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Returning The Karma

I tell you.....sigh....just when you think....sigh. It's really ironic. This is what happened when I was on my way (being ahmad) fetching my elder son back from school. He got school field trip to Choc Factory, Bread Factory & also Air Force Museum and I was on my way to pick him up lah. In the car, I was trying to fix on my hands-free earpiece, right? I forgot to switch my bluetooth on before I started driving and you know lah, with PDA, you cannot use one hand. You need BOTH HANDS because of that stupid stylus thing. But every time I want to turn the bluetooth on on the PDA, the light turns green. Every single time....not a single traffic light turn red on me....must be like six traffic lights in a row. All green. Wonderful, right? I was thinking to myself, "Wow, if I have this kind of luck every day, damn choon (great) lah! When good luck hits you, it really hits you." Then you know what happened? I went to pump petrol lah. As I was walking to pay cash for the gas, there was this guy doing his thing on Pump 2. I was at Pump 1. He was looking at me one kind lah. I was thinking to myself, "Sheesh! What? Mei tai kor leng lui ah?" (Never seen a beautiful girl before?) My son waiting for me liao, you know, so, I pump petrol lor. THEN it rained. Not just rain...but rained cows and donkeys!!! Pump 1 is furthest as far shade is concerned. I got wet. Very wet. And the pump took a bloody infinity to finish putting gas in my car. But I wait-wait-wait for the pump to finish lah. When finish, I quickly get into the car and try to start the car lor. Almost time for my son to come out and he just gave me a call from his mobile to tell me that he is at the security guard house in his school. I turn the went ngek-ngek-ngek then WOOEE-WOOEE-WOOEE-WOOEEE (car alarm went off)...... Panic. I try again. Same thing. Repeat above. Try again. Before I could try starting the engine for the sixth time, the guy at Pump 2, the one who never seen leng lui before, come round and ask me. "Miss, is your car OK?" Like hell I know. I know nothing about cars. I told him I dunno what's wrong and he took one look and he said, "Maybe your battery die already lah." SHITS! If it wasn't raining, I could walk to the school (VERY near only) but I couldn't because of the cows and donkeys falling from the sky. I batted my eyelashes at the Please? Turns out, the petrol station don't sell car batteries. DAMN FUNNY. I ask the attendant whether they got batteries or not and he answered, "Yes". I ask how much, he said "RM2". I asked again, "Car batteries? RM2?" "Yeah, RM2". I stared at him and then it struck him, "Oh, no no no! CAR battery! Don't have, don't have". The guy who never seen leng lui before also couldn't tahan himself. I tell you....there I was (go back to the beginning of this blog entry), thinking when good luck strikes you, it strikes you. But I forgot to add, when bad luck strikes you, it strikes you harder. Come to think of it, dunno whether it's good luck or bad luck because as it turns out, the man who has never seen a leng lui before offered to go pick my kid up from school, send me to a mechanic, get a battery, fetch me back to the gas station to get my batteries fixed in and made sure the mechanic didn't molest me before he made off for his appointment. The mechanic also another very nice fella. He say only sell battery and my car is not there mah. Usually, they will ask you to get a tow truck to get the car to the shop mah, this one didn't. I pleaded with him (with palms together, batted my eyelashes again) to help fix the battery in, the man who never seen leng lui before also asked for help and the mechanic relented. So, the man who never seen a leng lui before made sure everything was safe and sound with me and my son and went off on his way. Since he literally rescued me out of a knotty situation which would have left me in a very very very lost state of mind, I must return the karma to both these men who rescued this damsel in distress. Other than in situations like this, you might as well poke my thigh with a fork than hear me call myself a damsel in distress, OK? Get this right. Note: the reference of 'man who never seen leng lui before' is to be read as a joke OK? Karma points to Benny Low who is a sales executive with LMT Automation Sdn. Bhd. doing office equiptment stuff. The website is at Call 03-61887340 and ask for Benny because I am trying to return the Karma points. Karma points also to Francis Lim who is with MMT Active Automotive Garage in Taman Megah. They do....well, car repairs, air-cond, overall overhauling...etc. If you need car repair services, go find Francis Lim No. 78, SS24/2, Taman Megah (near Fatty Crab but facing LDP). Call 03-78065531 for more info. There, I return Karma liao. Thanks to these two guys, I didn't go bananas and end up having to lug milk powder, bread, chocolate, son and bag in the storm.Turns out, despite the world being such a mean place filled with bad people, I am happy to say that there are still some good people in this world.


Anonymous said…
I have that same problem with my PDA when driving but I'm too stubborn to use that bluetooth thingy!

Wow, you must've done something right. Either that or you must be very good at batting those eyelids, hehehe, can teach ah? Great to be reminded there are STILL nice guys around.
Jamie said…
nice...very very nice. Just sort of putting some hope back into humankind. For a while there, I tot we were going back to the Planet Of The Apes time...kekeke

*hats off to those two buggers**
Marsha Maung said…
clair, ya lah! if not for the scheduling and task feature, i think i'd rather go for a normal phone lor! stupid PDAs. Next time I buy normal phone kow (enuf) liao.

I think I am quite good at batting my eyelashes and looking very pitiful and lost! LOL

jamie, yeah man. before I got into his car, I was skeptical and a bit sked lah. but he was very genuine in helping me, called ahead to push his appointment forward and me. indeed, there are really good people in this world, after all.
Anonymous said…
So nice the story ... gives me a bit of hope that we're not living in some hellhole that's rotten to the core. We tend to forget that sometimes huh? :-)
Marsha Maung said…
winnie, frankly speaking, I was skeptical as hell as well. why would one guy (two, actually) push his meeting forward just to ferry this lady he doesn't know around just to get her car started again. come to think of it, i must have looked really pitiful.

after that, I felt that...yeah, there are still some nice guys around these days. makes me feel good, knowing that! :-)

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