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A look into my life reading

I just want to spend some time reflecting, agreeing and debunking the result of a kind of test done based on my birthdate and time. I usually don't do this type of thing but...sigh....I've been ghostwriting something like this and I did some research....well, here I am. Anyway, just for the heck of it, here it is. The Sun in Leo Traits: Generous, Warmhearted, Creative, Enthusiastic, Broad-Minded, Expansive, Faithful and Loving (I agree with all of them! hee hee hee!!!!) Dark Traits: Pompous, Patronizing, Bossy, Interfering, Dogmatic and Intolerant (I disagree with all of them!!!!!! I am PERFECT!!! OK OK OK....maybe I am a little intolerant....but I disagree with all the others....except for patronizing, maybe) You were born during a period when the Sun was in Leo. Leo's charisma and innate ability to lead guarantee they will almost always be at center stage (that explains the need to step up on stage all the time)--a place where they love to be. Leos are so full of warmth and optimism it is impossible to not find their company pleasurable. Fearless (I guess fear of cockroaches and ghosts don't count), powerful and dignified by nature, Leos make great leaders (when I don't have a choice?). The force of their will guarantees any task they tackle will be completed. While they may seem domineering, even despotic (what's despotic?) at times, their goal is always to ensure the well being of all those in their kingdom. Ever-confident Leos are also creative, idealistic and have an indefatigable lust (lust? that explains my past) for life. When leadership is required, a Leo is what is needed. They will get the job done right and on time. Leos also have a talent for bringing the very best out in those around them. Warm-hearted Leos love to have fun (OH YEEEAAAHHHH!), and will go out of their way to make sure those around them are having fun too! Leos love games of all kinds. They are risk takers and will plunge into new ventures on impulse (say that again), confident their talents will ensure success. Strong and honorable, optimistic and fun, few will find the Leo's charms easy to resist.

Sun Opposition or Square Uranus Your independence and tendency to act on impulse may undermine anything remotely resembling stability (sigh...say that again) in your life. You love risk and adventure. You are a rebel (eh! not always, ok???) at heart and may find yourself at odds with authority (erm....not been behind bars so far so....erm, I think I am still okie dokie for now) from time to time. That which is unique and non-traditional has a tremendous draw on you.

Moon In Gemini The placement of the Moon on your chart denotes a region of life you travel through based upon your instincts (it's almost never wrong, i'm telling you). The Moon's placement often points to emotional issues we must address. You may be a bit disconnected from your emotions (wait. hang on. in what way?). The emotional ebb and flow of others may perplex you as well (if they push and shove me lah...sure lah, of course!). To you emotional flair ups only add to problems and differences. For you solutions to life's troubles are best found through rational discourse (erm....not always. it can always be solved with LUST first, then rational. there's nothing lust cannot solve. mua ha ha ha ha ha!). It is likely you are not one to spend much time seeking your inner-self (what's inner self? you mean there's SOMEONE LIVING INSIDE OF ME??? thankfully, i married someone who thinks of nothing but inner self). Nor are you likely to get involved in an intense love relationship (wrong. not true. fake). Simply put, the affectual aspect of life makes you so uncomfortable that you avoid it as much as possible (really?). While you need not worry about ever being considered effusive, you do have a strong need for mental stimulation from your mate and friends (oh yes, please). You enjoy sharing ideas and pursuing knowledge (more like I love to debate...but people say I love to argue. ah well....). An evening of lively conversation focused on an interest of yours is as perfect as things get for you.

Moon Opposition or Square Venus Your emotions may create considerable tension in your life (yupe. couldn't have said it better myself). While you want deep, emotional relationships of all kinds, you have great difficulty deciding on what shape (V shape would do nicely, thank you) these relationships should take, and with whom. (to be continued) too damn long's almost merdeka it's any of my business lidat...sheesh!


Jamie said…
I am also a Leo cuz and I rest my case...kekekekeke
Anonymous said…
it's true. you don't care about the finer points about you said you don't care about whether which religion is right or when we're going to die or whatever, remember? u oso don like to think about philosophy because it's very mah-farn. so, the reading is actually quite right what.... :-)

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