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How To Travel With An ADHD Personality - My Side of the Story

Traveling together has been known to throw off and kill the best of friends and lovers. If you want to test if your friendship and love for each other is strong enough, travel together. Alone. If both of you come back alive, congratulations, you obviously love each other enough.

I have done this before a couple of times, two times, we came back unfriending each other on Facebook and unfollowing each other on Twitter and blocking each other on all social media sites and complained about the other being a bi***...and one of them was a guy. That was how bad it was.

In fact, based on experience, it spoils the whole trip even before you get on the flight back. So, it would totally suck if you shared a room.

So, quite recently, I traveled with a friend I love so much I will kill for her (wellll....maybe not but I will hire someone to kill for her....and THAT says a lot!!!) and we BOTH came back ALIVEEEEEEEE so, here is my conclusion about double-shot traveling. There were things we did that totally saved the day.

I sort of knew there was a problem because our personalities are completely different....she is the GOGOGOIWANNASEEEVERYTHING ADHD personality while I was more of a chillbythelakeletshaveabeer kinda traveler. The good thing is that we talked about it before the trip. Well, WE didn't really talk. She talked. Sorta. You see, she told me, 'I wanna do everything, I wanna see everything. I wanna do all the touristy thing'. Since I didn't say anything but nodded my head, I made a mental note to prepare myself for hell. The saving grace was that I enjoyed her company and loved her to bits so, it helped that way. LOL.

OK, so, discussion is good. Or agreement. Check.

I mentioned sharing a room earlier? Yeah, I agree to everything....but I want my own room. Some might question why I would want my own room instead of sharing and saving half the cost of a hotel room, right? OK, so imagine this - you're mad at each other, you're so pissed mad that you want to choke her/him to death in her/his sleep, you want to throw his/her luggage out from the 25th floor window, you want to put his/her passport through a document shredder.....OK, now share a room and sleep. SLEEP!! SLEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! 

Personal space. When angry. Check.

It's a good thing that she loves me enough not to strangle me in broad daylight too. There were times when I was sprawled on the concrete floor at the top of the LRT station stairs loudly begging to be airlifted (TOTALLY. NOT. KIDDING), talking nonsense at complete strangers because she walks at the speed of a bullet train, barreling ahead of me and I was exhausted to the point of tears. But there were also times when she wanted to walk into shopping malls knowing that and she didn't. We looked at some underwear, clothes and bought some bags and souvenirs. That was pretty much it. There were times when I wanted to take a cab for everything and she wanted to take the train for everything too....oh Lord.... You just have to stop and look at the other person for a while, I guess. It's called being considerate and balancing each other out.

Understanding each other. Check.

Another saving grace was time away from each other. By the end of a couple of days, you would be really tired of the other person's face. If you are not careful and it goes on for a period of time, you might start thinking his/her face is really ugly too, I suppose, (LOL) but you need a break from each other every once in a while. So, the separate bedroom and us doing our different things for a couple of hours was a FABULOUS break because I came back with my own drama story and she came back with her own drama story, we share, have a beer, laugh.

Get your own meant, time apart. Check.

I think traveling in 2s is easier than traveling in 3s because 2 people might share the same exact ideals and leave the 3rd person out of everything which will suck for the one left out. Rather than travel in 3s, I would rather travel in a larger group where you can pick and choose your own ally from a greater number of options. It helped for us when traveling in 2s because....we are in this together, we are stuck, no matter how angry or frustrated you are with me right now, we are in a foreign country and we can't break apart or the whole trip will be ruined. You will eventually choose to stick together if your friendship is thick enough.

Also adjust your expectations before and during the trip accordingly. Things change all the time, expect plans to change.

Now, THAT is my side of the story. Hope it helps you come back from a trip with your friend.....alive. =)

Happy Monday,
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