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My Favorite Soup In The World

For some very strange reason, if you gave me a choice between soup and fruit juice, I feel a magnetic pull towards the ‘soup’. It’s a very Chinese thing and I understand that a lot of Chinese people are rather soupy people too. Pardon the word ‘soupy’, my brain isn’t quite working today and it’s like working in ssssllllooooowwww mmmmoooottttiioooonnnn today. Sigh…such is life. Yesterday was a darn hectic day and today is another one – I’ll suffer more today because of the brain-deadedness. My mom makes the meanest soups in the world. Last Sunday, we went over to her place for dinner and she made this absolutely mouth-watering soup that had me gulping down a huge bowl the size of a wok! Darn good…to say that I miss my mom’s cooking is an understatement. She is THE MEGA TERROR cook of the century! I am biased….so? The problem is that nowadays, her memory is not very good, so, once in a while, you’ll see her asking herself, “Did I put salt already ah?” If you’re within hearing distance, you’ll go ‘ACK!!’ So, back to the soup thing. Because of my addiction to soup, I’ve made some effort to make some soup for myself (my kids is of secondary concern as far as soup is concerned. Shame on me) once in a while…well, most of the time. One of personal favorite soups in the world is the sweet corn and carrot soup. Back when I first started out cooking and making soups, I used to dump the carrots and corn into a boiling pot of water, let it bowl then put some salt into it lah. Nowadays, a little bit more creative. I discovered that putting in some dried scallops, onion and two garlic into it makes the whole soup much yummier. So, this blog post is dedicated to my favorite soup in the world…the carrot, corn & scallop soup! *mouth watering even as I am typing this*


Anonymous said…
Wait til you try my killer Fusion Sup Kambing! slurp!slurp! NOt like those mamak stalls. It's a blending of Chinese and Mat Salleh taste.

Killer Guy
Marsha Maung said…
I am not as terror as you in the kitchen lah. I simple-simple try here try there wan leh...still testing mode. if nice, good lor. not nice, not nice lor.... :-)

But i think I tried the sup kambing before, remember one time I went for singing practise and you had it. Wendy was there too, I think. was it that one?
Anonymous said…
a nice hot meal with soup sure beats the tiredness out of you, doesn't it?
Marsha Maung said…
angie ng, oh YOU BETCHA! Believe it or not, I try to drink a warm bowl of soup before I sleep. Sleep damn well cause very comfortable, the feeling.... :-)
Anonymous said…
I recall a soup with kangkung (can use the stem to drink soup like a straw).
Heart stopping, artery clogging aka oily bebeh!
The kangkung must be boiled until softsoft where it melts in your mouth.

Easiest way to eat vege. Hehehe..
Marsha Maung said…
kok yee, oh ya oh ya!!!! oily when the chicken skin is still there lor. But it's damn nice. Lemme try to figure out how to make that one. Must ask my mother.... you know the secret to making kids eat vege without actually forcing them to...cook it all into the soup!
Anonymous said…
Marsha...yes, YOu did try it when Wendy was in my hse!

Killer guy
Krista Goon said…
Hi Marsha: I agree completely. I love soups too. Chinese soups. Especially those with lots of herbs and flavour. I can say I make better soups than my mom! Haha. Evil but true. My mom makes superb curry puffs and nyonya kuih but I make better Cantonese soups. Our love for soups shows we're Cina till the last drop! ;-)
Marsha Maung said…
Maya, so you got make soup for your mom or not??? LOL. I've been to your soup-making blog and am in love with it, frankly. Sometimes I steal a few recipes from there. But most of the time, don't recognize the ingredients you introduce there lah...have to google up an image before heading off to the market. :-)

You have chinese roots, which explains your fascination with soups. Me leh? I MAUNG leh...but maybe I inherit my mother's love for soups, so...hee hee hee
Anonymous said…
aiyoh! u velly notti lah, make me slurp slurp, now i must quickly go buy ingredients and make soup leh.

i like corn and yong-sum-so soup, herbal chicken soup, abc soup, lotus root peanut soup, watercress soup, 'kot' (i have no idea what it's called in english) soup, dried vege soup, chicken soup and my fav... salted vege soup.

see, now must go buy barang to make my soup.


btw, what is the origin of the family name Maung?
Marsha Maung said…
another mom, aiyo, you name so many of my fave soup, tomorrow have to go pasar liao!!! I want leng-ngau (lotus root) + peanut soup tomorrow!! today, some herbal soup that I don't know how to read in Chinese....
Anonymous said…
made white radish (pak lo pak) and carrot soup for din dins...slurp slurp slurp :D

tomorrow not cooking, gonna make sai yong choi (watercress) soup on monday. my family is gonna be pretty "soupy" in the near future, and they got u to thank for it :D

u still notchet tell me the origin of the family name 'Maung' lah. enlighten a bit please, i very the katak under the coconut leh
Marsha Maung said…
another mom, the origin of the surname Maung is Myanmar. My ancestors swam here to Penang which is why this generation of Maungs (my family) speak Penang Hokkien.

Before you ask me, I'll, I don't speak a single word of Myanmarese. Not even 'hello' and 'goodbye'. I know, shame on me... :-)
Anonymous said…
Wah! exotic lah your bloodline :)

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