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Shit Got Me

Oh boy, when shit hits, it hits. In torrential bunches too. One in the eye, one in the mouth (where it's worst), on your arm, in your hair (where it is second worst).

First of all, had a problem with client's payment. Bad bad bad. But I can live with that, no problem and we worked it out well.

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday, 3rd January and we intended to just eat dinner together in my parents' cafe. Nothing big, no fanfare. Just family members sitting around, eating together.

I gathered my kids together and headed out. That's where shit was waiting for me.

Everything was fine when I pushed the elevator button. All was fine when I entered it with the kids and pressed for L2. The door closes and then everything went blank. One kid screeched, the other went cold. I looked around for the bell button and hit it. After hitting it HARD for more or less two minutes or something, the door opened.

Phew! Thank the Lord that He knew that on top of being afraid of heights, I am scardy cat when it comes to the dark too (like roaches decide to come out when it's dark, right?).

Then we went to the car, drove to the guard house. Ironically, that's when the lights in the guard house went off....meaning....I can't get out. Without electricity, the gate won't go up. Brilliant, we were late already. So, waited for the guard who does not know how to unlock the thing manually to open it. The moment he managed to open it, the lights came back on.

Walau, I must be damn suey or something.

To cut a long story short, I had an incident with my car overheating end of September or something. My friends all warned me about overhauling the car, so, I am very very very very careful with the temperature of the engine.

Ten minutes into the drive, I noticed the air-conditioning going slightly warm, I look at the termometer and saw that it was near max!!!AIKS!!! what happened???

I had no choice but to stop the car was bordering on 120 degrees! Called my sister to come pick me up, wondered if I could drag the car further down so that I am not on main street and potentially blocking someone's gate (there were Semi-D's to the left – Uptown area). But the moment I turn the engine on, the temperature soars. I can't move it, my sister's on the way.

Sat there. Wondering. Shit. What kind of shit night is this?

Never mind, nothing else can go wrong now, right? What else can go wrong unless I get hit by a car while crossing the road lah! Touch wood!

Anyway, I maneuvered my car so that it sits between two houses, or so I thought. They're semi-D's so not much space there. But I hope that they will forgive me for this. I have no choice.

Sister came, picked me up for dinner. It's my brother's birthday dinner and I can't spoil it, so, we had, sullenly. My dad chastised me for not sending the car for check. But fact it, it was last checked September (the overheating incident, remember?) so I asked them how often I should send it for a check. They said after some thousands of miles or something...I dono what that is. I don't even know if my meter is working properly. Time to learn.

Anyway, had dinner and helped my parents clean up all the stuff cause it's a lot of work to clean up. Me, my sis, bro and respective partners usually try to help out as much as we can.

Crossing my fingers my car is still there.

Bro filled up large canisters of water to put inside car. Maybe can drag it home so that can deal with it tomorrow.

Came to the site and noticed that there was a police car there. Oh shit.

Drove fast-fast, reached there and explained to the police and the home owner that my car overheated, cannot move, sorry sorry sorry sorry....I gelabah cause got kids with me in the car blah blah blah blah. The police left....and left me with a ticket.

What to do? Have to pay lah, then? To get the car moving, tried to put water in but it's still sort of full. Uh?? If full, why overheat? We were still trying to figure it out.

That was when I noticed that one my side mirror was hanging by a thread. It was neatly yanked out. The one of the driver's side was unsuccesfully pulled out, nevertheless, there was effort to remove it as well. It was loose.

I nearly cried there and then. My car broke down and you tried to punish me for that?? What kind of shit world is this? It's already bad enough, is it not? And you are so cruel to damage my car for being damaged? I hope the home owner can sleep tonight. He didn't dare to look at us at all, scampering into the house leaving his mother and the resident's association leader to deal with me.

Me and brother didn't say anything, just tried to fill the car up and tried to get moving only, hoping the car will make it. It was my 'fault' to leave the car there to eat a 'birthday dinner'. It was my fault. I accept it.

But the sad part is that, the car can't make it. The temperature see-sawed up and down unexpectedly. So, we left the car there and my brother drove me and the kids home.

Damn, that is one shitload of things to happen to one person in one night, right? But never mind, I think with so much bad luck in one night, I think I am sooooooo ready for six whole months of glorious good luck!!!

Dear Tomorrow, come get me lah! I am not scared....FUCK YOU!

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