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Akon Concert Malaysia 2009

If you read more about Akon, you would know that he's no stranger to controversy. He is also not a man who would bow down to rules too. With that said, this is what Akon did during his concert in Malaysia today - he WHOPPED ASS, man!! Holding a concert in Malaysia is tough for entertainers because there is a whole bible worth of rules to follow. Do not take off shirt. Do not wear transparent clothing. Do not gyrate. Do not swear. Do not grope fans. Do not grope officials. Do not grope self. The concert started off well and decent. He delivered a few tunes I wasn't familiar with and I started yawning. But that was when he kicked the tempo up a few notches and then he went absolutely NUTS! But before I tell you why he was nuts, I'll say this: I am over critical about vocals. By the second song, I thought Akon was lip-syncing. His voice was too clear and there is no sound of breathing or anything like that. And then I heard the crowd roaring on the speaker. And then he stops singing for a few seconds trying to extricate his arm from an over-enthusiastic fan. And then he turns around to talk to his crew. OK, he's singing live. But damn, that's awesome vocals, dontchathink? Now, the wild stuff. It started with a lot of 'Say HOOOOO!' Crowd follow, you know the drill. Apparently, he knows there's this underlying current between Singapore and Malaysia and dared charter across the touchy subject. 'Singapore was MAD WILD, Kuala Lumpur! I have to say that they kicked your ass.' WHAT????!!!! You can't say that! You wanna die???? Rule broken (touchy political and social sensitivity) but he got the response he wanted! The crowd went ballistic at the prospect of our small neighbor kicking our ass! Hahahaha! Show Akon that Singapore ain't kicked no one's ass, y'all!!! As soon as that happened, everything went beserk! He called the good-looking girls in the crowd hot bitches....which none of us took offense. In fact, me and my friend, Sam, and her daughter raised our hands and screamed, "HEREEEEE!!!!!" Go figure. So rule about not swearing was broken. Anyway, I think he got the hint when Malaysian fans went 'I want to F*CK you' instead of 'I want to love you'. He must have thought, 'Yeah! This is not an innocent crowd. Awright!!' And then the physical contact rule was broken too. He literally walked towards a small portion of the stage in front which brings him in direct contact with the people in the front. People were touching the lower half of his body like it belonged to them and he didn't give a sh-t about it. Like he's on the roll, he gave our other rules the middle finger and went on to take his jacket off after throwing water everywhere. I mean it. EVERYWHERE. He was in his signature singlet. But that's alright, I guess. It's only a singlet. And then he took THAT off. The crowd went crazy!! Glistening chest galore! This guy is the da bomb!!!! For your information, when RAIN (KOREAN singer) was warned about doing his signature shirt-ripping routine, he obeyed. I was soooo darn disappointed that I wanted a refund. Is that all? Nope. Since he's already broken all those rules, he might as well go on ahead, eh? This one gave me a shock. Clad only in his jeans with shimmering six-pack, he walked backwards and then ran towards the front of the stage, throwing himself off it and landing on the crowd. I saw his legs go up and thought, 'Oh shit! He cracked his noggins, man!!!' No, he did not. Within five seconds, he is singing again although we can't see him coz he's amongst the audience now. Then everyone lifts him up and helps him on stage. DAMN!! That was awesomeness, dude. Is that all? Nope. :-) He walks to the other side of the stage and throws himself off again, swearing at the security who was trying to stop him. The harsh conversation was heard over the microphone, 'What are you trying to do? Let go of me. I'm just trying to get to my people,' he shouts at the security. You gotta love a man who shuns the security dudes. Give it to them, Akon!!! Bunch of duds that they are. Is that all? Nope. LOL! He brings it up another notch. This time, he proclaims that he is going to get from the front of the audience area, sail his way atop his fans (with the help of his fans) over their heads and come to the back of the arena. I can hear people gasping and the protesting security and he acted fast enough and leapt off the stage and into the hands of his fans....once again....for the fifth or sixth time, I think. After one time of failure where he says to his fans, 'Hey, you're supposed to be pushing me up and forward and not pulling me down (with you).' He went up, struggled with security again, and leapt off....again. The second attempt was tough. Malaysians are a weak bunch of people because he didn't quite 'sail' his way over his fans. There was a lot of fumbling but he kept at it. We were standing quite some way back but with a very good view at an area reserved for Chivas guests but he made it all the way to the my face! It took a pretty long time, but he sure as hell made it here. In front of us was the spot for journalists and the press - he made it there and stopped. Damn! There was a bit of an argument with the security people....AGAIN. And then he got on top of one of the fans/railing (I can't see) and raised his arms in triumph! He pumped the air showing the world that his fans paid good money and if they can't see him from way back here (have to rely on screen), he'll do his best to GET TO THEM. Amazing. That was real entertainment, y'all. LIVE. In my face. Damn, it was good!
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