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Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse to everyone!

Man, what a terribly tumultuous Jan 2014 it has been. The weather, politics and everything is just a little too chaotic as a starting point for a new year. But I am glad that everyone hung in there and we made it into February. Let's hope for a more pleasant month and the-rest-of-the-year for everyone.

As usual, Chinese New Year brings us a splash of red everywhere and it has been kinda fun gathering with family and friends who have flown in from near and far, bonding, catching up, playing around and just sharing some really good times.

But what I love the most about holidays is the SMOOTH TRAFFIC.

Instead of choked up roads filled with cars and bikes everywhere, we spend 15 minutes on a 15 minutes journey from point A to point B. Instead of spending 45 minutes on a 10 minute journey.

See? All but ONE SINGLE CAR on each side of the road. For foreigners, the reason for the sudden smooth traffic is because many people who live in Petaling Jaya, my nook in this country came from another smaller town somewhere else. During holidays, they trek back to where they 'originally' came from. There are some who will take the opportunity to head out for holidays too. Leaving Petaling Jaya a complete Ghost Town. 

Love it. I have it all to myself. =)

And instead of being hazy, smoggy and super hot, the weather in Petaling Jaya is being such an angel too! Bright blue skies, awesome weather. 

With such gorgeous weather, we have no excuse not to head out for some Vitamin D!

My boys walking ahead of me because I keep stopping for pictures. =) After this, we broke into a light jog....

On another note, Android is at it again. Please tell me I am not the only one who gets into Anxiety mode every time they tell me there is a new update because sometimes, after this...

...they start behaving like a whole new phone.

I am not sure if that was what happened to my friend's phone because her phone decided to have a mind of its own, switching on and off on its own, deciding whether a phone call should go through or a message should be truncated.

Managed to keep eating under control but then again....the eating problem isn't mine to claim at all, it is my son 2's major problem. He just loves food too much.

Anyway, some of the New Year food photos are on my Instagram but in case you don't want to do the whole Instagram thing, it was steamboat. Apparently, everyone decided to do steamboat too, judging from my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter timeline.

Hey, it's the easiest one after all. Easy, simple, to the point and most importantly, delicious. As with last year, this year's food was all thanks to my sister in law's family.

Well, Happy Chinese New Year and  may the new Horse year bring you loads and loads of the HIGHS and as few of the LOWS as possible.



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