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Don't Shove It Into My Face

Just came home from Awards and Graduation night for kids' school. Wow. Bushed. Trying not to die on this chair. Anyway, I want to muse on something before I sleep.

You know when the kids are performing and all the parents rush to the front of the stage, trying to take a picture of their kids. I always suck at that not because of anything, but it sucks that my kids are BOYS (boys always are placed at the back of the group and they are tall boys. Hence, I always have trouble trying to find a window amongst those human beings to take a picture of my kids. And of course, being shy, they too try to blend in with the backdrop which makes taking a picture of them even HARDER.

I was surprised that my son got an award for having the 3rd highest average score for the year. Cool. Yes, I am proud as hell about that but trying not to go overboard.

And one more thing (please don't take this negatively), I managed to dodge a mother who was suspiciously trying to convert me into her religion. I have been of the same religion as her before and I have decided that I will not follow that faith. Therefore, my radar for people who try (too hard) to lull me in is very sensitive. I know all the different directions and approaches they try. They are like salesmen or direct marketing people - you just feel it in your guts.

For me, she was asking me to take a photo of her kid for her because she does not have a camera and then she wants my number so that I can pass the photo to her. I was like 'OK, cool. I can do that'. But then I saw that the school already hired a pro to take all the pictures for the parents. For heaven's sake, the photog was right smack in the middle of the action and I have a sucky camera. And besides, I took a peek and she has a not-bad phone which I AM SURE comes with a good camera too.

And then the funny thing is that when I asked her what her kid was wearing tonight, she stammered a little, not really knowing the response. Like WTF is this?! You don't know? OK, fine. Maybe she really doesn't know. But then she kept encouraging me to snap a photo and telling me that I had to give her my number. Signals going off here and there.

The final clincher was when she talked about certain religious speakers who can raise the dead in Korea, and her eyes were like shining like a bloody torchlight! (We were talking about Korea because I was sitting beside a South Korean lady)

That's it. I KNEW she was trying to push it down my throat.

I mean, I've got no problems with other people having different faiths but I hate it SO VERY BLOODY MUCH when they try to push it my way without me asking about it. It's like a lottery ticket seller who refuses to budge. Or the salesman who does not know the difference between the words 'no, thanks' and 'yes, please'.

Anyway, I managed to escape it and will be more mindful about this woman the next time we ever meet up again. I don't know, maybe it's me. I am pretty transparent as a person so, I don't do the niceties very well. I also have very low EQ which means I am capable of terrible outbursts and confrontations.

As you can is better off that I avoid this woman.

Much love,
Tomorrow is TGIF,


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