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Parents' Goals A Beacon For The Kids

As I sit there, lovingly wrapping my new books, my son asks me 'Is that your book?'. I replied, 'Yes, it is', smiling at my new 'catch'.

He excitedly jumps up and exclaims happily, 'You finally wrote a book?!' I shook my head sadly, 'No, silly. I did not. This book was written by someone else'.

He furrowed his brows in disappointment, 'But I thought you said that you were going to create your own story, write your own book?'

That's right. I did.

His obvious disappointment in the news that I have AGAIN not written and completed a book sheds light on how my decisions, my life, the way I see things affects the kids. The kids don't just get happy when they get to go to Disneyland. Yes, they're happy if they get to do the things that they want, find joy in everyday activities and stuff like that, more importantly, their parents' level of happiness and achievements affects them too.

It gives them joy when we set goals and achieve them. By not achieving our own goals, the children might think that they themselves are obstacles to these goals. Through our own positivity and willingness to lunge at every possibility in life, we show the kids that we can be happy. The kids are not anchors, they're our fierce cheerleaders as well.

The same way we worry about our kids and their future, they worry for us too. They worry that they are being a burden. They worry that we are not caring for ourselves the way we should. They worry if they are the very reasons why we cannot make the trip to our favorite travel destination.

The kids see so many things through our eyes. Every move we make, we help them see what the future holds for them.

For example, if they have parents who are negative by nature, they see a bleak future ahead of them. What is in store for them in the future is really nothing to shout about. Nothing to get excited over. However, if they have parents who love the world and don't mind investing time and money in exploring new things, can you imagine the kind of future they can see that is waiting for them?

So, yes. Maybe it's time to get moving with the book again. :-)
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