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Poverty Is a State of the Mind

It is only in Africa that individuals put on poverty like a beautiful garment and walk with pride without shame. The whole process starts from the mind. When a man believes that wealth is the exclusive preserve of only a few selected individuals, it will continue to elude them and they will end up in penury.

Poverty can be described as the inability of a man to take care of his basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. It indirectly reflects on the standard of his life and that of his immediate and extended family. This can create a huge impact on his life and destiny.

It is important that we have the right mentality when it comes to the issue of wealth. One thing God has promised us in his word is this: "I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health just as you soul prospers". What is being implied is all round prosperity and not poverty.

The God we serve is not a poor God, therefore it is absolute madness to serve God and still live in poverty and lack. Apart from displeasing God, it will only incur reproach and disgrace. In clear terms, I wish to state without fear or favor, that poverty is worse than any terminal disease known to man. When a man is poor, he becomes a liability to himself, his family and immediate community. It must be avoided by all means.

The whole process starts with changing our attitude and belief concerning wealth. It is important that we discard every negative belief we have previously planted in our mind concerning wealth and replace it with positive beliefs. It is a process which begins from the inside.

Dump the garment of poverty
Decide in your heart to do away with the filthy garment of poverty and put on the new garment of wealth and abundance

Make positive changes in your life
The type of friends, environment or programs we watch can have a negative impact on our wealth consciousness. It is important that we make necessary changes where practicable. Why keep a friend who always tells you to be contented with a job that cannot give you and your family a decent meal? Why remain in a place where you are surrounded with people who have no desire to break away from poverty and lack?

Start to do something
Deciding to break free from the yoke of poverty is good. Making positive changes is equally good. However, the most crucial stage of entering into the wealth domain, involves doing something tangible. Some individuals are damn too lazy. They believe manna will fall from heaven and things will just begin to work like magic as long as they are positive minded. I have seen Christians who are so committed in serving God, but yet living in poverty, because they have bluntly refuse to do anything tangible.

Depend on God
It is the Almighty God that gives us the power to get wealth. Whatever blessing that God gives to a man will make you rich and no sorrow will be added. It is therefore very important that we go to God in prayer after putting everything in place and depend on him for that positive change. He has the power to transform the mind from a state of poverty into the realm of wealth. He also has the power to deposit on you positive ideas that can transform everything in your life.

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About The Author
Clement Sadjere is an Author, a motivational speaker and an information product sales/ marketing expert. He can be reached via telephone on +2348052790262. He is the owner of a free article directory website.


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