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Incheon Transition

We took the midnight flight quite by accident (for me) but for my friend and I, it was a good thing because by the time we made it to South Korea, it would be first thing in the morning and we have a full full FULL day ahead of us. The flight was your usual thing but it was the first time I was actually required to take a night's sleep in the air.

On flight meal expected but can someone, pray tell, what the hell is this supposed to be a meal for? LOL

A mushroom fresh out of a tin can? Not sauteed, not fried, not blanched, not baked, not sliced, oh God, I hope they washed it or something. Interesting, isn't it?

In this space, we had to catch a couple of hours of sleep (at least) in order to make full use of our advantageous FULL DAY ahead. If we don't, we would officially be awake and trudging all around Seoul with less than 3 hours sleep in 2 days. 

No in-flight incident or drama accept for seeing a man in KLIA zonked out blind from drinking and missed his flight.

We asked if we could wake him up to get him on his flight but the immigration people disallowed it for fear of him creating havoc in the plane with the passengers or the pilot or stewards and stewardesses.

I have never seen this before...heard about it but never seen it so, I can't help taking a picture of it, alright? I know taking pictures in the loo is kinda TMI but....hehehe.

Saw this in various places within Incheon...seriously, seriously impressed. Even my friend was like WHOA.

The disallowed items all laid out prettily and nicely for everyone to see. The puppies...I think they meant REAL pets and not plushies. =) And there is another forbidden item... more ways than one. LOL

Incheon's Arrival Hall is decent enough, very nice, but my friend promised me that the Departure Hall is even nicer. I found both nice.

OK, this is where the drama sort of begins. So, we got ourselves out of Incheon. Can't get myself a SIM card so, would have to switch mobile data on and off as and when I need it. Why do they don't sell SIM card, right? Maybe they do and we are not understanding a thing. Instead, they rent out entire phones. But that wouldn't be linked to my accounts and my personal contacts.

We got ourselves this T-pass card thing (like Hong Kong's Octopus card) which gets you around on buses, trains and taxis. Very convenient. For some reason, we decided to take the rail instead of the bus...oh yeah, it's cos the T-pass don't work on the Incheon-Seoul buses. You need to pay separately for the Airport Shuttle Bus.

So, we trained the journey.

HoMai Kot!!!!!

There is nothing wrong with taking the train but bear in mind, we are lugging around our luggage and bags and although it is still very light at this point in time, it is still a luggage. And we have other bags. Not knowing the workings of the rail system is one thing, huffing and puffing your way from the airport to city center in the Seoul summer heat going in and out of the train stations is helluva LOT OF WORK!

Some, most I would say, stops have escalators and elevators (for the old, sick and in wheelchair - I got urgh at my friend for insisting on taking it one day because we were just plain dying of walking and the heat. I tried not to look around to see if people cast us looks of disdain) but there are some that comes with multiple complimentary flights of stairs. You go up one side and as you exchange, you go down the other side. With your luggage, ok? Remember the luggage.

This is a picture taken outside of Seoul's main train stop. It is HUGE and we got a little lost trying to find the entrance of our exchange stop. It says 2 here, but it also says 2 there. The information counter, however, has very adept people manning it and their English accent can put any Malaysian to shame.

So, we are still lugging everything around trying to get to our bloody HOTEL. This is not the end. We got so hot and tired that my friend tried to roll her luggage down the flight of stairs! I felt like it too. LOL! And she did for a short flight of stairs, almost hitting someone.

I booked our accommodation through Agoda because of its convenience. Let's just say that the term 'small' is an understatement. I am laughing out loud even as I am writing this, THAT's how ridiculously small it is! LOLOL! Hang on, let me finish laughing!

The guy opened one room for my friend and she exclaimed, 'OMG, this is my hole?! Let me see your hole, is it any bigger?!' LOLOL!!! Stomachache from laughing!

We took a shower, seriously, I don't know how to describe this. For the life of me, I managed to snap a pic of almost everything except for this, unbelievable. Oh, the shower? Right. The toilet hangs right next to your really small single bed, the smallest single bed I have ever seen in my life and as I tried to take a short nap, I kept thinking about what if there was a mishap and the cupboard that is hanging off the ceiling, in front of my face and over my legs, fell off and dropped on me, can this establishment afford to pay me if I sued them?

Oh, the shower? Took one. Door won't close properly so water splashed onto my 'table' and 'bed'.

Before that, there was a knock on my 'hotel' room door and it was my friend waving a handkerchief in front of my face exclaiming, 'Have you seen your TOWEL?! *wave wave face towel* How the hell am I supposed to dry myself with this??!!!!'


And that, folks, was the reason why we were trudging around in the wee hours of the morning trying to find another place to sleep. (previous post)
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