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Fanatical Runners' Gonna Kill Me

Going into Facebook is making me sick. Imma gonna puke. There is this running event called the Brooks Run or some funk which took place this morning and there is like this whole SERVERFUL of photos appearing there.

Make no mistake about it, I have nothing against running. It's healthy and I agree with my sister's stand, that she makes friends and it is fun. Go ahead. It's great that she is having fun and making friends.

I got a nice little surprise this morning, read SURPRISE, that a local celebrity that I follow on Twitter posted a tweet and a photo of her surviving and completing the 21KM run this morning. Once again, read...SURPRISE...and why? Because she was never obsessive about running. Yeah, she tweeted some about gyming, swimming and going into some health club or something over the time when I was following her but she wasn't like insane about it to a point of it becoming a friggin' RELIGION!

So, that was a nice surprise. And I like things like that.

The problem is that not everyone's into it and Facebook is the worst place for people who are not into running or people who do not obsess over it. After an event, these fanatics would start posting and tagging each other and your whole Facebook RSS feed is trying to annoy you to death. And these people don't say anything on Facebook unless it was about...jeng jeng jeng....RUNNING. Almost, ALMOST all statuses are related to running. There is nothing else that is going on in their lives except running. They run in their sleep, run when having ***, run when eating, run when fetching their kids back from school, run to work, run back home, run to the top of the mountain, run in the know, something like that. Haha

And you know what is worse? If there is no LOCAL event, they will CREATE AN EFFING EVENT or they will FLY to a foreign place for the run and then ANNOY YOU TO BITS with the fact that they chased after the event like it was where a deity was at and that they kissed the friggin' deity's feet!

Oh's obvious I have been harboring this for a long time, huh? I have.

I hate repetition (which is predominantly controlled by my creative side) which explains my hatred for laundry, sweeping the floor, mopping and it also reflects my love for cooking. Cooking is never the same, never. It can never be EXACTLY the same unless you're talking about using a very precise machine or measuring tool. Which also explains why I don't bake. With baking, everything has to be precise and I am horrible at all that measuring that has to be done.

If I had it my way and didn't care about people who were not into the things I was into, you know what you would see in my Facebook feed and this blog?
  1. Shinhwa Korean boy band (seriously, I watch a video of them before I sleep)
  2. Malaysian politics and the lack of justice here
  3. Cute actors
  4. My kids
  5. Series review
  6. Music
Last but not least

8. YOGA!!

Look at the header of this blog, it tells you very clearly that I am a Yoga person BUT DO I FACEBOOK IT EVERY SINGLE EFFING DAY like I was an ambassador for it or that I am a guru at Yoga or trying to be an expert in it?

NO. Because I am not. It makes me happy but if someone wanted to know about Yoga or learn something about it, great, ask. I can share some stuff.

Gosh, I am not gonna log into Facebook today. Let the fanatics kill themselves with the photo uploads and tagging first.

I am sorry if I have offended you and once again reiterate the fact that I have nothing against running and runners. I just wish some people would stop preaching it down other people's throat like endlessly. Once in a while, fine. But man, they are relentless! However, this is a free world so, please feel free to disagree with me. You have that right, at the end of the day, and I have mine.

Please enjoy the sensation of completing the race successfully. 
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