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People Change

Some people really can know, there's this Chinese saying that goes something like this, "Once a thief, always a thief". But you know what, the people who came up with this saying knows jack shit about life and people. I've grown so much and suffered (learned) so much throughout my thirty-odd years of life that I can't believe I am still learning. There's still MORE to learn? Fook. When is it gonna end? Today, I learn another lesson. Your family and relatives, some of them, can be harsher on you and will take advantage of you more than others. I will no longer work for my family members, let this be known. Close family members or not, I have to set the boundaries liao. Cannot tahan like that coz most of the time, I'm making a loss when I work for them. Anyway, some people have changed...from the time that I've known them to now. There's this one person that I would like to mention first. At first, she damn kow nice to me and all that. After that, she fat-tatt (made it big) and then become very snobbish liao. Everything also must follow her rules. Everything also SHE KNOWS BEST! tiu hoi tit (fook off far-far) lah, kanasai (erm.....your shit?)!!!!! Last time not like that, now got money, [ukimak (blooming idiot) act like fooking datin (a title) or something. Even some Datins don't act like that, right or not? CB face.... And then there's this other person who is always very angry at everything wan. Then now, she is a much calmer person and more reasonable too. We never argue much but there was one time, we super-kow-kow (extensively) explode. But then that was the end of it. After that, I can see her side of the story and she probably can see mine. The above, I apply to a man I know. Also....change so much that I can hardly recognize liao. Then there's this friend of mine who has always been very a very good friend to me and we had a big tiff some donkey years back and now, we've connected again and I really appreciate her for being there for me lor. You see, to me, life is all about hurting and living, laughing and enjoying and yet, through all of that, we're human beings and we're put here on earth to learn. Those who don't learn, end up like my friend....throw himself off a building and die. Those who learn, survive because we pick ourselves up and decide to change. That's why now I look back, suddenly I see that a lot of people have changed. They're no longer the same people I used to know back then lor. Except for my father. Still the same. Sigh....but then again, this is a father-daughter story that I am not willing to write about. If you're my friend, I would like to make a proclamation right now...I LOVE YOU. (Jerry McGuire tagline coming). Shut up. Just...shut up. You had me at 'hello'. You complete me.


angie ng said…
hi marsha, i hope i am in the 'friend' category ... :)
Marsha M said…
angie, of coz!! let me deliver a personal line for you. I love you and you complete me....

aish, why i sounds and feel so weird when I say it and it's oso to a girl ah? :-)
angie ng said…
marsha - LOL, actually reading it gives me the goose bumps too ... thank God we are both married with our own kids - it does feel a little weird, hor? :) but thanks, glad that you consider me a friend.
blinka.Li said…
WAH SEH, so much anger in the blog!! luckily it ends up in a lovely note....:) keep cool la, people always change, that is LIFE
Marsha M said…
blinka, had to let off steam sometimes lah. otherwise, pretend pretend all the time, make me really urgh. don't you think? so that's why i say we have to adapt and change accordingly lor.

eh, you're considered friend so read the end of the blog post again. applies to you...:-)

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