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Netizens Can Be Crazy Scary On Social Media

I do not wish to put the photo here because of 2 reasons:-

1. I think she got the message
2. It would give her extra popularity

Anyway, I am talking about the CDM25 incident. For those of you non-Malaysians or people who are curious, you can check anywhere, ANY social media or even Google, you can find it. LOL. #IBelieveInYou

In the nutshell, there was this lady who was driving her brand new Peugeot around with the number plate CDM25 (hence the hastag and keyword) one fine day when someone gave her a fender bender. She basically went completely bongcus and someone got it down on video and posted the thing on YouTube. She took the senior citizen's car keys away, demanded RM2k for repairs (like REALLLYYYYYYYY????!!!! HAHAHA), swung a steering wheel lock around and hammered the thing at the elderly man's car multiple times.

She was basically behaving like a woman having her period. Anyway, that didn't take the cake. She hurled racial insults at him like 'You are Chinese, I know your INTENTIONNNNNNN!' and 'He's Chinese, he is a crook'.



Anyway, a lot of people have that covered. In fact, she achieved (sort of) celebrity status by being interviewed by famous people and even got on air with a local radio station.

Shakes head.

So, I am not gonna write about that already, you can find it all if you have social media. Or Google. Or a smartphone....time to ask Siri or Galaxy these questions. LOL. What I am going to write about is that netizens are sometimes really scary.

This woman was hunted down in less than 24 hours, her home was revealed, and all her personal information including personal identification, place she works at, her business Facebook page, what she ate for dinner the night before. This is really FBI and CIA stuff we are talking about....just using the internet.

I applaud these people. In the case of CDM25, she deserves it (although I have to admit that we have to toe the line so that we don't turn in cyber bullies).

This reminds me of something that happened last year in the KPop world which really just....made me see the world in black and white. Too much colors. I am a fan of some older KPop bands which includes the likes of Shinhwa and TVXQ. So, last year, rumors of one of the boys from TVXQ was dating started popping up on Tumblr and Twitter. I got curious (like everyone else who use these social media sites but not like I care if one of them is dating they are not monks).

Just like the instance of CDM25, the mystery-solving skills of these people is mind-blowing. They managed to point out who the person is based on this picture. They were not just guessing. They were prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy darn SURE that it was him in this girl's picture. She posted it because she wanted to share pictures of her 'home-cooked food' with her followers.

Ta da!

I am telling ya...these people are simply amazing. I love Changmin but I can't even tell it's him. On a spoon.

Incredible, right?

I know. We should hire these people to find missing jets and hunt down terrorists.

The internet. You have to love it and hate it.


p.s. Today is a really sad day to wake up to. Heard about MAS airliner was mindlessly shot down. Another MAS incident in a single year and it's only July. Man. I send my deepest condolences to families and friends of those affected. This is a f-g shitty year for Malaysia.

p.p.s. I have to send out a condolence to myself because just found out that a friend, her husband and little baby were on the flight. Stinks, I tell you.
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