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Load Of Bull…Trying To Looking Younger Than You Really Are

I am not much of a looker, honestly speaking. Not much of a clothes-horse, either. When I was younger, I used to think that I look like a horse. Or Mickey Mouse with really sharp chin. Anyway, this is in response to Kopisoh’s note saying that she wants to be more stylo-mylo. There was one time I was quite sick…I think during Chinese New Year. So, not really in the mood to slap on ten-inch makeup, nose red, hair messy, kids running all around, wanna siow liao (close to being insane), that kind of look. Sick mah….. Someone came up to me and told me this…which really, I think, is very the no-sense lor. “Eh, why don’t you dress nicely? You look like your age lah! Look at your husband, so hamsem and young. You must dress nicely so that you look younger than him mah”. TNS! First of all, I wasn’t feeling very well (and been drinking left right center…New Year what!), secondly, he dress however he wants, I dress however I want lor. I think the sense behind why one should dress and make-up at all times is ridiculous. So superficial. Then she said, “You look at me! I am forty but then look like I am 29”, which is true, I have to admit. But on the inside? COME ON! She look like 29 but is irresponsible towards her child, selfish and shallow. And besides, I think dressing wise, it’s all phony stuff….which is something that I shun like crazy! The moment you try to fit me into a certain mould that I have to adhere to, I cabut (run away)! Sorry, man. That’s why I change my profile picture so many times. In some pictures, yes, I look good. In some pictures, I don’t. I don’t want to haggle over these type of things because it’s a waste of time but while I like to post pwetty-pwetty pictures of myself up (who doesn’t, right? show me someone who likes to post UGLY-UGLY pictures of themselves) but I don’t want to mislead people into thinking that I look damn kow young, so super hot sexy, very stylo…no, that’s not me lor. And besides, I don’t see the reasoning behind trying to look younger than you really are! What’s wrong with THAT? If I am 12, make sense that I look like 12. If I am 49, make sense that I look like 49. WTF?! So, it’s wrong to look your age? If you’re 39, you should try to look 25. If you’re 25, you should try to look like you’re 9?! People who wanna try to look younger than they really are should….you know, get a life. Or find a new life in a place or country where cosmetic surgery is cheap…like Korea or Japan. (Please don’t get angry if you’re a Japanese or Korean, correct me if I am wrong, please). To me, dressing and make-up is all a personal preference. You do it if you like to do it and make you feel good. If you don’t feel like it, you have every fooking right to NOT DO IT. End of story. That’s why I give the make-up artists and managers a helluva time when I used to sing. “You cannot go out with your clothes like that!”, or “Your eye-shadow don’t match your grown”, or “Please don’t wear that pair of shoes anymore” or “Your skirt must be shorter”. Oh, purleezzz!!! Stuff it. So what I want to look my age when I am sick or when I don’t feel like it? At least I am real because I wanna be real. This is the real Marsha and whatever online persona that I have created online, that is where it ends. It’s just an online persona, OK? And besides, if people feel like they cannot step out of the house without make-up or nice clothes on, then let them be. But personally, I don’t let people dictate how I look and feel.


Jamie said…
I second what is written cuz.

I myself cannot tahan vain or wannabee people..KNN..!!

God made you what you are, shy change it? I do agree that sometimes we need to look spiffy and smart but not all of the time. I hate it when people dress up just to go to the freaking market or pasar malam...come on lar...what the fuck are these people thinking? Like they are gonna get super discounts from the traders if they look like sluts / studs meh?

There is a time a place for everything ma...TNS!! that goes for dressing your age. I know some sohais who life their fucking life on compliments that they look like a sister/brother to their kids...alooooooooo!!! these are super sohais lar, why the fuck for a second can't they think that 90% of their complimenters are just trying to be polite BUT are laughing their heads off down inside? what a bunch of sohai morons...WWWAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA

Neways, I am happy to be wearing jeans and Ts for 15 odd years liao..AND I will continue to do so irrespective of how the fashion changes..
Anonymous said…
Only people with low or no confidence depend on their outlook for respect and acceptance. People who are confident of what they are will thrive no matter what they are wearing or NOT wearing.
Anonymous said…
People act like it's a crime to look a certain age, like oh, you look 40 years old, omg, i'm so sorry! and then you have celebs coming out and saying oh, embrace ageing la, be yourself la, love yourself and all that crap and they're endorsing anti-ageing creams. it's a whole load of crap. Oh, I love myself so much that I spend all this money on all this stuff so ppl will think I'm my daughter's sister instead of her mother...
Marsha Maung said…
jamie: yup, people are just so superficial in that way. go market also must make-up, put perfume, wear sandals...slippers cannot. and there's this friend who makes it a point to REMIND ME that she looks like her daughter's sister. I am like....haiyah, does it MATTER??

anon: you're absolutely right about that

winnie: Ha ha ha ha! Yup, a load of crap. like it matters. I mean, it's fine for people to WANT TO LOOK GOOD but to me, the most important person to please is oneself and not others. and yet, these ppl go out of their way to make sure people think they are not their own age. I am, like....oh, purleeez. I m sure there are more pressing issues in this world. LOL

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