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I Went To War At Paintball

I am thankful that I can still type after this morning’s ordeal….and I think I mean that in a very good way. Went for Paintball this morning and let’s just say that I am exceedingly proud of myself for not being dead right now. I have to admit that after finally going through the drill (quite literally) why Paintball is more popular amongst the dudes than the dudettes. Girls generally don’t like shooting…much less being shot at. We’d rather go to the hair salon to get the highlights done. This is a man’s world that I stepped into this morning, feminist or not. You should see the look on my face when Eric changed into his Rambo suit….I am like…..whoa!! And then he brings out his own Paintball gun, vest, gloves, elbows, knees…everything covered. Kow-Tim. I was deeply impressed and had a sudden vision of him in a war movie. Another BIGGER dude was equally well-equipped and he’s the other Rambo. The movie is complete. Luckily for me, there’s another dudette on the team and I didn’t feel so left out. The first game we played was Capture the Flag or something….we have to shoot the bottles down and then capture the two flags and bring it back to base. I was misled into thinking that there would be giant oak trees for me to hide behind but there was none. Only small little hills. Which means that if I wanted to take cover, I would have to go down on all fours…. ….in my Levis. What? Jamie asked me to wear jeans mah….so jeans lor. I should have chosen something less expensive but equally effective, like two layers of pasar malam track bottoms. First lesson from today’s session was this – don’t shoot own team members. Aisay, I didn’t know all this shit before this! I was hiding behind a small little hill behind my team members and then suddenly, on the other side, I saw a head popping in and out. OK, I got to shoot the fella, right? And it looked Ryan who shot me in the head earlier. I took aim and shot but not before Eric popped his head up and took the shot! SHIT! With the adrenaline, I thought I was going to have a heart attack! And my legs were buckling out from under me although I didn’t even move from that spot yet. Shit, my jeans so dirty liao!! Bullets were whizzing past me and hitting the hill that I was hiding behind – this can only mean one thing, SOMEONE IS AIMING AT ME! And a good soldier would…take cover, not move a muscle and play dead. Hey, that’s what I am really, really good at! OK. I’ll do that until they called Game Over. Hee hee hee…. The other game that we played was Speed Ball, I think. In this one, as soon as all the members are taken out, the game is over. I can hide very well and keep alive! Bring it on! Eric decided that he will play us (he had the two girls in this team) like pawns and he will be Commando Rambo. He hid behind the middle obstacle where he can see when others pop their heads out or where the bullets are coming from. Me and the other girl just hid on either side. That’s fine by me, really. Well, until Commando over there decided that he wanted to corner the other team on both sides….which means that I would have to move my ass while he covered. Shucks! “Marsh, up right!” “Huh? Me?” Damn! So, count lor. One, two, three…he shoots and I run for the right one. There was only one member left on the other team. He and the other girl on our team was exchanging fire so Commando made me move my ass one step up. AGAIN??? But I did it since I don’t want to get whacked by Commando Rambo over there. “Can you see him yet?” No. I could not. I could see the bullets shooting past. Does that count? Apparently not so, I had to move up again. But the guy spotted me liao, so, he starts shooting at me and with my heart in my ears, I exchanged fire with him. With attention on me, Eric asked the other girl to move up and she mistook the instruction as run all the way up and did a kamikaze move! RESPECT, man!!! If Commando ask me to run all the way up and Kamikaze, I ask him to go die! So clever, you do it lah! At the end of it all, I think I did a rather good job… hiding. Hee hee hee….because I came home with only one small spot. And it’s not nearly as painful as some people make it sound because no point-blank shooting…and we’re really a very friendly bunch of people. I guarantee you that if Michael or Jamie was in there, even if I beg them not to shoot me while I tie my shoelace, they’ll walk up to me and say, “Fark you!” To the other more experienced people, this is a baby’s game, but to me, I came home without my legs. In fact, I sat out two games because my legs were wobbling. I took a much-needed nap after that and I had a dream that summarized up what I was feeling. I dreamt that I was rolled over by a car….very slowly. But yes! I DID IT! It may be a man's world, I stepped into it and think it's kinda fun after all. :-)

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