you want to.

Don't be fooled by this Twilight-Americanized trailer

This trailer is a more realistic one



Stories like these will make people think and think and think and think about the ending and the possibilities that the writers should/could have come up with. Viewers of A Werewolf Boy were totally wrecked with the ending, to a point that the producers had to placate people with an alternative ending. After watching the alternate ending.....fudge it....I prefer the original ending because IT....DOESN'T....CHANGE....A....THING.

Anyway, you know where this is going. We all want a happy ending whereby making WereBabies is as possible as painting your fingernails. Why can't the writers take a page from Twilight? LOL

Or even 3 Iron! The ending to 3 Iron is also a bigggggggg stretch because Jae Hee actually (I am not even sure what he did to himself, really. Watch the film and come back to me with what the answer could possibly be) became invisible and stayed with the woman in the end. 

Werewolf Boy didn't even attempt anything like that. The intention is clear that Werewolf Chul-soo will remain waiting. It leaves viewers wondering if Human Suni will come back based on the fact that she refused to sell the house in the end. Did she come back? Why was the last scene is one of Chul-soo making a snowman all by himself? 

See? That's why the writer deserves a slap. So many ways to make it more pleasant for viewers to swallow it and he doesn't. He is a very cruel man. Hahahaha

I think 'Kitario' (wait) and 'Kajima' (Don't go) will have very deep meanings for me now.

p.s. The delivery of the Werewolf Chul-soo's 'Don't go' kills. *Kleenex* The timing is flawless.

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