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Kaitlyn by Kevin Lewis - Book Review

Synopsis: The Wilson Family was torn apart the night little Christopher was almost killed.... Though the two-year-old survives the brutal attack by his drunken father, his older sister, Kaitlyn, is convinced it's all her fault. Christopher is taken into care and never returns to the family home on the notorious Roxford estate south of London. But the bond between the siblings remains strong, and as Kaitlyn gets older, she dreams of a new life away from the violence of the estate and her mother's dangerous addictions. But most of all, she dreams of being reunited with her little brother. Will Kaitlyn's dreams ever come true? And if they do, could they really turn into a nightmore? Kaitlyn is the heart-rending story of a family ripped apart by tragedy and reunited by a twist of fate that threatens to destroy all their lives - and of a girl who has to choose between everything she has worked for, and the only family she has ever known. Marsha's Rating: 99.9957% good
*** *** ***
This book turns out to be such a page-turner! Didn't think much about it or of it when I bought was on sale, you see. :-) And there's something about the name and the picture of the girl on the cover that didn't represent anything exciting. But what compelled me to buy this book is because of the synopsis at the back of the book. The author walks you through the years of torture, self-blame of a little girl who could have done much more to prevent a brutal attack on her little brother. She grew up watching her mother's addicition to an endless number of drugs, discovers how easy it is to make money so that she can put food on the table and feed her mom the drugs she needs and then build an empire so big that she completely lost control of her initial dream. Through the middle of the story, the main concern of ever being reunited with Christopher, her little brother, becomes lost. The reason for the inborn need for violence when Christopher was growing up was never explained. The final outcome for his adoptive parents also remains open. Certain parts of the book becomes so real (and gory) that I had to skip the details. Very brutal and gruesome at some points too. But the writer, I have a feeling, must have written it like a screenplay first THEN edited it into a book because as I am reading it, it rolls out very much like a movie in itself. The author had me rooting for Kaitlyn in the beginning, then slowly I gawked at the way she discovered money-making deals, then gasped when she comes up with her very own 'marketing plan' and then want to strangle her for being heartless. Throughout, we'd be reeling in between feeling pity for her little girl in her and then throwing boulders at her for letting things stray. My biggest complaint for the book is the end: What kind fooking ending is that??? Did he? Is he going to? What next? I hate it when an author leaves things hanging. Topic: family, separation, adoption, drug abuse, drug trafficking, tragic life options, poor family background, child abuse. (You get the picture). Awesome book!


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