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Butt Out, Bi**H

Some people just can’t stop trying to control other people. It annoys me….so completely that I just feel like an uncontrollable knee-jerk reaction to reach across the table and twack their noses! The thing is, some people have this really infuriating habit of trying to teach you how to teach your kids. That’s exactly what I am getting at lah, OK? It’s like someone who’s constantly watching you…and waiting for you to foul up so she will walk up to you and point it out to you very ‘cheerfully’ and ‘nicely’. I take her words with a PUNCH of salt, for your information and most of the time, I try to steer clear. You’ll never know when my hand (and mouth) might decide enough is enough, you know! Anyway, had a dinner gathering last night and met up with some of the most fabulously animated gwai-lows and made some new friends together with some relatives discussing everything under the sun. Our conversation was laced with McCallan and some other drink that I cannot remember liao lah. Oh. Yeah. I mixed McCallan with my kedondong+sour plum juice in hope of coming up with a brand new Malaysian-style cocktail. Erm…don’t do it. :-) Let my adventoursome nature be a lesson to you. Hee hee hee…. A.NY.WAY. There’s this annoying lady hovering around us, not being able to mingle around with us because she’s got a baby to carry around and all that, you see. My kids were basically loitering around with their cousins. They do things that most kids do lah….having fun, laughing, falling on the floor, lying on the chair, argue, wanna bash each other up and playing again. Normal-lah. And I have a maid watching over them. So, I enjoy myself with my conversation mah, right? But this annoying lady keeps coming me and reporting to me what my kid is doing, telling me that he shouldn’t be lying down on one of the chairs, laughing when I take a drink, making sarcastic remarks that I felt she was shoving down my throat. Me? Sensitive? Yeah, maybe. McCallan didn’t have time to work yet, OK? So, maybe I felt that she was a little too….urgh. Like hovering around, trying to remind me that I shouldn’t be enjoying myself TOO MUCH because my kids are this and that, this and that! YOU. GO. TAKE. CARE. OF. YOUR. KIDS. I love my kids but I have a maid who is watching over them. When they do something bad, my maid will come to me, thank you very much! I wanted to tell her to leave me alone and let me enjoy my mindless almost-drunken chatter. If she feels left out, fine, sit down and chat, then. And she always have to tell me what to do, how to do things, why this, why that. It’s not always in a friendly-friendly way…it’s in a I-know-better-than-you-because-you’re-so-dumb way. B.I.T.C.H.


Jamie said…
whenever I come across people like this I just try to take everything in until "enough is enough and enough is too much" time where I will give them my bored look. If that doesn't pass the message then the next thing is verbal communication c/w pissed looks..100% sure hit the spot time won't come near me.

KNNCCB!! to me its not being rude ma, its just dishing out the same meds they are trying to shove down your throat right?

I know I won't make many frens this way but wtf!! I dun need "frens" of such kind..they can kiss my arse for all I care.
Marsha Maung said…
jamie, absolutely lah! I mean, it's like she always have to come and teach me how to teach my kids all the time! and frankly speaking, i wish she was not someone so close-knit (if you get my drift) so that I dont have to see her all the time. but....ergh!

if i give her the 'eff off' face (which I've done before), I kena bang kow-kow after that until i have nothing to say.

imagine that....she so strong until marsha maung also kalah, ok? i think tan jamie also kalah
Anonymous said…
I hate people telling me what to do. period. kid or no kid. geram.
Marsha Maung said…
winnie, oh yes!!!! that's why I am working alone, a freelancer. it really doesn't matter whether you have a kid or not? it's just that, some people are just so....patronizing. Like they know everything and you're a dumb bitch? this persona I know? yeah, that. a lot like that.

not only with me, but with just about everyone else as well.
Anonymous said…
who this ah soh? faster faster tell! i also want to lepas some steam, lemme at her, lemme at her. sometimes when i tengah panas, i can get quite good at kasi kow kow to these ah-soh-aunties :p
Marsha Maung said…
another mom, even if i tell you, i don't think u can win her lah. she not use the panas-panas technique, she use 'logic' and her 'fast-mouth' and you kenot find answer wan. and she don't raise her voice (very much), just kena you, corner you, TEACH you, EDUCATE you....and you sit there......gggrrrrrrrr
Anonymous said…
aisay man, liddat izzit?

so 'yum kung' one lah that ah-soh. so no-life-dot-com one. i suppose all these 'educating' is what she lives for day in and day out, everyday. it's her food for life. how sad lah that ah-soh..maybe if i see her then i'll give her 20 sen, no, 50 sen to pergi main jauh jauh

Marsha Maung said…
another mom, HA HA HA HA HA!!!! i would have given her RM1 and ask her to go bug somoeone else too but first, she likes to bug people like me (blur sort) and second, she damn rich lah. you give her tens of thousands also maybe she still standing there right next to you, bugging you.

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