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Run, son, RUN!!!!

On Saturday, my son had his first OFFICIAL sports day. I used the word ‘official’ because when he was in Junior 2 in this private school last year, all he had was a telematch that was as official as a school tennis friendly vs. Wimbledon. It was held in Stadium Bukit Jalil, yes…that huge one and we had to be there at an ungodly hour of 7.30am….which means we have to wake up at 6am. The good news is that…there’s no traffic gridlock to contend with because no one in his or her right mind would hit the road because it’s a Saturday. 
Needless to say, we woke up late. 
I have pictures for this but of all days, I forgot to bring my camera on THAT day BECAUSE I woke up late and was dashing out of the door with my undies still knotted up. My neighbor was there with her daughters too because her kids and my kids go to the same school by virtue of the fact that the school is 4 minutes walk away (refer to earlier blog post) so, I asked her to tumpang (borrow) camera and I volunteer to take pictures of her kids as well (she’s pregnant and can’t move around too much – a win-win situation, no?). I can’t wait for my neighbor to pass me the pictures (which I will insert later) because…well….I feel like I want to explode. Yes, I am impatient but awfully excited as well. 
Anyway, during practices and such, Joshua comes home to tell me that his teacher complimented him that he can run quite fast. I shrug it off because I’ve seen him run before and think that the teacher was giving him encouragement the same way he has been giving to the other twenty-other students. It was like…ah well. Good job, then. Keep it up. 
I’ll cut the rest of the story short. 
*** *** ***shortened version*** *** ***
Big grand stadium, impressed. 
I scorch easily. Nine o’clock sun is not at all fun. I am many shades darker coming home compared to when I headed out there. 
Legs cramp, mommy ran around with camera, food and water too….and it IS a big stadium. 
Jared was not involved, only Junior One, bored and tried to stick his finger into a spinning fan just for kicks. 
Shebby Singh, the guy who always comments on all football matches on ESPN, was special guests and he was inundated with requests for autographs and picture-taking moments. Shebby not very tall. Too shy (Scoff! Scoff!) to take a picture with him….no longer sixteen. 
*** *** ***END of shortened version*** *** ***
It took an eternity for Josh’s event, which is the 4 x 100m to come up. I was hoping that they would slot it in early so that we can head back after losing miserably, you see. Instead, it was near the end of the whole damn thing. Sigh….so, we sunbathed till the event came on lah. 
When it came on, my heart was thumping. I was thinking that he’s going to fall on his face or he’s gonna drop the baton or he’s gonna miss the whole idea and run the whole circle himself, leaving befuddled sports-mates running after him screaming “Give me the baton, you idiot!!’  LOL! I know…the things parents think of when panicked. 
Josh had a little trouble finding his spot but after a couple of YEARS, he was directed to the correct spot. I went ‘Oh no….not even started and trouble’s brewing already?!’
Josh is the third runner in the relay. The sound of the gun reverberated through the stadium and the first runner took off! 
And Oh. My. Fooking. Gawrd!! He was literally crawling on hands and knees there! Red house was LAST by at least 50 KMs!!!!! Gone lah, gone….gone. There’s no fooking way they can close the gap NOW! I lowered my camera….all hope lost. I better start thinking of some consolatory lines to deliver….
The yellow and the blue team’s passed their batons and our dear little red kid is still idling along halfway through. I almost turned around and gave up but that’s before the red kid FINALLY made it to the second runner. 
Now, I’ve got to give this second runner a little bit of credit for running for his life! He had a HUGE gap to cover!! But he ran and ran and ran and ran…..and he closed the gap to more or less 30 leaps. Not bad coz if Josh can run fast (his legs are longer, as you will see in the pictures, so presumably, he can cover distances), 30 leaps is nothing, right? Right. Breathe….breathe….breathe. 
While the second runner was running, I could see Josh squatting lazily to the side of the tracks and the second runner was gesturing wildly to Josh to GET THE FOOK UP!!!! You’re NEXT!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Don’t ask me why he was squatting down there….there are things that mothers don’t want to know. 
The moment the baton was passed to Josh, my heart stopped beating and I stopped breathing. I died and levitated. 
My theory of his legs being longer is right after all because it was like the other guys were running slow motion and my son was this bullet train. Or maybe it’s just my imagination but heck, DO I CARE?? :-) The yellow and blue guys were taking a corner, racing each other, when Josh sped up to them from behind and went ‘beep beep’ (read: Road Runner-style) and sped past the other two! The yellow guy turned around and actually gawked. Now, I am not exaggerating because I have pictures to back up my seemingly over-exaggerated claims here. :-)
I can’t tell you what that feels like….I just can’t!
After that turn, Josh took over the lead and passed it onto the last runner. The effort put in by the second runner and Josh gave him the lead that he hardly needs because the anchor runner is one fast bullet as well.
In the end, the red team won by 100 miles. OK, fine…5 KMs….2KMs? No? Fine, the race is 100m, right? OK, they won by 100m! :-)
I ran up to him and just couldn’t stop myself from repeating it like a mantra, “Gosh, Josh. You saved the day!” He looked at me and said, “Yeah, I know. Like Power Puff Girls, right?”
Er…not quite…but OK. Whatever. As you wish….
Darn, I’m proud. :-)))))


Anonymous said…
pictures or your pants on fire.. xD

anyway, not too hard to believe since you and your siblings did ran pretty darned fast back in those days..
Marsha Maung said…
me and damien ok lah, running. but hee hee hee...but don't tell her lah. :-)

yeah, pictures kambing as soon as my neighbor pass it to me. :-)
Anonymous said…
you must have been one proud mama that day on the field!! :)

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