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Special Treatment

“I did not ask to be special”, this would be what Dominic have had to say about his condition. Dominic was born with poor eyesight. His vision is probably about 5 to 10 percent of other normal kids and there’s nothing his parents can do about it except to give him ULTRA THICK glasses and also provide him with aids to help him read. Because he lives in a world of near-complete darkness, Dominic is in need of help from the others around him. He’s different from other blind kids because he’s not completely blind…he sees shadows and he knows when objects are waved in front of his face, therefore, being a child, he gets curious and would ask others around him what it is that he’s actually seeing. Don’t ask me what condition this is because…it beats me as well. I am sure Dominic’s parents are at a dead-end as to how to help him cope with the real world. His mother enrolled him into a private school whereby the teachers promised to do whatever they can to help him cope with his schoolwork and probably have a hand in helping him adjust to his new class and socializing with his schoolmates. However, Dominic is extremely needy and loud…he’s loud because he would be screaming for help in class, he can’t see but he wants to know! His classmates began complaining to their parents about Dominic’s behavior in class while his teacher tries desperately to help him and calm him down. It made things worse for this mother when she gave birth to a newborn diagnosed with the same problem that Dominic has! Now, she does not have only one NEARLY BLIND child, she has two of the same! Word soon worked its way to the parents of the other children in Dominic’s class that he was disrupting class. One of the parents disliked the fact that her child’s education and progress was being compromised because of one child. Needless to say, she felt that she was paying a lot of money for good education and she was not getting what she had bargained for. Hence, she ran a petition to get Dominic booted out from the school. Dominic’s mother knew it was a matter of time before the school’s principal called her in for a ‘chat’. True enough, the school decided that Dominic’s behavior was disrupting the progress of the other students and that it was unfair to others if he continued to be placed in the class….ANY class in the school. Dominic’s mother was devastated. There’s nothing else for her to do but to enroll Dominic into a special school or introduce him into a system that could accommodate his needs. But what she found was a program designed for kids with Down’s syndrome. Although Dominic is a special child, he is not retarded in any way at all…his brain functions the way any other normal child’s would…the only problem is that he can hardly see. Being placed with children with Down’s and Autism is, ironically, unfair to Dominic as his social skills will suffer…he’s a rather chatty kid as well. This mother quits her job as a full-time high-flying manager in a reputable company to focus on her two kids now…working on real estate hoping to help financing the future of her kids. This is a real story. And the child was in my son’s class. Frankly speaking, one of the mothers I know was the one who initiated the petition against Dominic. I don’t know, part of me feel that Dominic did not ask to be this way, he’s special because he’s special and he has every right, if other parents are understanding about it or would give him the chance to be, in a normal schooling environment. Perhaps if we had given him some time, he would be able to adjust properly. Wouldn’t you think petitioning him out of the school was a bit cruel? Isn’t it a little selfish and heartless to tell the kid’s mother that her child was not wanted? I felt that the petition was a bit cruel…BRUTAL, even…and although I would have probably spoken to the school about moving my son to another class, I would not have made the move to remove Dominic from the school just because he is special. He did not ask to be special.


Jamie said…
Cuz, its this kinda things that gets me pissed!! KNNCCB!!!

For me, EVERYONE is special in some kind of way or they won't be them..there is only one Marsha right? only one Jamie right? only one Killer ( sorry for using yr name bro )right? even if we were to have twins, we would still be different!!!!

What is so special about Dominic? becuase he is losing his vision, because he might not get to see the beautiful things in life that most of us take for granted, because, because, because....

What is so special about the Kid whose Mom initiated the petition?
Is it because her kid is human and others are not?
Is it because her kid has the right to education and not Dominic?


Maybe some of you might say that Talk is Cheap...wait till it happens to you or your kids..right?

So WTF if my kid's class has someone like Dominic? The very least is I won't fucking petition a fellow human being of his/her rights for an education. Maybe I would go out of my way to know this "Dominic" kid, maybe I would tell my kids to go out of their way to be friends with his/her BUT I won't use the "Dominic" kid as an excuse just because my kid is el stupido ( maybe the kid whose mom petitioned Dom out of school is a real Dumbo...who knows? )

FUCK her and FUCK people like her..these bastards are the real rubbish of society...machauhai!!!!

Give me her number Cuz and I will make it my personal mission to fuck her to hell and back..chop ayambrand pukimak bitch
Marsha Maung said…
jamie, I know where you're coming from, man!

In this case, it's MATERIALISM vs. HUMANITY. The mother feels that she is paying a lot for education and it is being compromised because she's not getting the best from the teachers because of Dominic. So, she weighed it and decided FUCK HUMANITY. Ask Dominic to find humanity somewhere else.

Me and another mother were the only two who did not sign the petition and she already looking at me funny. I don't want to make enemies lah...but she's really the kind know, kiasu-kiasi mother who think a lot about money wan leh....

it's best I just steer clear from her and ask my son not to piss off her son or something.

she doesn't see that it's hard for Dominic's mom...the poor woman cannot be having a good time...and poor Dominic as well. half in the dark all the time armed with the insatiable hunger to learn and know! Damn kesian, right???
Jamie said…
Cuz, better for you to steer clear from bitches of this kind la. Kiasu Kiasi people are also likely to be "kaypoh" fucks. You dun want your name to be "kaypohed" everywhere in school right?

Materialism win over Humanism just because she is paying a lot of money to send her kids to a private school...KNNCCB..she is the ONLY one paying meh? other parents no need to pay thru their nose meh? Aiyoooo....just slip her a note asking her to fuck off far far if she doesn't have the dough to send her kids to private school la


Would you rather me "SLIP" her the note?
Marsha Maung said…
PUA HA HA HA HA!!! LOL!! I dont want you to SLIP her the note lah, cuz. Yes, I will steer clear from her. I so innocent last time, invited her son for my son's birthday party summore.

And she has this very funny (and creepy) way of looking at people she's sizing you up or something, you know.

She gives me the creeps, actually. But never mind lah!! know me.

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