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The Smart Aleck In Flash Flood Situation Would Do The Following

This morning, woke up at 6.15am fresh and peeked out the window to see that droplets of rain crashing onto bowing leaves outside. Sigh....absolute bliss. So serene...the rain smells exquisite in the morning. After my shower, I came out, peeked out the window for another whiff and saw that it's raining heavily now. Oh. Tiu. Nearby, parents driving their kids to school in the morning rain started honking madly at drivers taking too long to unload their children into the school. Trucks and cars blaring their vehicle horns madly while I woke my kids up...praying that it will stop soon....before I head out because otherwise, I will have to join them with their honking. Murphy's law apply. Whatever you fear will happen, happens. And I end up joining the jam. Here's the funny thing. I was contented with the jam, reading my Reader's Digest whenever the car stops but it rained heavier and the cars weren't moving. I took a right outside my house when we came out, so, I figured that if I made a U-turn now and took the left exit, maybe less jam. U-Turn lah me. Smart aleck leh.... I joined another jam. This one moving, but vvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyy slowly. It's almost like peeling off a plaster on your knee mm by mm. 35 minutes later, I drove past my own guardhouse again! Can you believe it?! 35 minutes in traffic and I am back where I started! Kanasai! Should have stuck with one jam instead of joining two. Neither one moving faster than an ant on a lazy day carrying three grains of sugar on its back, I said to myself, "Eff it lah!" Since I am already right outside my guardhouse, I turned back into my condo, parked and unloaded the surprised kids into the house. I waited till about 9.30am, the jam was still thick outside. The radio report flash floods everywhere in the Klang Valley. Nothing doing, have to rejoin the crowd. But at least when I came back home at 8.15am, I got some work done. Luckily I decided to come back home and rejoining later because although both kids were late, it took me only about 40 minutes to send both kids to school and then get back home AGAIN. Otherwise, I kepala pecah (headache). Heard that there was flash floods everywhere and it wasn't until 10am that the traffic started moving again. Were you affected? What time did you reach your work place?

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