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Pensive Tuesday Morning

I havent been very good at the "Making people happy" front lately and that upsets me. But that is the problem. I like to make people happy. And people are not always happy...whether when they are with me or without me. People are just people. They are happy and unhappy with or without me.The problem starts when I let them affect me.

The last few month's been tough.

But here I am. awake at 7.21a.m. Watching the sun rise. Watching the birds fly from one corner of my window to the other. Watching as the kitchen becomes brighter and brighter, being showered by the sun's love.

Does it matter whether people are happy with or without me? Not really. Maybe the people that I have been dealing with are beyond help. Or maybe the people that I have been dealing with comes from a completely different background and incapable of understanding where I am coming from. Maybe the people I have been dealing with, I care too much about. Maybe the people I have been dealing with, don't give a shit. Maybe the people I have been dealing with, don't believe in the things that I do.

What do I do about that?

I guess nothing can be done about that. But still, I can't help wanting to make people happy. And when people are suspecting, when people attack for no apparent reason, I reel back and now sit here wondering what went through their minds.

But my side of the story is not the only side of the story, that is. There is the other side of the story. I am curious about it. But I won't question becauseI don't think I will understand.

You know what? The other day I was re-reading some of my old blog post. Man, was I young or what? This blog has really grown with me, including the one that the govt has banned ( - they've banned me from that and left it for dead), as I read through the posts, I see changes.

But that's life, isnt it? It's all about changes. At least I kept it real, huh?

Good morning, everyone, have a fantastic Tuesday ahead,


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