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Sometimes I just wanna drop dead because of the speed of things and the things that I ensure that I HAVE TO accomplish in a day. And sometimes I wonder how I ever managed to write 15 articles a day. Not all of them spanking good ones, mind you, but this was during the search engine optimization days. All you needed to do was to put the words together and not sound like an idiot. Simple enough, right?

I believe people who work from home and manage the family at the same time are wonderpeople. I have a facebook profile picture with wonderM on it for days when I am particularly DYING. lol. And hell yeah, I deserve to be called wonderM on those days.

But even for wonderpeople, we need reprieve too once in a while. I am not alone in this, my heart screams!! This other blogger feels the same way too when she blogged about 'when wonder woman don't feel wonderful'.

It's true that it is our ideals, it is the way we criticize ourselves for not achieving what we have set out to do that disappoints us. We chastise ourselves for being lousy people and moan away in bed slugging down the last three bottles of wine and then collapsing in a heap. In the bathroom.

Nah, that's not the way it is supposed to be. I think yes, we should have ideals and goals and when we don't achieve them, we are allowed a moment or two to think about it, sigh in disappointment. But at the end of the day, we should also look at the things that we MANAGED to get done without going insane and then give ourselves credit for having done it despite the circumstances that may have popped up during the day.

Wonderpeople are people too.


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